Chronology of Events Beginning with the 1st Day

Day 311
Not Kyiv.
The three hundred and eleventh evening.
Mood – we’re alive, and that is already good.
Month – the most difficult year in life.
Summary – ruzzia still exists.
But there’ll be our Victory in the new year.
Let’s hold on!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 307
The three hundred and seventh evening.
Mood – we’ve broken the habit of…
Month – a capricious stage.
It was the first solo gig by Antytila since the beginning of the big war.
The feelings are like you’re learning to walk again.
And to play.
And to sing.
The microphone turned out to be heavier than it seemed.
The stage was like a big mustang, so we had to tame it.
But, thanks to you, people, we managed to do everything.
Thank you!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Photo: Edward Matthews.
Day 305
Not Kyiv.
The three hundred and fifth morning.
Mood – the first solo gig.
Month – ANTYTILA in Lviv.
Congratulations to everyone with Christmas!
And I’m inviting you tonight to the ‘!FESTrepublic’ to us.
There’ll be everything!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 302
The three hundred and second evening.
Mood – that’s so funny )))
Month – crack and gnashing.
Well, as to the President’s visit to the USA, everything’s already been said, shown, described, published, and analyzed.
It’s a historic event, pride, what should I add more?
The howling at the North bogs is bewitching, too, this time, I’d even say, outstanding.
But watching Facebook crack and gnashing after the warm handshaking of Biden and Yermak is a separate delight )))
Gonna prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 301
The three hundred and first morning.
Mood – indestructible!
Month – respect to Teachers.
A teacher is giving a distance lesson.
We should put a separate monument to them.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 300
The three hundredth evening.
Mood – the herd against the People.
Month – an old rat against the leader.
The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi has arrived in Sevastopol!
The news with such headings is exactly about to appear, and that will happen a lot faster than we expect.
And Bakhmut… is the preamble to Melitopol.
And in general, I’m proud!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 299
The two hundred and ninety-ninth evening.
Mood – חנוכה שמח
Month – everything’s gonna be fine.
A long time ago, the rebellion and historic victory of the Maccabees over Greeks took place.
An «impossible» victory was gained due to the union of the minority against the invincible, as it seemed to be, majority.
The same as David’s one over Goliath, and the same as Ukraine’s victory over sub-Empire.
The victory of light over evil spirits.
The victory of the truth over lies.
The victory of the justice over discouragement and injustice.
The victory of those eager to give everything for it over those who came to take away the last thing and destroy it.
After the victory, the Maccabees regained the Temple and liberated it from Greek idols.
And they were baptizing it with a Hanukkah candle for eight days just due to a miracle, because there was no oil for it.
And «a great miracle was there».
The miracle of Hannukah light’s emergence is about the fact that the destiny, Universe, and Creator always responds to your, to our self-belief and belief in unity!
When there are seemingly no options.
And gives you a chance!
Nobody except us believed we would withstand.
Today we are that same minority, and those same Maccabees, and that same David.
We had almost nothing against this occupant’s invasion.
Except self-belief, unity, and the feeling the truth was with us.
And suddenly the world stood by our side: dozens of countries, millions of people’s hearts and deeds, our colossal power bank charging us, holding us, and driving us towards the victory. Like that ancient candle’s oil.
We’ll regain our temples, too!
And we’ll build a new one, but not within the walls – between us, in our hearts.
And the light will shine in our intentions and deeds.
«there’s something a lot more powerful than all the armies in the world – it’s the idea for which the time has come» V. Hugo.
To everyone who celebrates – חנוכה שמח!
Day 297
The two hundred and ninety-seventh evening.
Mood – Tvorchi.
Month – we’ve selected!
Well, give your comments 🙂
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 294
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and ninety-fourth evening.
Mood – this marathon is for long.
Month – the generation of opposition.
Once, we are to win this war.
And it will turn out to be just a battle.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 293
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and ninety-third evening.
Mood – the first violin.
Month – Ground Forces!
Winter 2015, the Crimea has been annexed; the hot phase of the war in Donbas is in progress.
ANTYTILA have brought volunteer assistance to the glass factory in Lysychansk where the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were located.
I remember how we were met by both older and younger guys in uniforms together.
There was one guy among them, a violinist from the Ivano-Frankivsk Philharmonic, as it turned to be.
Was mobilized.
As the word is, from an orchestra pit to a trench.
Today, there are already thousands of such stories.
All of us have personally assumed new roles.
Someone, unfortunately, is not gonna come back home from a bloody performance ever.
It’s war.
And it’s exactly the Ground Forces playing the first violin in it.
So congratulations to everyone with the Day of the Ground Forces of Ukraine and the International Violin Day.
Bright memory to everyone having gone on the shield!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 290
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and ninetieth morning.
Mood – Washington.
Month – from the heart of democracy.
At the reception devoted to the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Mark Milley quoted twice the following Biden’s words: the USA will support Ukraine as long as our country will need it, in the amount it will need, and in the quality it will need.
Then these exact Biden’s words were quoted two more times by other speakers; the analogous support was declared also by representatives of the NATO countries.
Combined with absolute two-chamber Senate’s political support as well as the highest level of trust and cooperation between the presidents Biden and Zelenskyi, the heads of the president’s administrations, scouts, and special services, it’s possible to claim that this is UNPRECEDENTED phenomenon for the entire history of Ukraine.
Due to the support and will of the People, political authorities of the country, dexterity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and guns from the partners, we’re liberating the territories invaded by the occupant, bringing back our captured people, and have all chances to prevail before the next autumn.
Against this background, Ukrainian political zrada-…seekers look not as funny as disgusting.
Yet it’s not about good sense, it’s about blinders, stiffness, and personal defects being extrapolated on others rejecting objective reality for the sake of slippery but warm bubble of their own of false beliefs.
And the reception was great.
The applause to Ukrainian Heroes from the generals of the NATO countries wasn’t growing calm in the hall.
Thank you, Oksana Markarova and all workers of the Embassy of Ukraine in Washington, for the important work you do.
Gonna prevail together!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 288
Not Kyiv
Evening – two hundred and eighty eight.
Mood – carol of the Bells.
Month – Shazam this song.
Mykola Leontovych created Shchedryk (Carol of the Bells), which became the symbol of Christmas love and warmth of hugs all over the world. Today Ukrainians sang this carol with words that the war created.
Antytila were working on it with legendary Veryovka Ensemble and also with children that despite the enemy’s attacks, all air strikes and blackouts are still in Ukraine and continue to do what they love – sing. This is the children’s choir ensemble “Zernyatko”.
Listen to, shazam this song and donate for Ukrainian Victory to bring closer not miliatry Christmas, but peacful Christmas to Ukraine with children’s laugh and spirit of holiday!
The song “Carol for the Charity” is an updated version of the world-famous “Shchedryk”, also known as “Carol of the Bells”.
Saatchi & Saatchi Ukraine adapted the lyrics to modern realities to help Ukrainian children to be heard in this difficult time. “Carol for the Charity” was performed by the “Antytila” band, Veryovka Ensemble and the children’s choir ensemble “Zernyatko” supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
Help Ukrainian children affected by the war by making a donation to the Olena Zelenska Foundation.
Go for links in the first comment👇
Glory to UAF!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 286
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and eighty-sixth evening.
Mood – the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Month – the First army of the Ukrainian world!
Glory to each and every with a shield!
To every Hero having died on the shield – eternal and bright memory!
Today I’m honoring and greeting everyone defending the country from the occupant!
And remember:

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 284
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and eighty-fourth evening.
Mood – the Volunteer’s Day.
Month – in the volunteers’ country.
The best way to greet a volunteer today is to make a donation.
The volunteers of the «Antytila» Charity Foundation have a few options to receive your greetings.
The first one helps kill the occupants.
The second one assists the children of daddies having deceased from the occupants’ hands.
The third one helps be defended from the occupants’ guns.
So I’m inviting you to greetings 🙂
And thank you sincerely!
Search for the link in the first comment.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 282
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and eighty-second evening.
Mood – the garden of divine songs.
Month – metaphysical.
The first hipster,
A hobo-hitchhiker,
A traveling thinker,
A poet,
A fabulist,
A misanthrope,
A vegan,
A Sabbatian,
An explorer «Zoar»,
A Judaist,
A teacher,
A Guide of Light,
A portrait by 500,
… and plenty of other faces and names of one outstanding figure.
All this was wrapped in the word «a philosopher».
But, it turns to be, he was a lot greater than a philosopher.
Something on the verge of a Messiah, probably.
Our first Ukrainian Torch Hryhorii Skovoroda would turn 300 years old today.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 281
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and eighty-first evening.
Mood – for publicity.
Month – bulletin board.
Having received a pass from the President, Security Service of Ukraine, and National Security and Defense Council the Verkhovna Rada will soon get a chance to score the final goal.
And vote the prohibition of the moscow patriarchate in Ukraine.
Which will further let us liberate Lavra and Pochaiv from occupation by this anti-Ukrainian sect.
Using this publication, I announce the free promotional deal on my page for every deputy who is about not to support and vote the prohibition of FSB agents in robes after everything having happened.
And you’ll assist me in gathering interesting facts about every deputy-collaborator.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 279
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and seventy-ninth morning.
Mood – God mode.
Month – something’s been wrong with the face-book for a long time.
They don’t know what to do with Ukrainians. Either to ban everyone or to boost coverage to unreal numbers 🙂
And we’re gonna prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.
Day 278
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and seventy-eighth evening.
Mood – we stand for peace.
Month – but.
Let’s confess, we’re exactly those who are standing for peace!
The thing is just that our peace dove doesn’t fly very far.
It hasn’t feathered yet.
But when it’s able (and it will!) to fly by 150, 300, 1500 km, it will definitely bring peace to everyone.
That’s the right peace.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.
Day 277
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and seventy-seventh evening.
Mood – I don’t know if it’s true.
Month – a bootleg Samurai.
They say putin was choosing between Ukraine and Japan what to attack first.
Interestingly: Both they and we have forelocks on our heads.
Maybe he has some phobia or a mental disorder related to hair on the forehead?
‘Cause he has a bald spot himself.
And we’re gonna prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 276
Not Kyiv.
Evening – two hundred and seventy-six.
Mood – never again!
Month – to win and take revenge.
Holodomors killed millions of Ukrainians by soviet union. They was burning Ukrainian grain century ago and they are doing it again in 2022.
The name of regime has changed but not methods.
Today all over the world we commemorate victims of this genocide.
Memory eternal.
Glory to UAF.
Glory to Ukraine.
Ph.: Kostiantyn and Vlada Viberov
Day 275
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and seventy-fifth morning.
Mood – a den for a million.
Month – at last.
I’m delighted with the raids on murkow’s patriarchate dens.
What a filthy life the bearded pigs turn out to have. I had no idea.
They have sex with the boys from church choir, but they have to brand it as a terrible sin in their «sermons».
They carry out the Devil’s will, but they have to mimic the act of God.
They count dollars by bunches, but they pose as ascetics.
They’re waiting for ‘ruskiy mir’, but they have to pretend they’re for Ukraine.
An absolutely distorted mirror.
I’m waiting for new coming-outs from Pochaiv.
One hell of a den.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 274
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and seventy-fourth evening.
Mood – fcuk yuo ocucpunt!!!
Month – can’t you see?
Occupant, can you see an enormous fcuk?
And it’s here.
Can you see hatred?
And it’s here!
Can you see your future?
Right, you don’t have it.
As long as we live.
And we’re gonna prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 273
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and seventy-third morning.
Mood – Vasyl Stus.
Month – gonna get through.
You will not die yet, you are twice-sturdy,
The land enslaved through years a hundred,
You won’t be ever scourged by stranglers –
Siberians or Solovetskies.
You’re still being ached by aches and pains,
You are still torn apart, away,
But you’re already tough and lawless,
You’ve spread so wide for liberty,
You’ve grown with rage, so now you won’t
Have ever any rest of it,
It is to grow and grow until
The prison’s doors fall down still.
And here’s a cheerful stormy thunder
Is throwing lightning from the sky.
The birds-predictors of Taras’s –
Their words are soaring over Dnipro.
Translation: Lara Rusnak
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 272
Evening – two hundred and seventy-second
Mood – muse.
Month – “Muse” is the capital of “Resistance”.
Thank you, Matthew!
Glory to UAF!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 271
The two hundred and seventy-first morning.
Mood – head’s in books.
Month – books are in the head.
My son has ordered the book «Wild Summer in the Crimea».
It appeared that all the edition had been sold out.
That’s why I had to break into the «Ababahalamaha» Publishing House.
There, I was captured and fanatically given the treasures done by those who can’t imagine a human’s life without a book 🙂
This is what my Dignity and Freedom Day is like.
Read Ukrainian!
Watch Ukrainian!
Listen to Ukrainian!
And accustom your children.
We become stronger this way.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 270
The two hundred and seventieth evening.
Mood – conscious helplessness.
Month – it doesn’t work this way!
I’ll tell the truth, after everything having happened to us, after the threat hung over each of us, and the fact that it keeps flying and exploding, I’m irritated with the people who are consciously playing in helplessness because of their carelessness or laziness.
Can you not bear to analyze, prepare, and do at least anything so that the worst scenario in your life wouldn’t happen?
Or are you waiting until the cod ran out again in order to blame somebody else, but not you?
I’m watching some people with all opportunities keep not getting ready to anything, because that will be they dodged a bullet or bypassed.
It especially hurts when those are adults who have to be responsible for their children at least.
You won’t dodge a bullet!
And you’ll be asking for help at the last moment from those having realized, analyzed, though over, spent time and efforts, and got ready.
Fortunately, it is a majority, but come on…
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 269
The two hundred and sixty-ninth evening.
Mood – that’s so funny)
Month – let them grow the new brains for themselves.
ruZZian propaganda has claimed that their ministry of defense, literally: is growing new parts of legs and arms for the injured soldiers.
I can imagine how a military commissar comes to a hospital and says:
– squaddie ivanov, I’ve brought you the second leg, a fresh one, from under Bakhmut, still warm. Well, I mean, we’ve just grown it, so to say, nice and steaming.
– and what do I need two left legs for, comrade military commissar, and yet different in size?
– sorry, I’ve got the wrong one, here’s yours, take it.
– comrade military commissar, but it’s also the left one, and yet with a buriat’s as$.
– stop talking, squaddie, you, we can say, were very lucky, this leg goes with a while lada in addition.
And we’re gonna prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 268
Evening – two hundred and sixty eight.
Mood – unbreakable.
Month – to create.
I am unbreakable,
I am like a living rock – unbearably cold outside,
But every atom of mine is full of love.
I am unbreakable,
But under the bloody vest,
The same living heart beats in my human’s chest.
New song soon…
Glory to UAF.
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 267
The two hundred and sixty-seventh evening.
Mood – International philosophy day.
Month – search.
Eventually, all philosophic searches boil down to one thing – a human searches for the meaning of life.
Talk to yourself sincerely.
On this day.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 266
The two hundred and sixty-sixth morning.
Mood – nothing comes as surprise for me for long.
Month – what’s next?
Ukrainians have overcome so much during this time that nothing comes as surprise for us.
Neither the NATO’s reaction, nor the occupants’ actions, and nor our citizens’ weird behavior sometimes.
Tomorrow the aliens will fly to us, gran’s gonna go out of the hut and ask: son, why aren’t you wearing a hat?
And grandpa will add: give us more HIMARS and close the sky!
Gonna prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 265
The two hundred and sixty-fifth evening.
Mood – well, nothing’s gonna change.
Month – nobody’s gonna do that for us.
Peaceful citizens of Poland deceased from the russians’ missile attack. It has stricken the Polish territory for the first time.
I sincerely sympathize to the families of the deceased.
Here are a few reminders for everyone:
ruZZia is a terrorist state.
NATO won’t protect.
The 5th section of the collective agreement – forget it.
And don’t entertain your illusions.
We’re just doing our thing – we’re destroying the occupants with good reason.
Supported by the allies.
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Day 263
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and sixty-third evening.
Mood – seize the moment.
Month – I can understand everything, but…
I understand that in the course of war, the authorities didn’t need riots organized by pro-moscow sect or zombies’ self-immolation in the center of Kyiv or Pochaiv.
I understand that the Ministry of culture of Ukraine is essentially unable to solve the problem with this religious syndicate finally, because it’s been playing to it through years and dozens of years making a poker face every time there’s some scandal. The officials of the Kyiv City State Administration culture department, namely, madam Lialka, are the first accomplices of this religious FSB network. And there wasn’t a single question ever to her from the Security Service of Ukraine.
I’ve watched the scandal video, and I can’t understand why if it is Rus, it’s about ruZZia right away?
Rus is US, Ukrainians, posterity of Kyiv princes of the Kyiv Rus!
Let’s gradually get used that ruZZian and Rusan are different things.
And what about the FSB sect, we have to seize the moment and ask them to pack up and leave Lavra and Pochaiv in a civilized and reasonable way. Already now.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 262
The two hundred and sixty-second evening.
Mood – everything’s covered with icons.
Month – distorted God.
When I watch the occupants in tanks holding icons and saying prayers creep to kill, ruin, and rape my people, when I hear Kadyrov mentioning Muhammad call to a sacred war against Ukrainians, when I see the icons of the saints on the occupants’ chests sewed by Z-swastika, and when I see the popes of the occupants baptize the «Satan» missile and rows of the mobilized, I realize the only thing: a human has distorted God and simplified him to pictures and mechanical rituals.
They have made him their slave, hidden under a golden dome, in a tank, and have put him on service, on a conveyor of their vile animal desires.
And they think it works like that, that they’re holding his beard in their hands.
But in fact, this creature has never known him.
Like a dirty glass doesn’t know what pure spring water is.
A philosophy lighting talk is finished.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 261
The two hundred and sixty-first morning.
Mood – Defense Intelligence of Ukraine
Month – like Budanov left by will.
Ground salad’s leaving Kherson menu.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.
Day 260
The two hundred and sixtieth evening.
Mood – a trend.
Month – I like it.
In their publics, for eight months of desatanation, the occupants have devolved from «Kyiv in three days» to instructions how to destroy their own machinery in correct way when dropping back.
They even attach the video and strict tips how to burn the cabin and wheels of their ‘no analogous sh*t’ quickly using gasoline and rags )))
Esaul, esaul, why did you leave the horse?
A good trend.
And we’re gonna prevail.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.
Day 259
The two hundred and fifty-ninth evening.
Mood – the Day of Ukrainian written language.
Mood – to give a speech of language.
How to be born and survive in the capital city in the nineties and preserve Ukrainian language in you.
Yevhen and I give advice and consult, for a fee.
For palianytsias.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 258
The two hundred and fifty-eighth evening.
Mood – if only…
Month – everyone’s just waiting.
I’m thinking, how great it would be if putiN choked. Just like this – would he suddenly do that with a grape or a throat drop and suddenly inhale kinda deeply, up to his bronchi.
And would he turn bluer and bluer, and would they run and run around him, would they use the Heimlich maneuver, would they hit him on the back, and turn him upside down. And would that all not work.
And would he just go ahead, stop breathing, and died.
And millions would breathe peacefully at once.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 257
The two hundred and fifty-seventh evening.
Mood – «peace-loving nation of Dostoyevskiy»
Month – but devil was at their fault, poor ones.
The bishop of Rome has been brought a small souvenir. Maybe, he’ll get it at last.
And he’ll stop closing his eyes on the fact that for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years the occupants’ peace-loving nation has been and been and been under devil’s fault.
No offense.
However, it’s not his fault that in the bank of Vatican, there is much and much money of the peace-loving occupants.
It just happened like that.
And we’re gonna prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 256
The two hundred and fifty-sixth evening.
Mood – dad’s upbringing.
Month – and mum’s love.
True Cossacks are growing.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 255
The two hundred and fifty-fifth morning.
Mood – I’m not surprised.
Month – they were aware.
I’m watching a documentary of the year 1941, the first episode called «Storm over Europe».
It begins with the frames of excavation from the Second World War times.
They already knew then who putin is.
And we’re gonna prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 254
The two hundred and fifty-fourth morning.
Mood – funny and sad at the same time.
Month – I already used to see that somewhere…
In the occupants’ Telegram, there’s joy – they’ve received this kind of «very good» hemostatic tourniquets from China.
I support that – take more!
Everything would be good if that «very good» shit wasn’t sold in Ukraine.
And in this instance, unfortunately, they’re also present at Ukrainian frontline.
Be careful, this Chinese plastic product only looks like a hemostatic tourniquet.
If you look closer – it’s rubbish.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 253
The two hundred and fifty-third evening.
Mood – it happens.
Month – everything they’re capable to do.
Valerii Zaluzhnyi’s Instagram has been broken, you know.
Bear it in mind.
Don’t get fooled.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.
Day 252
The two hundred and fifty-second evening.
Mood – I’m repeating myself
Month – I’m repeating myself
Ukraine’s humiliating putin like nobody ever did.
Uncle Erdoğan’s humiliating putin.
The USA are humiliating putin.
Putin himself is humiliating putin.
Learn to live in humiliation, knee-stands.
I’m repeating myself.
Because this humiliation will be repeated long and long from now.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.
Day 251

