About The Foundation

About The Foundation

The «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation is a non-profit charity organization founded in Kyiv by the musicians of the ANTYTILA band.

Today, in the course of large-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine, the musicians of the ANTYTILA band have been on service in the units of the Battalion 130 of Territorial Defense since the first day of the war, and the «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation intensifies its efforts in assisting the Armed Forces of Ukraine as well as civilians and determines three main directions of work:

  • Supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine with means of protection, intelligence and medicine.
  • Supporting the deceased soldiers’ children and families.
  • Recovery of armored, cargo and motor military equipment.


How to donate to Ukraine?

A war is an event that affects the entire nation. It takes too much effort and many lives while giving only grief in return. This is exactly what we have today in our country.

The war has entered every family and changed the lives of millions of people. All citizens are affected:

  • wives are left without husbands;
  • mothers lose their children;
  • children become orphans.

Occupation, gender, and age do not matter. The war affects an entire nation. No one can stay indifferent in this situation. Not only soldiers defend our country. All people unite to withstand the enemy. Engineers, musicians, teachers, and farmers stay shoulder to shoulder to protect our territory and uphold independence.

However, the war is a costly event that requires much investment. A constant supply of ammunition, transport, and medicines is required. Thus, our army and deceased families need help. Everyone who empathizes with our grief can donate to Ukraine.

This website was created for this very purpose. It stands as a charity foundation, where people from all parts of the globe can make a donation and support our children, soldiers, and pensioners.

By making donations for Ukraine, you demonstrate your civil position and assist our nation in combating Russian aggression.

The raised funds are urgently redirected to the needed categories of people. Foreign donations allow for sending accouterments and humanitarian aid to the frontline. We keep in touch with volunteers and other organizations to allocate funds effectively and buy the most needed things.



raised for the needs of the army
since 2014



handed over to Ukrainian military men since 2014



of the deceased soldiers the Battalion 130 of Territorial Defense since July 2022



delivered to frontline and de-occupied towns since February 24, 2022