The two hundred and fifty-first evening.
Mood – scums.
Month – not to forgive.
I’ve just asked Olena Topolia about distance homework whether the children did yesterday what they had to do.
And appeared that there was no homework, they didn’t receive it.
Because there were no lessons in Kyiv, because the sirens had interrupted the kids’ childhood once again.
And their development.
I hate them.
But we’re gonna withstand, and prevail, and make amends for everything, despite anything.
Educated and brainy People!
They fear such kind of like the plague.
Let them fear, duffers.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.

Day 250

The two hundred and fiftieth evening.
Mood – you’re thinking of the wrong thing.
Month – ungrateful economics.
I’ve been observing for long how people count the russian missiles, planes, and helicopters in dollars.
And they look for a rational explanation to this madness, like, today the occupant has become poorer by this much millions of dollars, and they could build a hospital instead.
It’s a wrong trend, as for me.
Because all this horror is not about the money at all.
By now.
Imagine a player at the poker table.
He has a pile of poker chips, he’s bought them beforehand, and he needs them exactly to win right here and right now.
The game comes up to an equator, the player loses game after game, he feels that he’s coming close to failure, the other players see he’s losing his margin.
The player starts to risk, raise the stakes and stake all, all in, hoping all the others will say pass in the next round, and exactly he will get the pile on the table.
Does the player count the cost of his own chips at this moment? No.
Because the impact and victory at the table costs multiple times more than all his chips.
And losing means failure, exit from the table.
That’s why let’s struggle gritting our teeth.
And let’s get ready to the next raise of the stakes.
We’re finally playing at the same table with the key players.
And the new world order is on the table.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 249

The two hundred and forty-ninth morning.
Mood – beauty is in simplicity.
Month – every single one will be.
It’s just beautiful.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 248

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and forty-eighth morning.
Mood – get the hell out of here rather far off.
Month – I’ve got hurt, I leave.
russia’s getting out of the seed deal because of her vessels having been destroyed in the Crimea.
They’re substantiating this with being incapable to provide security for navigation.
I just can’t get my head around this absurd-absurd, but… after the infected mosquitoes and bio-pigeons, commenting all this means not to respect yourself.
But that’s not my point.
Leave, get the hell out of here, we’ll deal with security for navigation in the Black sea without your vessels.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 247

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and forty-seventh evening.
Mood – I love you.
Month – and distances mean nothing.
:******* Olena Topolia
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 246

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and forty-sixth evening.
Mood – the wheels of counterattack.
Month – salt of the earth.
It’s our native land, so it’s like gold, it’s fertile and noble, it’s not for war, it’s for wheat and sunflowers.
Don’t worry, gonna correct everything soon, everything’s gonna go back to normal soon!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 245

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and forty-fifth morning.
Mood – 130 Bat!
Month – Everything’s gonna be Ukraine!
What’s up, guys?
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 244

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and forty-fourth morning.
Mood – ban what was already banned 🙂
Month – that’s something new.
Just think it over, Facebook has just banned my publication where I’m writing that Facebook has banned my publication.
I just can’t get my head around it ))))
I guess this should be carried to the point of total absurdity.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 243

Another previous publication was deleted. I think they’ll ban me soon. Something like that.

Day 242
The two hundred and forty-second morning.
Mood – just look.
Month – a forestry trash.
rus-nia’s IT specialists run away to forests from gravilization.
And it’s not a joke.
On the video, the character is telling how he’s living in the forest, sleeping in the thicket, and going to an office-tent at the glade, ‘cause you can pick up Internet there. He’s probably writing some code or even working for Microsoft.
They’d better be living like primitive people than go out to protest and change the regime.
And we’re gonna prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 241
The two hundred and forty-first day.
Mood – it’s now like this.
Month – we’ve got used to.
Before, when Kyiv journalists asked how Antytila had got used to constant shelling at Kharkiv frontline, I used to answer: we’ve got used and we simply do our job.
Someone was surprised, so to say, how is that possible to get used to that?
Now, I guess, they aren’t surprised.
They’ve got used and they simply do their job.
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 240

The two hundred and fortieth evening.
Mood – conveyory.
Month – amazing speed.
There have already been cases when from mobilization to destroying of newcomer occupants at Ukrainian frontline seven days pass.
It’s simply a utilizing conveyor.
Those who are cleverer call the hot line and try to surrender.
They say there are more than three thousands of such already.
That doesn’t reduce the threat from the occupant in any way.
We need to withstand.
We need to fight!
All this bloody gamble is about to be disrupted by the kremlin regime sooner or later.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 238

The two hundred and thirty-eighth morning.
Mood – it’s not that hopeless 🙂
Month – of expertery experts from the expertise.
Today in the morning, I read one Ukrainian expert’s thought beginning with the words: I might be wrong…
I even dropped a sandwich from my mouth)))
Experts, especially the ones from FB cannot be wrong. The sect doesn’t forgive those things.
And now this.
Are we really getting mature?
Ours are still no match to Socrates, but…
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 237

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and thirty-seventh morning.
Mood – who knows?
Month – stupidity is a genetic judgment.
On a fresh video, a mobilized bio organism is complaining that they were handed out strike-ball body armors.
And another one is laughing out loud and answers: «who knows, maybe there, on Ukraine, they shoot with strike-ball ones».
Story’s not entirely clear)))
Somewhere in hell, there’s kobzon not laughing out loud anymore and 70 000 good occupants-strikeballers.
And I’m laughing.
And HIMARS is smiling.
Who knows… who knows ))))
Gonna prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 236

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and thirty-sixth morning.
Mood – mum’s advisor.
Month – if only…
I don’t know how we would live without this sacral «you’d better…»
The world would die, no options!
Although it wouldn’t, it had better…
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 235

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and thirty-fifth morning.
Mood – it’s so soulfully here, I don’t wanna leave.
Month – nothing personal, just business.
«Some of more than 9000 russian workers of the oilfield service company Schlumberger (USA) started to get calls to the army in the workplace.
The company doesn’t assist them in avoiding mobilization and refuses to shift them to remote working format.
The Schlumberger’s collaboration with russian principals in the form of promoting mobilization and their refusal to let russian workers work beyond the borders of russia have provoked negative reaction.
It’s considered a tacit support of the war against Ukraine.
Advocacy groups are monitoring how the company reacts to mobilization.
russian legislation demands giving assistance in delivering calls to workers and military registration from companies if at least one of its workers is eligible for military duty.»
An American oilfield service company, russian mobilization, ‘жаба’, ‘гадюка’, oil, profit, biomass, principles, and money – everything’s present in this news.
I’ll add just that Schlumberger having the main office in Houston keeps «leaving» the russian market for 7 months already.
And miraculously bypasses the sanctions.
And we’ve got our thing to do.
Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Day 234

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and thirty-fourth evening.
Mood – paramedical.
Month – and were those savages about to prevail over us for real?
The motto of the occupant’s medical trainings is:
«Firstly, we take it in mouth»
Namely, everything’s like that with them.
Or like in the second photo – through the ass.
Contrary to us.
Because Ukrainian tourniquets SICH aren’t taken in mouth as well as the American CAT-Tourniquet.
They save even without this.
So the difference between us is tremendous and it can be noticed even in details.
Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!


Day 232

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and thirty-second evening.
Mood – what we were singing about has come true.
Month – when future has come.
In our Ukrainian anthem, in «Ще не вмерла України» everything was sung considering the future, some further times, from that period when everything having been dreamt of wasn’t forgotten.
And now it’s coming true.
Our enemies are dying as the dew does in the sunshine,
And we, brothers, live happily in our land.
I do not hint anything.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 231

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and thirty-first evening.
Mood – how ugly they are.
Month – breaching the bottom.
After missile attacks and a partial Ukrainian blackout, they’re courageously suggesting organizing famine for us.
And the society spoilt with impunity keeps screaming in comments to do it as fast as possible, and as massive as possible.
No comments…
And we’re gonna prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 230

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and thirtieth evening.
Mood – really?
Month – help me find out.
They write Mask had talked to putin before the series of his tweets. Isn’t that a fake?
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 229

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and twenty-ninth morning.
Mood – take notice of air raids.
Month – especially today.
Do not ignore.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 228

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and twenty-eighth evening.
Mood – visualization.
Month – everything’s gonna be.
The ruins of the kremlin as we imagine them, draw, and depict become more and more real.
Though yesterday they still seemed to be fantastic.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 227

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and twenty-seventh morning.
Mood – the Crimean bridge.
Month – is burning and flaming.
Without further ado. It’s beautiful.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 226
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and twenty-sixth morning.
Mood – to shout in the abyss.
Month – the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov is on call.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 225

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and twenty-fifth morning.
Mood – division table.
Month – I’ve noticed.
Good people share… guns, funds, and democracy.
Bad people are divided… into a number of pieces they are to be torn apart.
In a Ukrainian field from a Ukrainian shell.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 224

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and twenty-fourth morning.
Mood – it’s genocide!
Month – they’re copying fascists.
It’s the photo of gold crowns having been pulled out by the fascists of XXI century from the victims-Ukrainians having been tortured to death in Kharkiv region.
The black and white photo shows the same teeth pulled out by Germans in a fascist concentration camp.
Should we explain more?
But we’re gonna prevail!
Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Day 223

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and twenty-third morning.
Mood – while the SpaceX spaceships keep cutting the cold room of the Universe.
Month – while Tesla robots become cleverer than Mask.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine are gnawing and liberating Kherson and Kharkiv regions.
Step by step.
And our people have stroked Elon as far as they dared.
Gonna prevail this way.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 222

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and twenty-second morning.
Mood – they really believe in the strength of the mobilized.
Month – I read ‘vata’ publics.
«It’s now that we’re dropping back from Lyman and Oskil, because the area is forested, and it’s inappropriate to hold the line with the existent forces the contender exceeds by 5-7 times. However, this success of theirs won’t last long, in the course of two weeks the mobilized reserves will arrive to Svatove, and then we’ll see».
Hahaha!! Hahahahaha)))))
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 221

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and twenty-first morning.
Mood – unbelievable.
Month – I’ve hugged and kissed my children for the first time since the beginning of the war.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 220
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and twentieth morning.
Mood – it happens.
Month – three millions for anti-drones.
Yampil of Donetsk oblast has recently been liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
And there is one more Yampil which is the village at the border with Moldova where my maternal family lives.
Ever since I can remember, the road leading there has always been old and broken, and the town itself – depressive without a single hint of bright future.
The only things attracting me there were dear and beloved people and nature.
One year before the beginning of the full-scale war, I went there, to my small homeland, by car.
During a part of my journey, I just didn’t believe I was going… to Yampil.
An ideal wide road, one-meter width «featherbed» of concrete, gravel, and asphalt, the renewed old bridges over the rivers, everything’s very solid and quality.
Some part of the road was still in progress, «Autostrada» were working, they were doing nicely.
As it turned out later, this road was being renewed for a new road bridge aimed to connect Ukraine and Moldova. The whole town revived and was waiting for the «building of the century» with no exaggeration.
Being aware of how important it was for people I just found the owner of the company Maksym Shkil on Facebook and sent him «thank you».
For the fact they were doing that well, in good conscience.
That was how we got acquainted digitally more than a year ago.
I’m sure, we’ll do that also in life at the opening of the new road bridge.
All this will happen as well as our victory!
It was an introduction.
And now let’s speak of important things.
Yesterday Max wrote and asked how much the Antytila Charity Foundation lack for purchasing the first shipment of anti-drone riffles.
And in one hour, THREE MILLION hryvnias were transferred to the fund’s account.
That’s the way.
I’d like to thank Maksym Shkil and his company «Autostrada» and say just this: work, do well, earn, and support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
You’re cool!
And we go on fundraising for a new shipment!
Gonna prevail this way.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 219

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and nineteenth morning.
Mood – a vassal from China complain about the USA.
Month – ooh, what ‘chmo’ did say here.
I listened to the bald-headed one’s appeal.
But the only things really important for me to hear are what the President, Army, and People are to say.
The last word is our will.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 218

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and eighteenth morning.
Mood – and now what?
The month of the regime’s convulsions.
Tomorrow putin will announce the accession of Ceres to Pluto, voluntary entrance of the Andromeda galaxy to the fifth dimension of the Universe due to the results of the galactic referendum as well as he’ll probably announce the accession of ruZZia to Kobzon or Ukrainian lands to ruZZia…
Whatever he issued, we don’t give a damn, we don’t care a wit, it’s all the same.
The stronger the loop tightens, the more the insane pan gets red, and does more and more foolish things and mistakes.
It’s expected.
So keep calm & ebshim!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 217

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and seventeenth morning.
Mood – against all odds.
Month – it benefits nobody.
To judge by the way the occupant-state bombs their own gas pipe line in order to show everyone how frightening, fatuous, and bad-tempered they are, I expect them to make the first nuclear strike on theirs, too.
And we’re gonna prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 216

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and sixteenth morning.
Mood – bright memory.
Month – the heart of our Nation lay their lives down for the state.
The anti-tank gunners Bazel, Maister, and Zakhar are gone on the shield.
The best ones, brave Heroes having kind hearts and having fought their way through the furnace of war and through fierce fights, but after liberating Kharkiv region, they came across the enemy mine.
It happens, unfortunately…
Another severe loss of the 130th Battalion.
We remember, we honor, and we’ll avenge!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
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Day 215

Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and fifteenth morning.
Mood – sports analytics.
Month – champions-chmompions.
I’ve just found out in detail what’s up with ruZZian sports.
It appears that all the Olympians there are on military service voluntary-compulsory, many of them are agents of secret service.
They have a military salary (one shift or one and a half).
They always used to like that very much as for the free world, it was possible to say sport is beyond politics, and in their swamp, to receive additional salary monthly from the army of ruzzia.
And now they stopped liking that very much, as in half a year all the powerful international brands broke the contracts with them, world championships were closed, and from today, the borders have also been closed, and they are mobilized together with all the rest of biomass.
All their achievements and medals at self-made championships of «Commonwealth» are rubbish not being recognized anywhere in the free world.
Getting out to Europe now is not an option.
Because it has to be done harshly, and you can’t take all your family away harshly, because they’re bullied like slaves, and because «novichok» can come into a champion’s life faster than a medal at the further competitions.
Oh, and one more thing!
Belarusans have all the same stuff, but nobody needs them twice more)))
It seems like only the athletes of Dagestan have a chance, but I’m not sure.
And we’re gonna prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 214

The two hundred and fourteenth morning.
Mood – to remember everything.
Month – the war has lasted since 2014!!!
They kept silent and supported the annexation of Crimea eight years ago.
They were silent, they didn’t notice, or even supported all the atrocities their army was committing at foreign land.
And now, when they had stayed up, kept silent, and had victorious hysteria, Fuhrer throws them like meat under our bullets.
And we, Europe, have to hear and understand us?
The only ones whom we have to hear are the children, mothers, and wives of the Heroes having lied down for our freedom.
Having lied down young from the hand of the occupants.
Unbreakable wings that I’m having,
I’ll use them to fly and find where you are.
Forever an angel for you,
I’m close, I’m here, that’s true!
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Day 213
The two hundred and thirteenth morning.
Mood – cheerful.
Month – to prepare black bags for the occupant 🙂
The seventh month of the war «in three days».
We’re standing, we’re struggling!
Because Ukraine is our home.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 212
The two hundred and twelfth morning.
Mood – doomed.
Month – a herd took for slaughter.
Would they riot,
But they’re out.
Vodka, curses, military commissariat.
And we’re gonna prevail.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 211
The two hundred and eleventh morning.
Mood – temperately great 🙂
Month – that’s powerful!
During the years of independence, I can’t remember our State so strong, subjective, and united like now!
We beat the occupant, we bring ours back, we speak with partners as equals.
I’m proud of my friends, commanders, Armed Forces, each defender of Ukraine, flag, language, and my People!
I’m proud of the President and thank him for morality, resistance, and will!
Despite all the tragedy we’re going through, the fact still remains – we’re finally becoming those we must have become long time ago. We’re becoming ourselves!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 210
The two hundred and tenth morning.
Mood – an important deal.
Month – let’s press up!
Now, the delegation of Ukraine in the UN is promoting a very important track: excluding russia from UNSC.
For this, legal basis is required.
Whatever strange it sounds, russia really didn’t pass the procedure accession to the UN in accordance with the section 4 of the UN Statute.
Accordingly, russia has NO legal basis for attending and voting in the UN Security Council or directly in the UN.
Ukrainian diplomacy supported by peoples of the world appeal to Antonio Guterres and the UN for providing the documents assuring the basis for membership of russian federation in the UN.
In case of absence of such documents, to react and stop fictional membership of russian federation in the UN Security Council.
Support the petition!
The link is in the first comment.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 208
Not Kyiv.
Morning – two hundred and eight.
Month – we wil rave!
Mood – on putin’s grave.
Glory to UAF
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 207
Not Kyiv.
The two hundred and seventh morning.
Mood – rzn are out of suitcases.
Month – hit the changes.
In spring, they were still attacking. Ukraine used to lead a defense operation.
Now, the occupants are running away, sinking wagons to create at least some kind of a river crossing to the other bank of the river, they’re destroyed at the stations, airfields, and bases.
In spring, they were still about to march across Khreshchatyk dressed in parade uniform having been hidden beforehand in hideouts in Irpin; now a black pack is their «parade» dress code.
The trend is irreversible.
They’ll clear off from Ukrainian Crimea in the same way.
We believe, we struggle, and we prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 206
Morning – two hundred and sixth.
Mood – warn!
Month – Europe to open its eyes.
Liberated city Izyum.
About 500 burials.
Ukrainians were killed by airstrikes and artillery of the russian occupiers.
There are bodies with traces of shootings, numerous tortures, with ropes around their necks.
In the fields and forests are the remains of people who were dragged and eaten by stray dogs.
Someone from these russians, who committed these crimes against humanity, or somebodies wife, relatives will ask for a visa tomorrow and fly to Europe for a vacation.
If Europe does not draw conclusions.
They definitely won’t come on tanks, because the army of the occupier will be completely defeated by us.
By Ukrainians!
Glory to UAF!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 204
The two hundred and fourth morning.
Mood – to support your owns.
Month – it’s already needed.
The war has shown how important economics is. If beforehand the word combination «economic protectionism» sounded as something radical, now it should become a rule.
From a small tray to big strategic enterprises, everyone should get support from the state and people.
To buy yours, to do yours, to develop yours is not even the rule of future, but of present tense.
If I can buy, order something Ukrainian of a good quality, I must do only so.
Let there be competition, but between the ones of ours.
Let there be developments and innovations, but the ones of ours.
Let our Ukrainian brains work and earn.
As life has shown, the state’s survival depends on that.
Moreover, we cannot ask for something from the world all the time.
We should begin to give something back.
Today, we’re giving their security back to Europe; tomorrow, we should become useful due to production with added value, which won’t appear without ours don’t support ours.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 203
The two hundred and third morning.
Mood – he’s our Cossack.
Month – on contrast.
The president is in Izium, 20 km from the frontline, in the zone of damage of multiple launch rocket system. It’s symbolic and powerful!
It’s dangerous, but… so important.
What’s up with your bunker old man, chmonias?
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 202
The two hundred and second morning..
Mood – what sorry-asses they are.
Month – time machine.
If only this great Cossack had known hundreds of years ago that in the future, ‘chmonias’ would attribute the victories and triumphs of Cossack’s Spirit to «NATO’s troops, intergalactic assault force and contractors from the Nibiru planet», he would have laugh out loud and begun to smoke a pipe, not with tobacco 🙂
Ooh, what’s rushing!
Ooh, how ‘chmonias’ have woken the power of Sviatoslav I!
They gonna hit the big time when we finish one more unfinished deal of Sahaidachnyi… and finally conquer moscow.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 201
The two hundred and first morning.
Mood – obviousness.
Month – to finish pressing.
You know, putin has already died.
Yet a few months ago, he was totally declassed from the pedestal of alpha male, and now he has died as a character.
He’s cracked mentally as a symbol, as a fella from St. Petersburg gateway, and as the leader of ruZZian world.
That’s all, the end.
Botox old guy’s mug and grin are like a dead dried bear’s carcass on a hunter’s wall, it still frightens the most trippy ones, but someone’s already jabbing it with a stick. Hay and dust disperse.
Soon, this mental death is to transfer into a physical one. It’s the physics of the Universe, it works like that.
And then, russia is awaited by shift of power and military dictatorship, or splitting into pieces, parade of sovereignties, and civil war.
Nothing’s in the cards for ‘chmonias’.
And what about us?
And we are to boost and denazify as the book says.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 200
Not Kyiv.
The two-hundredth morning.
Mood – the two-hundredth army of the world pleases.
Month – collaborators are running after them.
I’ve watched a video.
Two Ukrainians from a very long line for evacuation to russia are giving an interview to a ruZZian propagandist.
They’re complaining in Ukrainian that they were being shelled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kupiansk.
Then one of them takes the filling of cluster bombs out of the pocket and blames Ukraine, damn it.
I have a question I have no answer to.
Well what to do with the cities liberated now and in the future?
There, in total there are hundreds of thousands of people having lived shoulder to shoulder with occupants for months and years.
Somebody communicated more, somebody less, somebody used to hide, pray, and keep waiting for Ukraine, and somebody cooperated with an occupant openly or on the down low.
How do we distinguish all this?
How do we make real demons be punished, but at the same time not strike innocent people because of slander?
With «official principals», gauleiters, and teachers, everything’s clear.
But the occupants were also assisted informally let’s face the truth.
In such lines for evacuation, at this very moment, there are open and «quiet» accomplices of the occupants, but there are also families that are just saving their children from war.
Tomorrow, they are to be eager to come back home.
How do we not make mistakes towards such people?
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 199
The one hundred and ninety-ninth morning.
Mood – humiliation and defeat.
Month – never doubt in Victory.
I’ll add a bit.
And then, biomass is gonna pay the reparations. The generation of misery will forget even of recovering wooden toilets or rinses of clothes in dirty rivers.
Not to mention buying Samsung washing machines or Lada Kalina.
They will restore us everything with oil, gas, gold, and wood. Each occupant’s descendent will know that their wallet belongs to a Ukrainian by 70%.
They’re gonna moan in shit, but won’t be able to change anything.
They won’t restore us only thousands of killed Ukrainians.
For that, we’ll hate them till we die.
And we’ll destroy them for all that evil they have been committing to our People through centuries.
Collaborators won’t be forgotten 😉
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 198
The one hundred and ninety-eighth morning.
Mood – Rus-Ukraine!
Month – of will and strength.
It’s Ukrainian Spirit, occupant!
And it’s immense on the native land!
Catch it, feel it, and learn to live in humiliation,
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 197
The one hundred and ninety-seventh morning.
Mood – potato-Colorado.
Month – tuber-Fuhrer’s gonna rot away.
Belarus has started military training aimed to defend their territory from attacks.
And that’s the first time I believe the stated aims.
‘Cause the moment when Belarusans fighting shoulder to shoulder with us today against the occupants will set off to liberate there native land is in the offing.
The Kastuś Kalinoŭski battalion will be the backbone, dozens of thousands of Belarusans in exile will join, and we will assist them. Weapons and equipment will be bought in the army surplus store. That’s obvious.
I guess the first city to be liberated will be Mazyr.
A mustached cockroach tweet-tweet lukashenko will come to a sticky and ignominious end. The Dictator Kaddafi’s fate whose cut head rose above the conquerors’ crowd isn’t in the cards for him.
Though it looked tragic, but it was quite epic.
Lukashenko will rot away in a bag of potatoes in the stink and oblivion. Nobody will look for his body. Soon, it will be found in some barn and changed to a tractor «Belarus» or to an old John Deere (with any luck).
Lukashenko’s cult after his death is out of the question.
And we’re gonna cop it and prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 196
The one hundred and ninety-sixth morning.
Mood – Ї
Month – to indicate yourself.
De-occupation is irreversible.
For all Ukrainians remaining on temporarily occupied territories there’s a wonderful flash mob.
And not just for them 😉
Let’s indicate ourselves with the letter Ї
There’s an endless field for imagination.
But everyone in the know will understand with whom are your thoughts and which flag is looming in your hearЇ!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.
Day 195
Morning – one hundred and ninety-five.
Mood – what??
Month – to face reality.
Joe Biden refused to recognize Russia as a terrorist state.
For me, a citizen of Ukraine, and a person of the world, this means only one thing: russia is too big and too influential to be a terrorist.
We are told that in today’s world, you can rape children, kill thousands of innocents, bomb peaceful cities, commit nuclear blackmail, and still not be a terrorist.
Because you are too big.
To put it simply: evil ceases to be evil when it is enormous.
Is evil becoming the new norm?
Guided by this logic, a group of people who seized a school and shot all the children and teachers in some American state are also not terrorists, because how are they different from the russians, who destroy schools and kindergartens with aerial bombs, but at the same time they are not recognized as terrorists.
Such double standards are a path to the abyss.
In which values, morals, principles turn into slaves of power.
And strength becomes the absolute measure of truth.
Whose strength is the truth.
The main war is fought not on the battlefield, but on the field of morality and ethics.
And what is happening confuses me a lot.
Glory to UAF
Glory to Ukraine.
Day 193
Morning – one hundred and ninety-three.
Mood – to liberate the territory and people.
Month – the Ukrainian steppe is burning.
Ukrainian flags are returning to the roofs of liberated cities and towns.
This process is already irreversible.
The russian occupier runs and leaves behind tons of weapons and equipment.
Armed forces of Ukraine know how to use it for its intended purpose.
Ukraine will win in this injustice war!
Glory to UAF!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 192
The one hundred and ninety-second morning.
Mood – who’s the real Star here?
Month – mathematics.
Intercontinental transgalactic six-month charity tours abroad to finally $have 10.000 for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Hold my cream soda, says Serhiiko Moroz.
A street, a hat, Chernihiv, singing, and… ₴200 000 collected in two months.
Good job, everyone!
But there’s something wrong with mathematics…
Gonna prevail this way.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 191
Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and ninety-first morning.
Mood – good comes in return.
Month – police and children.
There is a tradition in the American town, where our with Olena Topolia children went to school and kindergarten.
Police officers give gifts to children before the beginning of the school year.
They choose at their own discretion those, who need them the most.
This year, Marko and Roman received school bags with accessories, the gifts were handed over by policemen personally.
This is how Good works!
On one continent you help children, on another – people help yours.
Thanks to the Nonprofit union of Police Department Officers, Butler, NJ for the unexpected but nice support.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 190
Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and ninetieth morning.
Mood – to study.
Month – school.
Today, in Ukraine, all the schoolchildren’s main lesson is… the History lesson.
Regardless of tastes.
A bloody, smoke-filled, hellish lesson, in which class- and homework have mixed into a single solid marathon of life.
There’s no need to perform check of the passed material, it’s kinda obvious.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 189
Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and eighty-ninth morning.
Mood – Gratulacje!
Month – the Path of independence.
Naród polski przeszedł długą i trudną drogę do prawdziwej niepodległości.
Zmienili się przywódcy i kraje partnerskie, ale jedno się nie zmieniło – wola całego narodu polskiego, by być niezależnym i zachować swoją tożsamość.
Podpisanie układu w sierpniu 1980 r. stało się przesłanką upadku reżimu sowieckiego, rozszerzenia praw i wolności polskiej inteligencji, chłopów i robotników.
42 lata później jesteśmy świadkami rozwoju pięknego europejskiego kraju o silnej postawie kulturowej, narodowej i politycznej.
Chciałbym jeszcze raz podziękować za wsparcie dla Ukrainy, które dziś odczuwamy na wszystkich frontach!
Z Dniem Solidarności i Wolności!
Polish people have been walking to the real independence across the long and challenging path.
Leaders and partner-states were changing, but the only thing remained unchanged – the Polish nation’s will to be independent and to keep their identity.
Signing the treaty in August 1980 arranged preconditions for overthrowing the Soviet regime, expanding rights and freedoms of Polish intelligentsia, villagers, and laborers.
42 years after, we observe the development of a wonderful European country with powerful cultural, national, and political positions.
I’d like to say thank you once more for that support for Ukraine we keep feeling today at all fronts!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 188

The one hundred and eighty-eighth morning.
Mood – minute of silence.
Month – for the memory of the deceased Heroes.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 187

The one hundred and eighty-seventh morning.
Mood – Kherson.
Month – to flock ahead.
The terrorist state has driven biomasses of «teachers» from Mukhosransk so that they brainwashed our Ukrainian children at schools from September 1.
Here you are, scums, Ukrainian offensive, not ruZZian September 1 so that you wouldn’t even dream of it.
Kherson is Ukraine!
Crimea is Ukraine!
September is ours!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 186

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and eighty-sixth morning.
Mood – adaptation.
Month – life goes on.
Warsaw – trams thickly bang with their wheels similar to mortar’s start.
I flinch.
A helicopter flies above the head. I flinch.
There’s plenty of Ukrainian youth, and I’m happy they’re happy there.
With no irony or sarcasm.
Because each person leads his or her own battle as they can, are capable to, or want, the same as they make their own choice.
Tomorrow we’re to honor bright memory of all the deceased Heroes, because death.. it’s gonna hug each of us sooner or later.
And today, if you’re reading this, it means life goes on.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 185

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and eighty-fifth morning.
Mood – Warsaw
Month – we’ve met.
– Ed, you take potatoes, meat, cabbage, tomatoes, a bit of green herbs, and sour cream, and you get the tastiest one in the world…
– soup?
– no, BORSCH!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 184

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and eighty-fourth morning.
Mood – getting ready for evening’s music events.
Month – gonna be interesting, follow the news.
Sometimes three minutes cause great changes.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 183

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and eighty-third morning.
Mood – there’s a long way to go.
Month – to work, to work, and to work.
The video was filmed by me on the eve of the Independence Day on Khreshchatyk in my home city Kyiv.
There’s no sense to comment, Ukrainians will still understand: what they’re singing, where they’re singing, and at what times all this is sounding.
I don’t condemn.
They’re raised this way.
They’ve got used this way.
But if we close our eyes at this problem, it won’t disappear.
Therefore, to work, to work, and to work.
For English speaking people: on the central street of the country, at the time when the destroyed russian equipment is brought to the “parade”, a russian prison song is sung from the balcony opposite.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 182

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and eighty-second morning.
Mood – Independence Day.
Month – Everything’s gonna be Ukraine!
Happy Independence Day, my dear People.
We exist!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 181
The one hundred and eighty-first morning.
Mood – the Day of the National Flag of Ukraine!
Month – we’re standing, we’re fighting, we’re prevailing!
Congratulations with the Day of the National Flag to everyone having yellow and blue hearts!
This banner, this symbol gives us strengths to fight!
This banner’s gonna raise above Kherson, Melitopol, Mariupol, Sevastopol, Donetsk, and Luhansk!
It won’t be another way.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 180

The one hundred and eightieth morning.
Mood – Kyiv’s getting ready.
Month – the flag of independence.
Ukraine’s getting ready for the Day of the National Flag and Independence Day.
And those are going to be the most symbolic two days in our recent history.
I’ve never felt such importance of these dates before. And such anxiety.
Though I’m sure, everything’s gonna be Ukraine!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 179

The one hundred and seventy-ninth morning.
Mood – congratulations with the victory.
Month – the Cossack’s back.
One day I’ll prepare and write a separate text about Usyk. He and his path are an archetype and manifestation of all Ukrainian people’s path.
He’s our mirror.
Why? I’ll explain later. It will take long to write 🙂
And for now, congratulations to the Cossack with the victory and returning to spiritual origins.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 178

The one hundred and seventy-eighth day.
Mood – a big deal.
Month – space is a bit ours.
I forgot to write.
People’s satellite having been accomplished by Prytula and the Ministry of Defense is damnably cool.
I’m sure, we were informed of it a bit with a delay. And the accurate hits in the Crimea during the last month were already the work from the «iced eye» data.
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 177

The one hundred and seventy-seventh morning.
Month – burning and flaming.
Month – to be continued 🙂
How did you like night bagaboom?
Stones from the sky, correct ruZZians, and different kind of cotton bavovna…
I’m just wondering, not gloating ))))
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 176

Morning – one hundred and seventy six.
Mood – pending.
Month – cotton bagaboom soon.
The occupiers and their henchmens get used to living in fear and neurosis.
Ukrainian psychotherapists prescribe HIMARS and diversions.
After that, the occupants become correct and are cured, forever.
Glory to AFU
Glory to Ukraine.

Day 175
Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and seventy-fifth morning.
Mood – he felt everything.
Month – Kuzma’s Birthday.
He threw a bottle in the ocean and left… suddenly, like the greatest do.
In that bottle for us, there are dozens of songs, meanings, ideas, truth, fairness and unfairness of life as well as his allegories and metaphors.
Each person finds in it something for himself or herself. Especially, when it’s hard, there are the words that cure.
He wasn’t ideal like any other person.
I don’t agree with his every song.
But he had power and talent not only to chant life as it is with no suppressions, but to laugh out at its face.
Behind Andrii’s simple language, there was hidden a deep understanding of the world.
Andrii was the First Ukrainian artist for me.
And he remains.
«Люди як кораблі» (‘Liudy yak korabli’ / ‘People are like the ships’) sounds in his memory from every stage.
Happy Birthday, dear Andrii!
See you again.

Day 174
Day – one hundred seventy fourth.
Mood – more than expected 🙂
Month – Crimea is Ukraine.
Explosions in occupied Jankoy (Crimea) this morning.
Well done 😉

Day 173
The seventy-third morning.
Mood – shrewd words from Kazakhstan.
Month – break down the nuances.
Today I’d like to share a very shrewd post by Ainash Kerney:
“О евровизах и русских либералах.
После озвученного Зеленским предложения об отказе в евровизах россиянам ему ставят в упрек его прежний призыв к россиянам покидать рф. Либералы, не уподобляйтесь росспропаганде и не делайте вид, что вы не понимаете, что между его двумя призывами полгода страшной войны, Буча, Ирпень, Мариуполь, Оленевка, массовые убийства и захоронения, насилие детей, женщин и стариков и многое другое. Кто вам сказал, что это никак не отразится на отношениях между народами?
Украинцы соблюдают международные нормы в отношении военнопленных, и этого достаточно для испытания их разумности и эмоциональности. Вы не можете требовать от украинцев большего.
Что касается отказа в визах основной массе россиян, то достаточно посмотреть на их поведения во многих странах, чтобы понять, что они сами не осознают и не изменят своего возмутительного поведения и пора просто указать им на дверь. О них нечего говорить, их надо приводить в разум.
Теперь о русских либералах. Где ваша эмпатия и деликатность? Страшно смотреть на то, как вы долгие месяцы пытаете украинцев своими вопросами. Так и вижу картину: украинец, умирая, истекает кровью, а над ним склонились русские интеллигенты, журналисты и вопрошают: как вы думаете, когда мы снова станем братьями? Вы же понимаете, что культура тут не при чем? Вы же любите/уважаете Пушкина, Чайковского и далее по списку? А зачем вы сносите русские памятники? Вы же не будете убирать из школьной программы русский язык?
Эти вопросы есть свидетельство непонимания всего трагизма происходящего, непонимания того, что эти вопросы есть не только непростительная черствость, но и проявление имперского мышления. Какое дело россиянам до памятников, культуры, языков других стран? Почему они считают уместным задавать подобные вопросы? Даже журналистам типа прогрессивного «Дождя» необходимо объяснять, почему для кого-то нежелательны (если не сказать больше) памятники в виде советских танков в стране, которая в свое время подверглась советской оккупации.
Эти вопросы и требования были возмутительны вчера, а сегодня просто вызывают оторопь. Проявите деликатность, в конце концов, если вы до сих пор не поняли, что это не ваше дело решать, каким памятникам быть в других странах, какие книги рекомендовать своим детям, какие дисциплины изучать в школах. Я уже не говорю о том, что рф развязала войну и угрожает всему миру, что в рф запрещают образование на родных языках для коренных народов, проживающих на своей территории.
Русские либералы согласны, что Буча, Ирпень и др. – это ужасно, но «ведь еще есть русская культура». Вот давайте сейчас успокоим россиян, которым будет закрыт путь европейские страны, что «зато у них есть их прекрасная культура». Разве наличие «великой культуры» не достаточная компенсация потерянным прогулкам по европейским улочкам и аутлетам? Ах, это другое? Тогда почему вы решили, что для украинцев и всего мира русская культура – достаточный «перевес» массовым убийствам, угрозам уничтожения, оскорблениям народов, а также пропаганде войны, массовому хамству многочисленных, буквально заполонивших мир русских туристов и «колбасных» эмигрантов?
Санкции, отказ в евровизах россиянам – это и есть ответ на вопрос о том, смогут ли между миром и рф восстановиться прежние отношения. Дело не в сроках (годах или десятилетиях), а в пути, который надо будет пройти русским. И отказ в визах подавляющему числу россиян – лишь один из шагов на этом пути.
Русские либералы все эти месяцы обсуждали, через что пришлось пройти Германии, прежде чем она вернулась в европейскую семью. Теоретически они соглашались с необходимостью для народа извлечь уроки, проработать этот опыт, по-новому взглянуть на свое прошлое и настоящее. Но вот дошло до самого дела – отказ в евровизах как часть «излечения». И русские либералы в большинстве своем (есть уважаемое исключение) не согласны. Почему? Что случилось? Разве не вы говорили о необходимости демилитаризации, депутинизации, десталинизации, декоммунизации, деколонизации и т.п.? Этот процесс начался. Просто не так, как вы его себе представляли в каком-то туманном будущем, когда вы придете к власти. Он начался по решению других стран и народов, которые не желают ждать, они вынуждены защищаться уже сегодня.
Русские либералы должны объяснять россиянам, что отказ в евровизах – это и есть путь к тому, чтобы через 10-20 лет русские вернулись к остальному миру в приемлемом для мира качестве. Немцы прошли этот путь и испили свою чашу покаяния и вины. Но к пониманию и принятию этого они шли несколько лет, через внутреннее сопротивление, нежелание/неготовность признавать вину, коллективную ответственность, необходимость переосмысления всей нацией своей истории, психологии, претензий, отношения к другим народам и т.д. Чем скорее русские начнут этот процесс, тем скорее пройдут этот путь. Если ждать самостоятельного созревания русских до мысли о вине и ответственности, то этого вообще может не произойти. Этого понимания сегодня нет даже у большинства прогрессивной части российского общества.
Чем аргументируют свое несогласие русские либералы?
Тем, что Запад покупает нефть. Это, действительно, так, но Запад и перекрыл рф возможность использовать получаемые миллиарды долларов на покупку технологий и пр.
Тем, что Украина пропускает эту нефть через свою территорию. Да, это так, но Украина не может перекрыть доставку закупленную другими государствами нефти, потому что зависит от военной и гуманитарной помощи и поддержки других стран. Иными словами, Украина соблюдает взятые на себя обязательства и договоренности, несмотря на войну.
Русские либералы сравнивают себя с гонимыми из Германии евреями. Тут уместнее говорить о дискриминируемых нацменьшинствах, которых превратили в пушечное мясо, щедро бросаемое метрополией в топку войны, прежде доведя их до нищеты и потери своего языка, культуры, идентичности (ни в коей мере не оправдываю их участия в войне на стороне рф, но это не отменяет факта русского шовинизма и даже геноцида в отношении малочисленных народов).
Еще упоминаются афганцы, которым Запад не отказывал в эмиграции. Снова некорректное сравнение. Во-первых, афганцы воевали за свою свободу много поколений (фактически полтора столетия), во-вторых, в этом есть вина западных стран и они платят по своим счетам в отличие от рф, десять лет уничтожавших афганцев (упреждая встречные упреки, скажу, что Қазақстан выделяет стипендии для афганской молодежи).
Да, среди русской эмиграции есть сознательные противники войны и путинского режима. Сколько их? 10 тысяч? Им не грозит выдворение, т.к. есть положения о политических беженцах. Но что они делают сейчас? Они прикрывают собой остальные 5 или 7 миллионов россиян, которые просто бегут от неудобств, еще вчера вожделенного совка и железного занавеса. Чем они заняты? Если они убежденные противники войны, то они могли бы взять на себя помощь 3-4 миллионам украинских беженцев, помощь жильем, работой, питанием, тем самым сняв с принимающей страны часть забот. Нет, они вольно или невольно создают трудности для украинцев в поиске жилья и работы.
Часто упоминают 170 тысяч айтишников, которые покинули рф, якобы чтобы не служит режиму путлера. Давайте будем откровенны, они выехали, потому что не смогли бы там работать по многим другим причинам, в т.ч. техническим. 170 тыс. человек – это целая армия якобы антипутинцев. Где они? Чем занимаются? Взламывают сайты, медиаресурсы и пр.? Обнаруживают информацию о военных преступниках? Отслеживают маршруты и места депортации полумиллиона украинских детей? Наконец, собирают в помощь Украине по 100 долларов ежемесячно? 17 млн долларов в месяц в помощь украинским беженцам – заметное подспорье. Так чем они заняты? Судя по приехавшим в Қазақстан, они занимают рабочие места местных специалистов, получая при этом немало преференций (благодаря послушным фбс псевдоказахским чиновникам). О здоровой конкуренции нет и речи, достаточно сравнить уровень цифровизации в Қазақстане и рф. Проникнув в наш АстанаХаб и другие места, чем они помогают Украине или борются с путинским режимом? У нас есть подозрения в том, что они как раз помогают рф.
Русские либералы говорят о том, что возврат в рф айтишников и других мужчин призывного возраста закончится тем, что они будут призваны в армию и в итоге пойдут воевать против Украины. А как это вяжется со словами о том, что они – против войны? Разве они, продвинутые, не должны противиться призыву и всей молодежью страны создать антивоенное сопротивление? У них для этого достаточно мозгов, технических и информационных средств. Это – не маргиналы из обнищавших деревень, не зэки, не 50-летние «ветераны».
Почему говорят о том, что Кремль получит поддержку в виде айтишников? Разве они – не убежденные антипутинцы? Ну, так вот пусть и покажут на деле, что они против войны. Акции гражданского неповиновения никто не отменял. А пока они – просто отсиживаются в безопасных местах в ожидании, что кто-то приведет в порядок их страну.
Русские либералы грозят, что из вернувшихся из эмиграции мужчин путлер создаст войска. Мы тоже так думали, и поэтому все эти месяцы терпим их в Қазақстане, хотя они для нас – явная угроза. Но от того, что они тут попивают пивка, поют в караоке военные песни и т.д. война не прекращается. Она продолжается ценой жизней нацменьшинств. А потенциальные русские солдаты отсиживаются у нас, создавая риски на фоне экспансионистских угроз Кремля. Мы даже не знаем, какой подрывной деятельностью они здесь занимаются. Их уже более 200-250 тысяч (вероятно, больше). Это примерно 100-150 тысяч мужчин призывного возраста. Зачем они здесь? Почему рф, испытывая нужду в солдатах, позволяет им заполнять нашу страну?
Почему, по мнению русских либералов, невыдача евровиз россиянам будет их сплачивать вокруг путлера? Странная логика. Напротив, они должны будут бороться за возможность жить, учиться, путешествовать в открытом мире. Иначе получается, что их несогласие с путлером надо покупать евровизами? Т.е. Европа должна поступиться собственным неудобством, а то и рисковать, чтобы россияне не поддерживали путлера? Не много ли требует для себя россияне? А где своя позиция, искренняя, не поддержанная преференциями? А если завтра им заплатят за войну, и они будут за нее? Разве собственная свобода в своей стране – не достаточный бонус?
Либералы говорят о том, то фашизм может быть уничтожен только извне. Может быть, так. Но кто будет это делать? Кто должен будет заплатить своими жизнями за освобождение рф? Украинцы? Европейцы? Американцы? Никто не хочет умирать за вашу свободу. С какой стати, когда сами россияне предпочитают безопасность за пределами рф? Украине достаточно, чтобы между ней и рф был железный занавес, и чтобы рф впредь не могла угрожать целостности Украины, влиять на ее внутреннюю и внешнюю политику.
Если все способные к сопротивлению, разумные россияне эмигрируют, то кто будет готовить перемены внутри? Снаружи они не придут. И тут русские либералы совершают ошибку, не понимая, что инициативы некоторых стран по отказу в визах россиянам есть помощь, ускорение процесса.
И да, реакция Кремля – последнее, что волнует в этом вопросе европейцев.
Зеленский пошел на поводу антифашистов? И правильно сделал. Сторонников его предложения называют популистами, а само решение – популистским. Популизм – не всегда плохо. Иногда это – просто разумное, обоснованное решение избирателей, т.е. большинства, которое и должно определять политику государства или его отдельные решения. Но в данном случае требование отказа россиянам в визах – не популизм, а вынужденная защита.
Страны Балтии, Чехия, Польша и другие, возможно, более радикальны в отношении к рф. Это понятно. Они имеют трагический опыт и оккупации со стороны рф, и существования под ее «руководством». Это и есть долгий исторический опыт отношений. И народы им руководствуются, извлекают уроки, так сказать. Кроме печального исторического опыта и территориальной близости к рф, у этих стран есть другие факторы, которые им необходимо учитывать: небольшая территория и численность население, Для них 100 тысяч россиян-эмигрантов – критическая ситуации сродни русской оккупации под видом переселения времен ссср.
Не думаю, что те, кто борется против режима путлера и войны, лишаться права пребывать в странах Европы. Но это не значит, что в довесок к этим условным 10 тысячам миллионы остальных россиян должны иметь возможность жить, путешествовать в странах, которым их государство грозит уничтожением.
Чем не нравится либералам эта инициатива? Ведь это примерно то же самое, что предлагал Каспаров с хорошими/плохими русскими. Просто теперь хороших/плохих будет определять не русская либеральная эмиграция, а каждая страна самостоятельно. И это правильно, они не нуждаются в указаниях, кого впускать в страну, а кого- нет.
Именно русские либералы должны поддержать эту идею, и сотрудничать с такими странами, для введения персональных санкций продвигая список активных сторонников, строителей, пропагандистов режима, собранный командой Навального.
Отказ в визах – это наложение на россиян коллективной ответственности. Они могут не соглашаться. И оставаться в своем положении, со своим правотой. Когда немцы платили по счетам коллективной ответственности всем народом, русским и другим народам это казалось вполне справедливым. Что теперь изменилось? Будьте объективными.
Зеленский правильно делает. Проси верблюда, – дадут хотя бы барана.
Но, главное, это заставит отрезветь русских за рубежом. Страх депортации заставит их умерить свой милитаризм и отвечать за свои слова. А либералов не повторить ошибки русской эмиграции 1920-х годов.
И еще. Русские либералы говорят: мы помогаем Украине. Нет, мы все помогаем, прежде всего, себе. И добиваемся каких-то перемен к лучшему за счет Украины, ее руками, ее жертвами. Мы ей должны, а не она – нам. Требовать от нее понимания, уступок, милосердия, помощи – безнравственно. Ей достаточно испытаний и напряжения всех своих сил.
О чем молчат русские либералы? (продолжение следует)”
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 172

The one hundred and seventy-second morning.
Mood – das ist gut 🙂
Month – a German has joined the service.
Sloboda region has handed over a metal horse to the 130th Battalion of Kyiv Territorial Defense. We thank Kharkiv citizens from the charity foundation «You’re needed», Yuliia Fandetska, and the DevPace Company for a new minibus.
Gonna work!
Gonna prevail this way.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 171

The one hundred and seventy-first morning.
Mood – do you remember?
Month – the war with Muscovites keeps lasting through centuries.
When I’m asked if we were getting ready to the war,
The year 2014. Donbas.
Facebook has reminded.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 170

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and seventieth morning.
Mood – Youth’s Day.
Month – we won’t count up to many.
How many young, strong, brave ones have come to this furnace of war at the call of their hearts. I’ll stay out of numbers, but after the victory, we won’t count up to many.
The best, the lightest, the irreplaceable ones.
So let’s remember what price the Independence and Freedom are given.
And if these categories have age, it’s young.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 169

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and sixty-ninth morning.
Mood – from America with love.
Month – gonna have 2 more NVDs
A few days ago, in Philadelphia, a cool charity gig took place.
A significant sum of money was raised for the unit!
Now the 130th Battalion will have an opportunity to perform clearing of the injured at night with headlamps off.
In the gig, my beloved Olena Topolia (Alyosha), LaRose Anjue, and Vasiliy Bondarchuk performed and a dance team «Nadiya»!
Thanks all Artists for the support.
Thanks for organization and efforts from each of you: Central Jersey Donation Center
Andryi Melnyk,
Max Solodkiy,
Stanislav Nemoy,
Denys Ursu,
Oksana Tabaka,
Nadiya Lemega.
Thanks for donations:
American Ukrainian Relief Association “AURA”
Myhailo Richnyak
And yet, Yulian Chaplya gifted a very good drone for the 130th battalion!
Special big thanks for powerful assistance to the family of Taras and Mariia Tsiapa as well as to the sponsors and partners of the event – Royal Passage Restaurant, JCC Kleinlife, UKIE Radio.
And, of course, thanks sincerely to all who had bought the tickets and came to this event!
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 168

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and sixty-eighth morning.
Month – Crimea resort.
Month – nobody’s gonna get away with it.
It was nicely, very nicely someone reached the occupied Novofedorivka.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 167

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and sixty-seventh morning.
Mood – not to forget.
Month – International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.
Crimea is Ukraine!
Crimeans, the decisive battle of you and us against the occupant is still ahead.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 166

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and sixty-sixth morning.
Mood – how’s there?
Month – well, everyone’s scared, ‘cause it’s not a movie.
«Batia» was saving our children in the infectious department. Three years ago.
I remember how we had suffered with my beloved when our children had temperature of 40 degrees, vomiting, and nothing worked.
«Batia’s» department put the kids on their feet in two weeks.
At war, «Batia» also saves children.
Both grown boys and small ones covering their hard but relatively peaceful lives at the rear with himself.
Though in the company his official position isn’t a medic, everyone knows that «Batia» knows what to do in order to survive.
Here «Batia» is looking at all of us and seemingly asking, how’s there, bag men, are you scared?)))))
We are, «Batia», we are. But who else will do if not us….
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 165

The one hundred and sixty-fifth morning.
Mood – from the adults to the children.
Month – of the small and the big people.
A big man Milos Pospisil has caught me, scared me, and handed me in 1000CAD for the kids of the 130th Battalion.
I was forced to take them, ‘cause it’s very dangerous to refuse ))))
Thank you, Project Volya and UFAM – Ukrainian football association of medical doctors
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 164

The one hundred and sixty-fourth morning.
Mood – Amnesia international.
Month – when everything became clear about them.
Right now, by the way, the occupant’s mining the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, at this very moment.
Don’t the blind leftist freaks, putin’s agents from Amnesia International want to say something in this regard?
Or are they confused just with the fact we defend our Homeland?
Words fail….
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 163

Not Kyiv.
Morning – one hundred and sixty-third.
Mood – hello from hazy tomorrow.
Month – premiere!
Hello (English version) – Official music video:
The English version of the song Hello was created at the same time with Ukrainian. It was created with our foreign friends and colleagues Piotr “Dziki” Hancewicz, Łukasz Rychlicki, Grzegorz Stech, Oles Kalmuk. And in the beginning the main idea was about planet Earth. This is our home and we need to protect it. But new reality gave us new senses. And through the war we changed lyric, right on the frontline where we have lived all emotions of this period.
And now the song and the music video take on completely different meanings, which we want to share with the world. This song should say the loudest words about peace, and about the irreversible consequences that war will cause if humanity does not stop. With the deep conviction that this experience is close to every person on our planet, to every person who wants life to overcome the death. We wrote this song as an appeal to humanity. And we are sure that humanity will hear it.
In August 2022, the song will feature in BBC International Service documentary about Antytila and the war in Ukraine “Frontline – Frontman”. The film will be released on the special iPlayer platform, as well as on the BBC News channel.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 162

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and sixty-secondmorning.
Mood – gonna bring everything back!
Month – of the memories from peaceful life.
In the museum of the Antytila band, there is a poster given as a gift by Kherson kids after a cool gig in 2020.
In the poster, there are children’s small palms and quotes from our songs.
Kherson is Ukraine!
Occupation is temporary.
Hold on, our dearest, gonna defeat them!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 161

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and sixty-first morning.
Mood – to open your eyes.
Month – about bots and humans.
About the war in the heads.
They say the bot farm having been taken by the Security Service of Ukraine was headed by a Russian.
I won’t be surprised if it really appears to be so.
The main bot farm’s task is to create an illusion of mass point of view at any question on the social media, to blow a bubble of hatred, force to aggressive actions, conclusions, and comments. To hit primitive aggressive consciousness and subconsciousness levels of exactly real living people reading those comments.
And yet… to excite hostility using the most disgusting manipulative instruments of affecting mentality.
Exactly today, it’s being done for the only purpose: to damage the credibility of political leadership and those supporting them openly.
Bot herder is a pawn in the system.
It’s a living person managing 200+ accounts. In hardware, it looks like a big motherboard with hundreds of SIM-cards of mobile operators inserted in it. And for this device, a special soft is developed where a bot herder switches between the accounts.
Additionally, there are copywriters creating texts in accordance with the given agenda and promote certain narratives. These texts are then taken in work by… bot herders, and keep bombing social media with comments and pictures of the same type.
Most of such bot accounts have 240+/- online friends including the same bots – 80 %, various Leaders of Thoughts – 10%, and migratory living people – 10%.
How do I know that?
One respected agency on Dmytrivska St. has a black back office 🙂
After another bots’ masquerade on my page a few years ago, they graciously lifted the veil into this looking-glass world. In order to help.
I’d remark that I’ve never let myself attack «some political party» with my (though not very big, but) influence on people.
However, «some political party» didn’t deprive themselves of pleasure to badmouth Antytila and me during the last two years using exactly such faceless bot farms.
That happened every time I supported the principals in correct and positive initiatives, those I first and foremost considered correct personally requiring no strange chewed-like consequences or expert thoughts.
Bots are mostly the profile pictures of women aged 50+ looking like teachers.
On behalf of them, manipulative comments of the same type were scribbled under my publications and the ones of the Antytila band. They posted the same ugly memes with an interval of 5 minutes, wrote equally stupid derogatory insulting texts, or «unsubscribed» me not being subscribed beforehand always leaving a comment telling the fact of unsubscribing)))
When I blocked any of those bots, new females emerged every second with identical comments. Bot herders didn’t even bother on creativeness.
It was primitively, stupid, and clumsily.
The bots of «some political force» is the ugliest thing I’ve ever faced on the Internet.
Everything was so superficial, openly and awkwardly that I often wondered how that was possible to be so weedy to give money for that.
Because the scheme was as primitive as a stone.
It was reaching the point of absurdity.
I recall, under one of my publications, I deleted eight!!! comments of such bots with the same text: «Topolia’s twisting like a GREEN snake on frying pan» ))))
To sum up.
Thanks the Security Service of Ukraine for quality work.
I hope everyone involved in this bestiality will be imprisoned for long.
But the reality is so that the new ones will come ))) unfortunately.
I don’t want to disappoint you, but today serving black political PR is transferring to… neural networks.
Soon, a bot will be impossible to distinguish from a living person.
And that’s not a joke.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 160

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and sixtieth morning.
Mood – to the knives.
Month – a boil has burst.
An ugly monster, a boil on the mankind’s body has bumped on Ukrainian sabers with all its might.
And burst.
Pus, blood, lie, and ambitions cobbled together from shit, all the ruZZian world, everything has splashed out into Europe’s eyes. Cleaning the stinky mush from it, Europe still refuses to believe that the monster is close; the monster is at the door.
However, the monster (with spare president medvyedyev’s mouth) is already stating that Kazakhstan and Georgia are to be the next, because these aren’t even states, but just mistakes in history, and that ruZZian world has no borders.
New fascism, or rather rascism has matured and gained strength on Europe’s money.
Drawing parallels with WWII, you come to a conclusion that the old world has poorly comprehended historic lessons.
We’re not straight-A students either, but… read the first paragraph.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 159

The one hundred and fifty-ninth morning.
Mood – God save the Queen!
Month – we shall sail along the sea.
Britain’s gonna hand a few military ships over to Ukraine.
The crews’ training continues.
It’s good, it’s very good 🙂
Thank you!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 158

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and fifty-eighth morning.
Mood – «I’m just a tiny human»
Month – such position has always infuriated me, we even ironize at it in our song «Кіно».
It’s a position of the people who are weak, infantile and devoid of dreams.
Remember, carve it out on your hearts, each person is a soul, Universe, endlessness of desires and capabilities, they’re an absolutely unique, incredible, inimitable part of the single Universe!
That is why human evil has no limits the same as human good.
Today, I’d like to tell about Dava, Dave, David Aranovsky.
He’s my fellow being essentially unique.
All his projects in IT are more massive than the state’s context and ahead of time.
When the war began, David found and brought to the Ministry of Defense dozens of accouterments’ and weaponry providers for millions of items having used his own connections around the whole world. I still save an impressive file for two hundred pages with weaponry available for purchasing: from small underwater or air drones to…. Air capable ships.
When this work was done, he asked me of medicine.
And you know what?
ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND ORIGINAL ISRAEL BANDAGES SICH-Bandage have already been handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
For free.
All the expenses were covered by David’s partners in project Ukrainian World Foundation.
At a frantic pace, out of line, Oleksandr Hadomskyi and Eddy Vershilovsky produced these devices irreplaceable at the battlefield.
Yanina Kovalevska and Vitalii Kovalevskyi assisted with logistics and delivery.
100 000 bandages are thousands of saved lives!
Here are these «tiny humans».
Tag them, please, thank each of them.
It’s a deed!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 157

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and fifty-seventh morning.
Mood – Guterres’s case.
Month – homeopathic UN.
The mixture of wretchedness, profanation and formality will someday be called with the single term – guterres.
They will say: he’s guterres, can’t you see?
And they’ll stop saying: that turns to crap…
Or: everything they do is as welcome as snow in harvest…
They’ll simply say: they’re UNing, can’t you see?
How many top-quality diplomats are now closing their eyes from shame, from the shame they feel watching the UN’s «work» and flaps from the terrorist state coming down the face of the Secretary General Guterres.
And we’ve got our thing to do.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.

Day 156

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and fifty-sixth morning.
Mood – what scums they are.
Month – what other evidence is needed to accept russia a terrorist state?
The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:
The armed forces of the russian federation carried out a targeted artillery shelling of a correctional institution in the settlement of Olenivka, Donetsk oblast, where Ukrainian prisoners were also held. In this way, the russian occupiers pursued their criminal goals – to accuse Ukraine of committing “war crimes”, as well as to hide the torture of prisoners and executions, which they carried out there on the orders of the occupation administration and the command of the armed forces of the russian federation in the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk oblast. The consequences of the shelling are being clarified.
За інформацією командувача Ракетних військ і артилерії Командування сухопутних військ ЗС України, по району населеного пункту Оленівка Збройні Сили України ракетних і артилерійських ударів не завдавали.
According to the commander of the Missile Forces and Artillery of the Land Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not launch missile and artillery strikes in the area of Olenivka settlement.
Missile troops and artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, thanks to the high-precision weapons received from partner countries, deliver extremely accurate strikes only on russian military objects.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine fully adhere to the principles and fulfil the norms of International Humanitarian Law, have never conducted and are not conducting shelling of civilian infrastructure, especially places where fellow prisoners of war are likely to be kept.
The russian enemy continues its propaganda methods of conducting an information war in order to accuse the Armed Forces of Ukraine of shelling civilian infrastructure and the population, thus hiding its own insidious actions. Therefore, such statements about the alleged shelling of civilian infrastructure and the population by the Armed Forces of Ukraine are outright lies and provocation, the responsibility of which is borne by Russia – the aggressor country, the occupier and the sponsor of terrorism.
#stoprussia #StandWithUkraine
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 155

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and fifty-fifth morning.
Mood – historic mission.
Month – I’m just reminding you.
The Kremlin has stolen Rus from us.
But Rus is us!
Kyiv’s gonna bring back what belongs to him from the remotest times.
Happy Statehood Day of Ukraine, brothers and sisters!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 154

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and fifty-fourth morning.
Mood – designers from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Month – when the occupant hasn’t understood the hints.
HIMARSs have finished a landscape design of Antonivskyi bridge. They’ve also made their creative adjustments in the railway bridge a bit upstream Dnipro.
Ukrainians are delighted with the result 🙂
After de-occupation, we’re gonna rebuild everything with collaborators’ and traitors’ hands for the reparations received from the occupant-country!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 153

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and fifty-third morning.
Mood – and what’s next?
Month – to live afterwards.
Today Ukraine’s given the world a shield.
Will, courage, and enormous victim of Ukrainians gave Europe a chance and a moment to get ready, to boost their defense.
We’re its combat wing, and united with the whole democratic world we are to prevail in this was. It’s a matter of time.
And what’s next?
What can we give the world afterwards?
I think, the time has come for uprising of education, science, innovations, and revolutionary changes in economy.
Everything considered fantastic and futuristic has to become real in Ukraine. Green light and TOTAL support for brains and innovations in all fronts, investments in artificial intelligence, developments in the areas of genetics, medicine, agricultural sector, defense, and crypto as well as creating an ecosystem for IT.
Carpathian IT valley!
Dnipro space valley!
Geeks from all over the world should settle at our area and get an opportunity to realize themselves.
With no regulatory barriers or bureaucratic swamp.
But the other way round! You need land and infrastructure – you’re welcome, you need law – you’re welcome, you need economic zone – you’re welcome.
We ourselves should raise future innovators.
For this, we should become freaks in education!
In the positive sense of the word.
Not to be afraid of being original, extraordinary, decisive, risky, and inventive in means and methods, as we’ve already borrowed too much time.
To reach the world and come forward, to stick our Cossack’s nose into the future at least an inch, a centimeter ahead.
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 152

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and fifty-second morning.
Mood – rain down, Lord, rain down!
Month – water from the sky.
Kharkiv region’s being poured over with rains.
As though the Creator sees this hell of russian missiles and puts it down.
Thank you.
We won’t fail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 151

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and fifty-first morning.
Mood – uncensored!
Month – of blood, sweat, captures, swear words, victories, defeats, deceased and injured sworn brothers, but, despite all, of trust in Victory!
The video’s strictly 18+.
Starring the soldiers of the 4th, 2nd, and 8th companies of the 130th Battalion of territorial defense, Hobbit (bright be his memory), a few proper russian occupants, and… a kitten 🙂
130th Battalion of Kyiv Territorial Defense
Music – Void VictOr Pryduvalov and ANTYTILA.

Day 150

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and fiftieth morning.
Mood – prophetic dream
Month – to the Crimea first
I saw a dream like my sworn brothers and I are in the Crimea, and I’m watching an organized withdrawal of russians.
They kept going by armored vehicles with columns.
One guy couldn’t withstand, came up to me, and asks: is that true that your «three sevens»…?
And then I woke up.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 149

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and forty-ninth morning.
Mood – the end.
Month – Akella appeared to be a stray dog.
Analyzing the results of the trip of terrorist state’s head to Iran, crisis in China, war escalation in Syria, course of events around Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, another Rammstein, event at Ukrainian frontline, and new weapon transfers from our partners, I’d like to share my thought:
putin has ended.
An old bald-headed dog is not Akella.
He’s still grinning; he can still dare making his last leap.
But the only place they’ll let him jump to is a small Turkey carpet by the Great Wallof China.
A fierce, cynical wing of international politics has been watching how Ukrainians keep successfully demolishing and declass «the second army in the world» for almost half a year.
And it has already understood everything.
Behind the weapons, claims, and acts of supporting Ukraine going under slogans of humanity and democratic values, there are hawks hiding for which putin is a loser, an ill dog having pretended he was a wolf and done a fatal mistake the result of which will be the collapse of the empire.
And we’ve got our thing to do. Because we are witnessing the Ukrainian sun rising!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 148

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and forty-eighth morning.
Mood – in response (we have our own environment here)
Month – look.
In Ukrainian media, they started to talk of Dementiivka.
Exactly that village on the Bilhorod track is the point the occupants are trying to take at any cost to launch an offensive to Kharkiv.
Since the arrival in Kharkiv in April, the 130th Battalion of Kyiv Territorial Defense instantly started to complete combat missions in the north of Kharkiv oblast. Our scouts, anti-tank gunners, and airborne prospecting transferred under command of the Hero of Ukraine with a code sign «Adam».
In May, the units of the 130th Battalion made a run over the Tsyrkuny direction as well as to Dementiivka and Prudianka, and took forest plantings around these villages. In the course of the next month and a half, our Battalion was holding the last frontiers, zero positions of these inhabited localities repelling almost everyday enemy’s ground attacks, carrying out intelligence, adjusting artillery of neighboring units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and National Guard, tanks, covering rotations meanwhile constantly being under artillery, mortar or tank fire.
By the word «constantly», it’s to be understood from one hundred to one thousand incoming strikes of enemy artillery and rocket-propelled cluster bombs every 24 hours, apart from air raids and multiple usage of phosphorous bombs.
In the most critical moments, a platoon soldier of the 9th company with a code sign «Phantom» undertook operations control over neighbor units of the National Guard and regular army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine directly on the battlefield actually conducting defense of Dementiivka and repelling infantry attacks of the enemy.
Russian marine infantry having a great number of forces and equipment in accordance with radio intercepts didn’t believe the battalion of Kyiv region territorial defense put resistance to them.
For the whole period of defending Dementiivka, the 130th Battalion repelled dozens of attacks, destroyed hundreds of russian career militaries of the 144th motor rifle division and 80th motor rifle arctic brigade of the Russian Navy.
Due to adjusting artillery and tank fire by the battalion’s intelligence, dozens of pieces of equipment including two tanks were destroyed, and that’s just during the last weeks.
Unfortunately, the battalion has losses and captives.
Let’s remark that due to excellent work of the company’s medics, well-organized fast clearing, and sworn brothers’ bravery, the percentage of survivals in the unit is very high. Right now, the Battalion has been withdrawn for a routine rotation.
I invite you to see the video from the series «Kharkiv».
ATTENTION! Everything’s given in original language, the events are with no rose-tinted glasses, the war doesn’t choose the right words.
To be continued.

Day 147

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and forty-seventh morning.
Mood – to command the air.
Month – combat geese in play.
Our airborne prospecting is the most airborne-prospecting in the world 🙂 it’s a fact.
The war has got eyes, and they have blades and batteries. When in Yaroslav Pilunskyi’s hands, the eyes become infernal.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 146

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and forty-sixth morning.
Mood – I invite you.
Month – we’re getting intensified.
In case you have a dream of saving lives at the frontline, our unit can make this dream come true 🙂
Address me via direct messages.
We have a need.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 144

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and forty-fourth morning.
Mood – all right, friends?
Month – let’s sum up.
All right, what do you think of the reaction of American Government, militaries, and Republicans themselves to Spartz’s claim and appeal?
To some people I’d like to address the following question: do you not notice what you don’t want to?
Or is the Americans’ answer to this provocation just doesn’t fit your treason concept?
No wonder.
Common sense and analysis, take advantage. And get out of a bubble, it’s harmful.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 143

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and forty-third morning.
Mood – make ourselves heard by Belarusans.
Month – to prevent.
The most stupid thing they can do now is to enter the open war against Ukraine.
Whichever way you look at it – there are fatal consequences for Belarus.
And we’re gonna deal with it.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 142

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and forty-second morning.
Mood – it’s a pleasure.
Month – to thank for support.
From Rostyslav Vysochan and the Department of military chaplaincy service of Patriarchal Curia of UGCC we’ve received assistance for our unit.
Tourniquets, good decompression needles, chest seals, a quadcopter, the right books, and many different useful things!
Thank you!

Day 141

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and forty-first morning.
Mood – Vinnytsia, kids ((((
Month – russia is a terrorist state.
moscow is the capital of terrorism.
russians are sponsors of terrorism.
Terrorists must be destroyed.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 140

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and fortieth morning.
Mood – men, are you serious?
Month – masochism.
In Kyiv, there’s its own environment. When the capital’s guns had grown quiet, when the burnt smell of war had dissipated, when the trees had covered the ruins with their crows,… Ukrainians came back to their favorite thing – treason (‘zradonka’).
Sitting on the couch in Kyiv, I’ve found out that it appeeeeears to be, foreign partners keep giving us many, maaaany weapons!
Having crossed the border, all this is plundered personally by the Office of the President where there’s an agent of russia stuck what is directly pointed out by a Ukrainian-American Trumpist senator.
She is exact to know.
And for all that, Ukraine manages to lead a successful defending operation somehow miraculously (it seems we’re fighting with knives, because all good weapons are stolen there at the border, and what we have is just due to volunteers), meanwhile the militaries get salaries from $1000 to $3000 a month (it seems, the government isn’t aware, if it did, it would steal it)
It happened all on its own that six packages of russian sanctions emerged (perhaps, the Hungarians worked that out), and the seventh one is about to go.
It happens all on its own that the occupant’s warehouses and staff agencies blaze up (‘cause the stolen HIMARSs could be brought back to the frontline just due to activists and volunteers).
It all happens somehow like that a wide offensive to the south is being prepared.
The treason’s logic is very strange.
I could never understand it.
Always, when ANTYTILA blended in some kind of war against civil servants or kinds of principal’s cabinets, we first collected plenty of information, analyzed it, and established cause-and-effect relationships. And just afterwards, we raised our swords.
It seems, someone’s badly annoyed that the President appeared not to be a comic, but the Leader, that «the agent of russia» Yermak together with McFaul has caused damages for the occupants for hundreds of billions of dollars during 5 months of war.
Someone just needs it badly that the insufficient, slow but still assistance from allies would arrive even more slowly.
In conclusion.
Authorities need to be controlled!
Kept toned and pressed!
Criticized, but that must be done balanced, structurally, and without playing along to the occupant (let me remind you, we have war).
Because tomorrow, a new howitzer weapon, Javelin or HIMARS won’t arrive to your son, brother or husband who’s at the frontline now FOR REAL, because European or American agents of russia «shvetses» will persuade our partners that Ukraine is the second Afghanistan, and we don’t need weapons ‘cause «they’re stolen». Believe me, russians will find money to persuade the necessary politicians, and the required informational background will be, unfortunately, created by us alone.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 139

The one hundred and thirty-ninth morning.
Mood – Nova Kakhovka is burning 🙂
Month – to get ready for the festival of Victory.
There was a time, before the big war, when in Ukraine, the main festival of the country «Tavriiski Ihry» in Kakhovka used to be held.
Recently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have bombed the occupants’ warehouses nearby, and they definitely hint us all that we need to get ready for the first «Tavriiski Ihry» festival after the Victory.
We already have the logo 🙂
A bit tailored to the realias.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 138

The one hundred and thirty-eighth morning.
Mood – I love you.
Month – to live for the sake of.
Photo for memory 🙂.
Somebody goes to the USA, and somebody to Kharkiv.
Have a nice flight, my sweetheart Olena Topolia.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 137

The one hundred and thirty-seventh morning.
Mood – to quench my thirst with music.
Month – to remember what all this is for.
While I’m in Kyiv, I’ve quickly recorded vocals to three songs at the studio.
When I’m by the microphone, I remember what all this struggle is for.
In our case, it’s greatly for the sake of that unconquered Ukraine would sound with its songs and speak its language loudly to the whole world!
So shall it be!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 136

The one hundred and thirty-sixth morning.
Mood – back to reality.
Month – Kharkiv landscapes.
A few days in Kyiv fly by at Elon Mask’s hyperloop speed.
Have to go back to reality soon.
*sad music’s playing*
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 135

The one hundred and thirty-fifth morning.
Mood – we’re proud!
Month – to greet the Commander-in-Chief.
Fedorovych has a Birthday today.
We’re lucky with Valerii Zaluzhnyi.
Congratulations from the ANTYTILA band, we wish you Victory and long years of life in new unconquered Ukraine!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 134

The one hundred and thirty-fourth morning.
Mood – why is it so?
Month – bright be his memory.
This publication should have had another content. But Bob died, our dear Bob, a sound producer and a mastering expert…
He just suddenly lost consciousness, and that’s it.
A part of Bob is present in all ANTYTILA’s songs since 2015. It sounds in every note.
He stays with us in these songs.
Rest in peace, Bro.
Last respects for Bob dead will be held July 8, 12 p.m., at Baikove cemetery by the crematorium.
Bob’s wife bank card:
4149 6293 5626 5033

Day 133

The one hundred and thirty-third morning.
Mood – romantic 🙂
Month – to hug and kiss.
Gonna see my sweetheart soon, for the first time,
On the fifth month of war.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 132

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and thirty-second morning.
Mood – made with heart.
Month – for the sake of Victory.
«We were all assisting and put parts of our hearts in these frames…
Boys tried really hard: first, each of them drew their own ornaments on paper and then transferred them to a frame polished with sandpaper. Then they toned and covered the wood with stain to protect it from wet. Then they were choosing how to mark them with Ukrainian symbols (that’s how the script and yellow-blue painting appered)…
It was Roman’s and Mark’s first tries to work with a pyrographer. It appeared not to be easy: to draw the lines, to make them of different width, especially because of the fact that it was «burning» their fingers a bit. But they did it! And Roma kept eagerly assisting Mark».
Lesia Topolia.
That’s how these two photo frames emerged. A few weeks ago, I suggested my sons Roman and Mark creating something with their own hands to support me.
By default, there are my photos but they can be changed to photos of your dearest and close people.
Now, these two exclusive souvenirs can be bought from my sons.
We’ll deal with how to deliver them.
A part of the funds raised will go to support our battalion, namely, for night-vision devices, a part – to the new materials for handiworks, and a part – to sweets for kids 🙂
Initial price is $3 for a frame.
Suggest you price in the comments.
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 131

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and thirty-first morning.
Mood – motivation.
Month – artillery’s working.
Motivation’s hyper-important.
We have an artillerist here, a Hero of Ukraine, who had been holding the occupants’ columns near Kharkiv and keeps killing bio organisms like cockroaches.
They say, he’s not denied ammunition though it would be nice to have more tubes.
His one son deceased in Luhansk oblast, another one is waging the war.
It’s an example of that exact blood revenge and rabid hate.
When a person’s taken away the most precious things, they become different.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 130

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and thirtieth morning.
Mood – like I’m on the beach.
Month – to imagine.
Yesterday in Kharkiv, a family passed by us: kids wearing shorts and panamas and a woman wearing pareo, a dress, and holding a beach bag.
And at the same moment, the atmosphere became such as somewhere at the crossroads there’s a sea.
You need just to get changed in shorts, take a beach umbrella, and go there yourself.
I felt so much at ease for a minute…
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.

Day 129
Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and twenty-ninth morning.
Mood – combat one.
Month – and also we sing 🙂
We’re personally shocked here by how much you’re all badly shocked here.
With no extr’-emotions, we’ve reached our Top on our first move!
Made of a different steel, our legends and medals yet reveal!
‘Cause we’re ore, we’re brand-new ore.
‘Cause all that you’ve left here for us is flame.
‘Cause all that you’ve preserved for us is flame.
‘Cause all that has occurred for us is flame.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.
Day 128

Not Kyiv.
Morning – one hundred and twenty-eight.
Mood – to tell the story.
Month – to hit back.
This report was made by journalists of «Army Inform» almost a month ago.
It all started with Danylo and Viktor accidentally meeting us at a gas station and asking for an interview.
To which I replied, that if you really want to see and feel what is happening around Kharkiv, to understand the essence of our work, you should live with us for at least one day.
At one’s own risk.
They agreed.
After a day they arrived at our position….
How the band “Antytila” at the front destroys the orco-virus.
Many Ukrainians, to put it mildly, are annoyed by a certain category of public figures who joined the ranks of Territorial Defense Forces (TDF) already during the large-scale invasion of russians.
Like, “stars” are being promoted, having no direct relation to the hostilities. To the author’s surprise, despite the widely known military volunteer activity since 2014, some people criticize the band “Antytila” in social networks.
To be frank with myself, I admit: in the family, as they say, there are not without lousy sheep, because there are “chameleons” among the stars-protectors. But somehow it so happened that our mobile press group for two days was not only a witness, but also a forced participant in the combat work of “Antytila” in the battles for Kharkiv. It was they and their comrades who saved the life of my partner, Captain Danylo Ishchenko, whose leg was torn off by an explosion. The russians targeted us with three waves of “arrivals” from the “Vasylok” automatic mortar…
Enemy strike propellers, artillery and “mortar”.
We meet Taras Topolia and Dmytro Zholud purely by chance – at a suburban gas station near Kharkiv. Both we and they were preparing their cars that day for the next departure to combat positions. “Antytila” (Antibodies), as we learned, take part in the battles for the former capital of Ukraine as part of evacuation groups of tactical medics of one of the Kyiv TDF. We agree to work on their positions, coordinating it with the command.
We start from the city in the dark before dawn. Despite the thickening fog, we race through bombed roads at a good speed, barely stopping at roadblocks. We are heading to the positions of several combined units that are struggling to recapture a large Ukrainian village not far from the Russian borders in a special operation. Ukrainians suffer losses almost every day, thank God – mostly wounded.
We arrive at the place in the fog. “Antytila” Zholud and Topolia replace the trio of tactical medics, in which the band’s musician and producer Serhii Vusyk worked out. The guys take turns every other day. After the not-so-ritual “post passed-accepted” procedure, Vusyk and his brother, experienced surgeon Gennady Myasoyedov, give a short interview to military journalists.
… Are you asking what happened during the day? The change was difficult. Yesterday at seven in the morning there were already injured soldiers one of them heavy. Massive shelling of all our positions continued all day, mainly mortars – the enemy was right next to us, on the heights. They also aimed at them, the “takmeds”, when the orks calculated where they would roughly transfer the wounded from the “zeros” for evacuation.
After lunch, six wounded people were brought in at once. They were provided with first aid as soon as possible, transferred to a medical facility by their “paramedic group”. Evacuation logistics in Terbat is built as it should be. The shoulder length of the distance and the speed of delivery of the wounded to the surgical table guarantee the preservation of their lives in the most difficult cases.
… What is the nature of the injuries? We mainly have mine-explosive injuries, shrapnel injuries. The boys said that Russian helicopters fired rockets, cannons, and machine guns at them from close range every three hours. Well, the artillery fires almost non-stop with large calibers. Those a nimals are abundantly covering with lead, ammunition is not spared.
… Qualifications of battalion paramedics? More than enough. The groups include professional doctors, such as Myasoyedov. Hennadiy, in addition, was a volunteer in the “Viterets” rapid medical response brigade in the Anti Terrorist Operation(2014-15). Passed Pisky, Debaltseve, Avdiivka.
“Antytila”, on the other hand, underwent several serious trainings in tactical medicine, shooting and actions on the battlefield. In addition, they were trained in military disciplines by familiar special forces. Since February 24, after participating in the battles for Kyiv, the wounded have been rescued here…
Familiar-unfamiliar idols.
For fans and connoisseurs of the band, I will say this: you do not know him at all. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know him either. I confess: I was expecting some star-studded pranks from the guys, since the behavior of any person, no matter how much he wants the opposite, one way or another, his social status is definitely imprinted.
But the reality was different. In fact, I met mostly seasoned warriors – although Taras thinks otherwise (see the video). You can trust the author as a person who has been through more than one war and knows such things. In front of me were trained, motivated soldiers. At one time, Taras and Serhiy received the rank of officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Dmytro served in the former internal forces. But this is not so important – I myself have seen more than once how professional soldiers in real combat were psychologically broken in half by the first explosions and blood.
Mines and shells were constantly rustling and whistling above our heads. Many of them exploded around the shelter of the “Antytila” evacuation group. Depending on the intensity of the “arrivals”, we talked sometimes outside, sometimes in the basement of a small manor. What is telling is that the boys carefully listened not so much to the sounds of artillery “exits” from the russian side, but to the cars rushing past the yard. They will stop – it means that someone needs rescue. In all units, they know where to find them, and they marked their “tow truck” disguised under a decaying chestnut on the road with a bright label.
… Dmytro told Danylo and us how life brought him together with the band in 2016. He came from Kryvyi Rih to Kyiv in search of “his” musical group. Having a higher education in economics and engineering, he could earn good money elsewhere. But his soul was asking for something else, and then he was satisfied: “Antytila” were just selecting a new guitarist for themselves. At the competition, according to Zholud, many of the applicants were clearly stronger than him. But when he played two songs with the guys, he heard Vusyk’s still memorable words: “I feel like I’ve been playing with you all my life.”
Dmytro says that the war, despite being tragic, also gives funny moments. For example, when they joined TDF, Dmytro joked at first with slight surprise: will they still pay money here, including for military trips? But, having no special savings, but having an unemployed wife and family due to the influx, he quickly appreciated the new financial support for him. And here, near Kharkov, the guitarist finally got rid of the pathological fear of blood that had haunted him for ten years.
… Taras and I talked mainly about the role of Antibody in the war. Believe me, there was not even a hint of pathos in his words. What the hell is the pathos when dozens of mines are exploding next to you and you are anxiously awaiting trouble with your comrades in the front? I will quote some of what he said.
“We are simple guys with simple life, human priorities, material things are not the main thing for any of us. The main thing is simple human happiness, the health of loved ones and relatives, smiles, our yellow-blue flag above our heads. But we also have our own mission. Antytila were creating and will be create in Ukrainian, we must constantly prove that Ukrainians are not third-rate, that we are carriers of a truly precious culture.
Antytila (Antibodies) kill the virus. Razi are a virus. What interests foreigners in our interviews? They want to know whether Ukraine will survive, whether we have the strength and potential for this. In hundreds of interviews, we prove to them that we are heard: we need powerful weapons right now and immediately, that we are strong and capable, and we are not going to lose. I didn’t say “if we win” to any of the foreign media. I always say “when we win” – this is an important emphasis and our message. Razi shouldn’t stand a chance.
Ukrainians, with their energy and stubbornness, introduce new standards into the relations of civilized countries. The key principle here is “I speak, I believe, I do.” This is an antiseptic for canned European rot. I feel this when communicating with foreigners, the media, etc. Because of us, the times have come when famous actors have become prominent politicians, and famous politicians have turned into worthless actors…”
“Antytila” for comrades.
This happened on our second visit to Antytila duty. Around one o’clock in the afternoon, the Orcs began to hit the Ukrainian positions with “Vasylok” automatic mortars. For the uninitiated, it’s like a huge machine gun that fires 82-millimeter mines at a rate of up to 120 rounds per minute.
He shoots with the sounds of mine exits characteristic of knowledgeable people, which gives a soldier only a few seconds to enter a shelter or lie down. Therefore, from two series of incoming mines, and there were six of us in those positions together with Topoleya and Acorn, we managed to take cover. The third round of mines caught up with explosions and a shrapnel in the leg of Captain Ishchenko, who was filming ten meters from the basement and was the last to run into the shelter. His leg was cut off like a knife.
What happened next? Next I saw not musicians, but soldiers. Mines continued to explode near the village cellar, and work was boiling inside it – the boys saved the life of my brother. Quietly. In a business way. Professionally. Danyla, crushed by explosions and debris, began to be carried across the yard to the shrapnel-riddled “sanatorium” as soon as the russians shifted their fire to the other flank.
My captain survived. Everything else is in the video…

Day 127

Not Kyiv.
Morning – one hundred and twenty-seven.
The mood – yes!!!
The month – of exclusively correct decisions.
I congratulate the peoples and governments of Sweden and Finland on the historic invitation to join NATO.
I congratulate the Alliance on making the only correct decision.
I am looking forward to an invitation to my Motherland – Ukraine.
Are we still not good enough?
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 126

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and twenty-sixth morning.
Mood – to send gifts.
Month – the one of your support.
Thanks to everyone having congratulated me with my Birthday and sent funds to support our unit.
As I promised, using the random org service I’ve randomly chosen four winners among those having made donations.
The video and photo confirmations are in the first comment.
So, the souvenirs are rushing to:
Ivanishak Taras
Bezusa Liudmyla
Kalinbet Alina
Regina Eng
The winners, please, contact me using Messenger.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 125

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and twenty-fifth morning.
Mood – the main Law of Ukraine.
Month – the Constitution’s Day.
Section 1. Ukraine is sovereign and independent, democratic, social, and lawful state.
Section 2. The sovereignty of Ukraine extends to its whole territory. Ukraine is a unitary state. The territory of Ukraine within the existent borders is integral and inviolable.
Section 3. A human, their life and health, honor and dignity, integrity and safety are recognized in Ukraine the greatest social value.
And that is what we’re standing for!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 124

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and twenty-fourth morning.
Mood – dawn.
Month – observation.
Dawn is a dramatic time.
Usually, the war revives at dawn.
Secret subversive groups reach the target having covered the night route.
Assault groups go off for missions.
Mortars, artillery, everything starts to work even if there was a night pause.
Nature revives, too: swallows sing and rustle with their wings under the roofing; peacocks and everything being able to produce sounds start yelling. Seemingly, you should listen and take pleasure.
But here, it irritates instead.
Because with that, you stop focusing and hearing the war, and, accordingly, you become vulnerable.
It’s strange, but it’s a fact.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 123

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and twenty-third morning.
Mood – to grow, to improve ourselves.
Month – to work on ourselves.
The topic of territorial defense.
Today I’d like to share Valde Khan’s text with you.
I’ll just add that our Battalion is holding the zero positions at the very edge; in front of our soldiers, ruZZnia is about 200 meters away, behind our soldiers, there are National Guard’s units.
Yesterday, one of our companies repelled an attack at the position, mowed down bio waste, and heaped up a tank. Something like that.
«GET RID OF TERRITORIAL DEFENSE! There’s a thought, especially after the 115th brigade of territorial defense have abandoned their positions at the frontline…
There are people having such train of thought: if the 115th brigade of territorial defense had abandoned the frontline, territorial defense is disabled, stillborn, and is subject to elimination as a military organism. Now it has happened so, that territorial defense has become another controversial topic not to be raised if you don’t want to get a beating from one of the conflict parties. Because there are two groups: the first say territorial defense soldiers are deserters, killers, and looters, and the second stand for the fact that territorial defense soldiers are just honeys and patriots or maybe even a bit better than wage-earners in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For now, I happened to interact with a few brigades of territorial defense from various parts of Ukraine and I’d like to say something.
Firstly, the 115th brigade having abandoned their positions HAS NO RELATION to territorial defense. But, for some reason, there are many for whom it’s hard to believe. Why? It’s because of systemic internal controversies of territorial defense leading to both humorous and tragic things. About humorous: once I was in the center of Kyiv and saw how boys of different ages jump out from a minibus equipped with plenty of chevrons and silencers on their automatic rifles. Or at Shuliavka, in May approximately, some guys were wandering in active headphones (also with silencers). Looking at this circus of tacticality it’s easy to understand, they are trollkien fandom… and that’s funny. And about tragic, we’ve already heard a lot (sometimes those facts not having happened in fact), I was personally almost shot three times at “checkpoints”.
These are both the desire to laugh at ‘luntiks’ (because it boosts self-esteem) and the righteous anger for the deceased in cars having been shot preventing people from taking a sober look at the problem of territorial defense and at the problems of territorial defense.
Territorial defense cannot be called stillborn as this branch of the army wasn’t born yet. This process is going on just now. It’s extremely complicated. Actually, I have nothing even to compare it with… Before the 24th, territorial defense used to be kinda breakfast club with plastic harrises, and during the first week after the 24th, it was a role play by Benghazi. I saw that kamaz the weapons was being given from; that way, the history showed, that was a hysteric and ill-considered step, but if we look at the first days of invasion aloof, it will become clear that in that chaos nobody could make somewhat better decision. Why?
Looking ahead I’ll say that territorial defense is the best target because it’s the most fragile one for russian IPSYOP. Informational artillery training having existed before the 24th had developed a thought for many people (somehow for me also) that orcs would be in Kyiv in two hours and we just had to sell our lives a bit more expensive so that our dearest had more time for evacuation. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine said ‘hold my beer’ and did the thing having gone down in history. However, under conditions of absolute trust in total advantage of the enemy in all respects, this KAMAZ as well as the other ones were the only possible step to be done, because EVERYONE was terrified since we had been well trapped by IPSYOP.
The next stage of the invasion’s IPSYOP support, were secret subversive groups that didn’t exist, like at Beresteika. And it was a very accurate shot, too, because it didn’t just dramatically boost the level of fear among the population (civilians, policemen, territorial defense soldiers, and even militaries) but also played the trollkien fandom’s desire to show off. As children, they began to multiply the legends on how the tanks had burnt tanks in Shevchenka square, taken secret subversive groups in Podol, and taken down spy haunts to chads’ freaked out sights.
These pure lies of territorial-defenders devalue what the territorial defense soldiers have done. For example, under conditions of absence of communication, command, and the enemy’s severe suppressive fire, they were trying to come back to their positions. Or bringing out the injured on Skoda Octavia. Or trying to use the weapons they saw for the first time. That’s true, for some air assaulters it’s just kinda boring day at work, and it doesn’t look like anything extraordinary for them, but you need to understand that territorial defense soldiers are civilians. They normally still haven’t changed mentally.
Under conditions of territorial defense’s poor training, bad shakeup, etc. the key role belongs to the staff agency of the territorial defense battalion, with which everything had also been bad. I’m writing ‘WAS’, because I know exactly that systemic changed have started(!) Now, the commander of the company being the same civilian as 90% of his personnel has no commander who he can rely on and he has to make combat decisions due to his CIVIL train of thoughts.
Where work in training company and platoon soldiers exactly as commanders took place, the situation is improving just in progression; of course, when we speak not about territorial-defenders but about the soldiers of territorial defense. The third IPSYOP missile coming at territorial defense is how the problems are given. For example, giving the situations on social media by such enemy of Ukraine as Osker (whose actions have the all above-mentioned features). I’ve already made sure how much distorted information reaches general public, and I’m really sorry for those dudes having sat under fire with no silencers, and there’s a try to use them in favor of the enemy. And I’d like to emphasize once more – when trollkien fandom hang themselves with collimators and lie of their feats and burnt helicopters, they devalue the real bravery of territorial defense soldiers.
What territorial defense lack, as to what territorial defense soldiers having already been to war say, is to filter out dead woods (that only bother the company), to boost training. It sounds good, but it’s also related to the battalion’s staff agency not just soldiers themselves. Plus just a wonderful situation, when soldiers found where and how to learn BY THEMSELVES, and some kind of ‘dandruff’ calls them and yells they had gone nuts and they didn’t need that at all.
The thing management on the ground don’t understand is that territorial defense are not militaries, they’re civilians. They have different psychology (even VERY motivated ones) and they require different communication and type of management. Multiply this by constant aiming by russian IPSYOP, and you’ll understand what a hard problem it is to build capable territorial defense. There are two vectors for this – top-down (training, support, and removing of incapable commanders) and bottom-up (efforts made by soldiers themselves, consent to take responsibility, and ostracism towards trollkien fandom). For now, the main thing I see is the existence of moving along these two vectors.
Apparently, the issue is more complicated than a dichotomy treason\victory. To my mind, to manage territorial defense is harder than air assault unit, and I know exactly that to take command over a company for a yesterday’s manager requires much of bravery».
Gonna prevail this way.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 122

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and twenty-second morning.
Mood – candidate status.
Month – finished pressing.
The President rightly says «the candidate to the European Union members status has been given» doesn’t sound appropriate in our context.
It will be more correct to say «we’ve gained, gnawed it out, struggled». We’ve already paid a great price for this decision. It’s been soaked with blood, sweat, mud, and gun powder.
Congratulations to everyone, gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 121

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and twenty-first morning.
Mood – to feed the schweine.
Month – the host is in the yard.
In the morning, a skillful Ukrainian host goes out to feed schweine-hund and two-headed hens.
The diet includes lead and heavy caliber.
He does that well.
Bio-organisms keep screaming and asking for more though constantly dying from over-consumption.
But the host is dead set on it, he grudges them no expense in foodsuff, and won’t count his chickens before they’re hatched.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 120

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and twentieth morning.
Mood – being under command.
Month – for execution!
Commanders at war are everything.
Combat missions, work, job aren’t done by weapons, they’re done by people.
A platoon of un-shot rookies with automatic rifles can give a powerful battle if the commander and sergeants give strict orders, control the situation on battlefield, and demonstrate high fighting spirit.
Communication, coordination, provision with means for conducting battle, and the efficiency of using them greatly depend on the command.
Both directly in trenches and globally.
I’d like to thank the commanders and soldiers of our unit doing their job like pros!
Fortunately, there’s a vast majority of such here, at the frontline.
I’m to warn some staff characters having warm positions in our battalion, you’re gonna come to a bad end.
For those of you who may not know, ANTYTILA can «revert to control» and make popular.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 119

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and nineteenth morning.
Mood – die, be gone, demons!
Month – sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s all for real.
Yesterday, on my Birthday, I had to unblock the phone of the killed Ukrainian warrior with his own fingerprints. I managed to with the third one.
I never imagined I’d have to do this even once, even in a nightmare….
We used to live, to dream, to achieve, before the scums crawled to our land.
But we have no options, just the victory!
We keep working.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 118

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and eighteenth morning.
Mood – mixed feelings.
Month – Birthday.
One more year lived.
The ANTYTILA band are 14.
I’m 35.
We’re celebrating our Birthday at the frontline to radio sets’ rustling (good to have them) for the first time.
A rascist’s tank and mortars are working at our positions. Fortunately, there was no one injured or killed for last night.
Still, there’s quite an atmosphere 🙂
I thank everyone beforehand for greetings and donations to support our battalion. Such presents are relevant today like never.
Everything’s spent for our joint victory.
I’ve also decided to make a surprise for you today – the souvenirs from me.
Exclusively exclusive!
The owners of these things are to be chosen randomly among everyone who sends donations during the next three days.
My personal gloves.
They’re with me since the first day of war. There are sweat, dust, soil, gunpowder, blood, gun oil, and holes on them 🙂 It’s due to the gloves that my hands still look like there’s no war.
Ballistic goggles.
Serhii Vusyk has given them to me as a gift.
It was my guard night: a field, then suddenly a flash appeared in the populated area behind the forest planting approximately one kilometer away.
I land into the nearest ditch reflexively 🙂
There exactly I lose them, ‘cause they were hanging on my body armor.
Then I find them, but there remain scratches in memory.
A helmet.
My previous one, Japanese; it was an old one but a perfect suit. Now, we have American helmets on our heads, so I’m giving this one as a souvenir. And that will be you to choose whether to keep it for yourself or give it to someone else who still needs a helmet. Although I already don’t meet such ones at the frontline, fortunately.
A bayonet.
It’s also been with me since the first days. I was to give it to Mark after the war, but changed my mind, out of harm’s way.
He’s too young for such toys.
And who knows how much it is still to work so that this «after the war» came.
I haven’t needed it here as a paramedic for three months of war. It’s just rascists propacondoms telling tales of Buryats killing thirty-five soldiers with a bayonet including forty-seven commanders apart from three dogs. In fact, when having close contact, there’s nothing better than an automatic rifle, or a machine gun even better 🙂
So I thank you once more for greetings and donations and wish you to become a happy owner of souvenirs from me. Wherever you live, we’ll deal with how to hand them over to you.
Contact phone numbers:
+380504445285 Kateryna Nechaieva
+380674738366 Denys Fediunin
Bank details for donations:
Beneficiary code:
IBAN Code:
Card account:
4246 0010 0337 0628
Name of the bank:
USA Dollar $
Name of the bank:
IBAN Code:
Bank SWIFT Code:
Company address:
UA 01001 Kyiv, 2A Teremkivska str., app.63.
Correspondent bank:
JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, USA Account in the correspondent bank:
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
Correspondent bank:
The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA
Account in the correspondent bank:
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
IBAN Code:
Name of the bank:
Bank SWIFT Code:
Company address:
UA 01001 Kyiv, 2A Teremkivska str., app.63.
Correspondent bank:
Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Account in the correspondent bank:
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
Correspondent bank:
Account in the correspondent bank: 6231605145
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
Crypto currency:
For ERC-20, Matic, BNB chain, ETH, BUSD, USDT, USDC, BNB
You can also transfer funds to Anna Dolynska’s bank card:
Bank card number: 5168 7554 3707 5662
Bank details:
Bank institution – PrivatBank
Sort code – 305299
Beneficiary of payment – ANNA DOLYNSKA
IBAN – UA243052990000026209695453178
Beneficiary AC No – 26209695453178
Currency – UAH
Beneficiary personal identification number – 3572706726
Purpose of payment – Pay-in transaction for ANNA DOLYNSKA
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 117

Not Kyiv.
Morning – one hundred and seventeenth.
Mood – to take revenge.
Month – you to know!
“Babyn Yar” – site of massacres carried out by nazi germany in 2World War.
In the photo: Kateryna Pihur.
She was 12 years old.
She and her mother died on March 1, 2022 in “Babyn Yar” from a russian-razi rocket.
Right where her great-grandfather’s parents, brothers, sisters and nephews were shot by nazi 80 years ago.
Her great-grandfather was at the frontline in that time.
We must defeat these new nazi!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 116

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and sixteenth morning.
Mood – Father’s Day.
Month – for the sake of children.
Dad, congratulations with the Father’s Day!
Thank you, I love you, I’m holding on!
It’s the fathers’ war for the People’s children’s future.
It’s the children’s war because of the People’s fathers’ mistakes.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 115

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and fifteenth morning.
Mood – I’m sorry.
Month – we hold the line.
There are such periods when there’s no connection at all. I understand that you worry.
So hello, everyone, we keep working.
Everything’s gonna be Ukraine!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 114

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and fourteenth morning.
Mood – to swear an oath to Ukraine.
Month – when the world is on the side of Good.
Meet Zac from Miami and Ahmed from Bagdad.
They’re swearing their oaths to Ukraine in Ukrainian!!!
Together in the battalion, they’re friends and they’re fighting refined evil.
And at the same time, the scums having climbed out of barracks and doty wooden toilets, are trying to destroy us.
A Cossack’s saber under their ribs, not Ukraine!
Bagdad’s stones to their mugs!
Atlantic storm from Miami to their necks, not our Motherland!
Gonna prevail this way.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 113

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and thirteenth morning.
Mood – the report has rushed in.
Month – each on their own frontline.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine, the units of Territorial Defense need support. There are many needs uncovered and the new ones are constantly added.
Our 130th battalion is not an exception.
So if you are willing and have an opportunity to assist the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this war, you can find payment details at the bottom of the post.
And now it’s time to report on the work of our help-mates, friends, and volunteers.
The «Wilni UA» Charity Foundation managed by Kateryna Nechaieva has covered the stated needs of the militaries from the 105th brigade, 83rd battalion, 53rd brigade, 26th brigade, 58th brigade, and 130th battalion during this period.
magazines for Kalashnikov rifles 10 pieces
magazines for Z15 10 pieces
a thermal imaging camera Hikvision
a power unit 2.5 kW
12 body armors,
9 pairs of active headphones,
spades, chains to chainsaws,
radio seta, tactical belts, knee-pads, collimators,
12 uniform sets,
14 pairs of shoes,
T-shirts 10 pieces,
Boonie hats 10 pieces.
The new wheels for one of our automobiles have also been paid from the foundation.
The part of our team ANTYTILA volunteering from Kyiv with a great number of «IPE» volunteers including Denys Fediunin, Dmytro Vodovozov, and Mykhailo Chyrko have gathered and delivered to Bakhmut a big quantity of medical supplies from «Help Ukraine 22» by the head military doctor’s request:
Magnesium sulfate
1000 sterile and non-sterile surgical gowns for patients;
Two litters, a wheelchair, and a box of IFAK medikits from the «KOLO» Charity Foundation;
One night-vision device from the Foundation «Ukraine»;
Nissan Х-Trail has been recovered and painted for militaries;
The requests of a few volunteer hubs situated by the frontline have been covered;
A friend of ours and a PR-manager of the ANTYTILA band, Anna Dolynska, has paid $5000 from the funds collected on her bank card for buying another clearing vehicle Volkswagen T4 to replace the one having been broken at the frontline and was impossible to be recovered, and $1000 for recovery of one more vehicle.
Yes, our clearing transport constantly gets broken, even during clearing itself, unfortunately, because of shelling and because the vehicles are very old.
Contact phone numbers:
+380504445285 Kateryna Nechaieva
+380674738366 Denys Fediunin
Bank details for donations:
Beneficiary code:
IBAN Code:
Card account:
4246 0010 0337 0628
Name of the bank:
USA Dollar $
Name of the bank:
IBAN Code:
Bank SWIFT Code:
Company address:
UA 01001 Kyiv, 2A Teremkivska str., app.63.
Correspondent bank:
JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, USA Account in the correspondent bank:
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
Correspondent bank:
The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA
Account in the correspondent bank:
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
IBAN Code:
Name of the bank:
Bank SWIFT Code:
Company address:
UA 01001 Kyiv, 2A Teremkivska str., app.63.
Correspondent bank:
Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Account in the correspondent bank:
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
Correspondent bank:
Account in the correspondent bank: 6231605145
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
Crypto currency:
For ERC-20, Matic, BNB chain, ETH, BUSD, USDT, USDC, BNB
You can also transfer funds to Anna Dolynska’s bank card:
Bank card number: 5168 7554 3707 5662
Bank details:
Bank institution – PrivatBank
Sort code – 305299
Beneficiary of payment – ANNA DOLYNSKA
IBAN – UA243052990000026209695453178
Beneficiary AC No – 26209695453178
Currency – UAH
Beneficiary personal identification number – 3572706726
Purpose of payment – Pay-in transaction for ANNA DOLYNSKA
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 112

Not Kyiv.
Morning – one hundred and twelfth.
Mood – keep going!
Month – put pressure on the occupier.
Ukraine’s victory will be a victory for the whole democratic world!
1. Ukraine needs modern NATO weaponry and accouterments (air defense and UAVs, artillery systems, MLRS and tanks, armored vehicles, combat aircraft, anti-ship missiles). The faster we receive them, the sooner the war will end and the less casualties will take place.
2. Sanctions against Russia must be further strengthened and expanded, as well as introduced by those countries which have not done this until now. The world has to stop buying Russian commodities (most notably, oil and gas), which continue to finance Kremlin’s war against Ukraine. Russia’s frozen foreign exchange reserves and assets abroad need to be used for compensations to Ukraine for the damage dealt by Russia’s war.
3. Russia must be economically and politically isolated from the world, losing its levers and capacities to influence decision-making in other countries (withdrawal of private business, banning Russian propaganda channels, ending Russia’s influence in politics, diplomacy, business, sports, culture, research and other spheres, introducing visa regime, expelling from international financial institutions etc.)
We have shown everyone that this is not just our fight. We do not know which country will be the next after Ukraine. We are fighting not only for our peace but for the peace of the world. This is where the battle between democracy and autocracy takes place.
Democracy must win!
What can you do?
– Keep going to organize or participate in events that support Ukraine.
– Protest by the offices of Russian companies and Western companies that continue to operate in Russia. Call for boycotting such businesses.
– Disseminate the truth about Russia’s war in Ukraine in the media (interview with newspapers, write your own articles, conduct discussions on social media, spread the news to every corner of the world, discuss facts, stay away from Russian propaganda.
– Use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and others platforms to describe the real situation in Ukraine, and tell the truth about the Russian aggression in Ukraine.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 111

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and eleventh morning.
Mood – there’s a song you can hear.
Month – someone, probably, doesn’t know….
My Ukraine, my dear country, after road, which always bends
Faithful heart that’s full of loving I’m commending to your hands.
Translation: Vadym Poliakovskyi
My favorite Ukrainian singer is Taras Petrynenko. It’s his Voice of the country.
You can’t find Petrynenko on social media, he gives interviews once in three hundred years.
But his songs keep talking to us instead of him.
Gonna prevail this way to them!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 110

Not Kyiv.
Day – 110.
Mood – while the whole world is watching.
Month – rus… is sponsorship of terrorism.
The russian-controlled pseudo-republic of “DNR” passed a death sentence on one Moroccan and two British citizens for their service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
This is another flagrant violation of international law, for which russia does not expect to receive any punishment.
This is how ISIS terrorists behaved in public, executing foreigners. Today there is no difference between ISIS and the so-called LDNR.
Recognising russia as a terrorist state would be the strongest signal that putin as russia’s leader, is no longer considered legitimate.
Unpunished evil grows!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 109

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and ninth morning.
Mood – people are so different.
Month – the war keeps boosting contrast.
«Would it bang hard at 4 a.m., would the house jump up it seemed so, well I put on my clothes and lie. It was something very hard.
But that’s okay, I’m alive. I called my neighbor to Frankivsk, she’s there right now, I say, Viera, I’ve planted a vegetable garden for you, you owe me a bottle, though I don’t drink alcohol, I’ll take with compote. And for two more neighbors I’ve also planted those, but how to weed, I don’t know. And from my another neighbor, his neighbors have stolen instruments, an angle grinder; they come to take theirs and climb into neighbor’s houses, people have such grief, and they’re like that».
An old lady leaves to our tanks’ rattling. At 4 a.m. there really was an incoming strike of a ballistic rocket. One kilometer away from her. Everyone felt that.
A sketch from life.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 108

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and eighth morning.
Mood – fast dropping.
Month – the time has come.
ANTYTILA have good body armors yet since the year 14. 4-5 level of protection, solidly sewed, having a very cool tactical look, that is to say threateningly )))
But they have one unnoticeable loop. Kinda Kashchey’s (the Immortal) needle ))
It’s been hidden in a small pocket from cordura.
If you pull it lightly, the armor falls into parts.
It’s designed to make it possible to get rid of this heavy stuff fast if needed (there can be various situations).
The razi, that is to say r@scists, that is to say occupants, there’s the same loop, Kashchey’s needle – putin.
Pull it away, and everything’s gonna collapse.
So go ahead, our guardians, get psyched up!
And make a correct wish! 🙂
A concentrated joint «I want» will definitely be materialized, you’ll see!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 107

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and seventh morning.
Mood – lyrical.
Month – first bird cherries.
Somewhere in Kharkiv region.
You’re sitting like, and beside you…
from sycamore water’s flowing through a coombe to valley, guilder rose is ‘bove the water standing there and preening, while guilder rose is there preening, sycamore gets younger, there are osiers and sallows getting green around…
And then would it f*cking bang )))
All the dogs from the district crawl to your romantic ditch with tucked tales, and that one, romanticism vanishes into thin air.
Kinda meh.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.

Day 106

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and sixth morning.
Mood – sharing good news with you.
Month – occupant’s scums are burning and flaming.
Today I’d like to share the claim of the Minister of Defense Oleksii Resnikov.
«The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is already competing for leadership with the russian army by providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Soviet-style tanks and other armored vehicles (already being counted by hundreds of units).
The dedicated and professional work of the specialists of the «Ukroboronprom» State Concern should be also noted separately who have recovered or provided our warriors with hundreds of units of military and special vehicles, specifically, the captured ones.
We’ve received about 250 Western-style armored vehicles from partners (М113 ТМ, М113 YPR-765, Bushmaster, Mastiff, Husky, Wolfhound, etc.) and we continue this work.
It’s already possible for me not to mention MANPADSs (Stinger, Starstreak, Mistral, Piorun, Grom, etc.), ATSs (NLAW, Javelin, Milan, etc.) or grenade dispensers (Panzerfaust, Carl Gustaf, АТ4, RGW-90 HH / MATADOR, etc.) we have thousands of them, it is common knowledge.
It’s far from complete list of weapons, and it’s too early to speak about some other systems of modern weapons, we’ll tell about them later. But the enemy’s gonna experience their action as we speak.
Apart from that, the Ministry of Defense has handed over hundreds of UAVs (among which there are a few dozens of combat ones) having used different mechanisms. We expect serious examples of UAVs in the closest support packages.
Coastal defense has been strengthened with highly efficient systems Harpoon that combined with our «Neptunes» already force the enemy navy to keep the distance in order not to suffer the same fate of the Black Sea naval fleet command ship of the Russian Federation – the cruiser «Moscow»…
Exemplified with receiving weapons, it’s much in evidence that it’s a team work headed by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi. The Cabinet of Ministers headed by the Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal and the Office of the President headed by Andrii Yermak are being actively involved in it.
The defense is generally a common business. Each has their role in it. Someone fights for making political decisions, and someone provides solving plenty of legal, financial, and logistics issues. Someone recovers weapons. And the main characters – our warriors – use them.
I’d like to denote that a request for weaponry is formed by the General staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, after which the teams of the Ministry of Defense, an attaché in defense, and Dmytro Kuleba’s diplomats work with it. This request is changed depending on the needs and course of the combat actions.
The received weaponry and equipment are centrally handed over by the Ministry of Defense to the warehouses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Allocation is conducted by the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as they’re sure to see the overall picture, develop the vision of operations, and determine priorities. I’ll remind you that for receiving the corresponding weaponry commanders have to address the Command of Logistics Forces.
I’d like to emphasize that, for example, in 155 mm caliber, the Ministry of Defense has already completed the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s initial request by 90%. By 100% this need will be covered in 2-3 weeks. However, the circumstances on the battlefield keep changing – the need is growing. The General staff reacts to changes in operational situation – the Ministry of Defense change the tasks for their team according to the General staff’s request. We already have an accurate plan for handling artillery till the late July.
An important piece of news was announced some days ago – American and British partners have decided to provide Ukraine with MLRSs. I’d denote that our warriors have already been learning to operate them».
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 105

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and fifth morning.
Mood – we keep grinding.
Month – step by step.
Today it will be short.
On the north of Kharkiv region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are slowly and systematically moving forward.
Villages, crossroads, forest plantings become grey to become green soon on the map of combat actions.
This is a kind of geography, geometry, history, psychology, and biology in one bottle.
It’s war, in a word.
Everything’s gonna be Ukraine!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 104

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and fourth morning.
Mood – Poltava.
Month – nobody can prevail over our People.
Our tanks have done their work nearby and fu*ked… went away.
As usual, occupants begin to cover the sector with mines and artillery in response.
Everything’s rumbling, we’re in the shelter.
Suddenly, five girls in dresses jump to our position.
Tee-hee, ha-ha, guys, here’s the pie, off we go.
Intelligence is shocked, medics are shocked.
Where do you go??
Sit down, don’t get out before the command!
Oh, if you insist so, we’ll sit for some time, tee-hee, ha-ha )))
Where are you from?
From Poltava.
So why don’t you have armor? I ask. You’re riding across the «zero point», aren’t you?
Well, we’ve been riding here for long already, tee-hee, ha-ha.
On one hand, a very incautious carelessness makes angry considering that we, as paramedics, know and have seen what it leads to.
On the other hand, nobody can prevail over our People.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 103

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and third morning.
Mood – philosophic.
Month – music.
Music has gravity. Like in my favorite film, Interstellar doesn’t give in to space and time limits drawing to itself.
It’s also a wave, a vibration.
If we realize the Universe as total vibration, music is its basis and its quintessence at the same time.
I felt this subconsciously in my childhood.
Then, having read the story about a bottle with a message in the ocean, I kept wandering with intrusive questions for a very long time.
If you imagine that life is not limited with a physical body, and after death, you emerge here again so that your Soul moved ahead, how could you pass something important to yourself to the future, to the next circuit? There, to the future, where there won’t be current you, but there’ll be some other «I» of yours, a blank slate, in a new searching, with plenty of questions, and the sight directed upwards, to the unknown.
How to help them and do that in a way that with lack of initial data or hints that message was noticed and understood by that new «I»?
What should be there in the message?
All rational answers were gradually fading away, as according to the conditions of the problem I couldn’t choose where exactly to manifest in my next life. Accordingly, my «bottle in the ocean», my message couldn’t be limited with exact language or territory. It should have been unified and virulent.
Very quickly, I came to the fact that the message should be on the level of feelings, and, consequently, the only instrument talking to a human on this level is music, melody, rhythm.
Through space and time.
The problem from my childhood still remains unsolved in the part of what the sense of message should be and what exactly should be in the bottle.
But its numerous variations and iterations can be felt in our songs.
When I’m asked, what our best song is, I can’t give an accurate answer and give real examples from life.
So we released a song, it passed unnoticed by most people, it didn’t meet our expectations, but… it ALREADY exists in space.
And for someone it is that exact bottle in the ocean. The moment and place just have to come and suddenly Bang!, contact made.
Years later, we meet people whose lives were changed by our song, often not songs, but just one song.
If only for «Невидимка» (‘Nevydymka’ / ‘Invisible creature’) alone.
Oh, I’m sure, most of you haven’t heard of such, but, believe me, it exists and it works.
I’ve got full pockets of such stories.
There are also personal ones. For example, Bono.
I was born in 1987, this year U2 released my favorite album “Joshua Three”
It’s hard to overestimate how much this music influenced on me. Did Bono know that somewhere in Kyiv, 10 years after the release, a boy Taras will be rubbing a pirate CD to matte color on Sony Walkman and feel, think, dream to ‘One three hill’?
Or Kuzma Skriabin, did he realize how much his song ‘Годинник’ would influence on me, so much that it would plant an idea to create a music band? I’m sure, at that moment, the success of this track was far from Andrii’s expectations, and tough financial circumstances weren’t likely to induce to such philosophical thoughts. But music works exactly like this! It’s beyond space and time. One person changed by your song can change the whole world!
Or one more story:
The Myslovitz band;
This name isn’t likely to mean something to a Ukrainian, but.
When I was a seven-year student, a teacher of Polish gave me an audio cassette as a gift.
Madam Liudmyla (it seems to me, that was her name, she didn’t even teach in my year and looked like a lady from Victorian era).
You could expect whatever from her, a plate of Chopin, Marie Curie’s printed biography, but never a cassette of the Polish indie-band.
Moreover, she re-recorded it from an original somewhere on purpose, printed a black and white cover, and having crossed her path with me in the corridor put it in my hands saying «it’s for you, Taras».
So how’s that, why?
Those songs are still in my mind.
They influenced on me like on a schoolboy.
Wake me up at night, I’ll still be able to sing:
I nawet kiedy będę sam
Nie zmienię się, to nie mój świat
Przede mną droga, którą znam
Którą ja wybrałem sam.
Or the war.
How many of our songs were nowhere.
No charts or airs.
Apparently, they were just waiting for the moment when every sound and every word in them would start healing wounds on ones’ souls.
It just happened that once we had felt deeper and wrote them beforehand, maybe not even realizing fully what for.
Something like that.
So listen to music, it gives strength, it speaks to your Soul, it heals and gives such answers to the questions you’d never find even in books. It’s magic beyond space and time, but always in your heart.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 102

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and second morning.
Mood – contrast.
Month – to complete the mission.
When the world keeps discussing and developing ethical and criminal laws for a ‘human – AI’ interaction, when the world is on the verge of brain implants revolution and (consequently) creating a hyper-human, when the world is on the verge of colonizing Mars, when the world keeps creating, loving, dreaming….
The horde of primates with Soviet shooting scrap metals threatens this world with destroying it with nuclear scrap metals.
That’s why Ukraine’s mission’s not an easy one, I must say.
It’s global, it’s beyond the state’s borders and our internal objectives.
It’s a skunk, but honorable work: to overcome evil here with its further correction.
The energy of good and evil is the same energy of Universe, but with different potentials.
It’s not in vain that in the Holy Scriptures, legends, blockbusters, an anti-hero once belonged to the powers of Light. There’s a deep sense in it.
Firstly, Good cannot exist without evil in front of it, because it is a relative world. These powers are interdependent.
Secondly, evil is eventually overcome and corrected, and its energy is taken by Good. Black curse of the darkness disappears and the glade becomes covered with light, people wake up, life prevails (Hollywood shoot such scenes beautifully))))
To overcome evil means to destroy its active forces on the battlefield and in Kremlin.
To correct evil is about kids.
Whatever my hatred to the occupants was, I’ve never felt anything similar to the kids of the country trying to destroy us.
Kids’ hearts and brains hadn’t chosen where to manifest in this world.
Falling under the influence of adults’ education, they have absolutely no choice. That’s exactly environment, training, and education that make them «evil adults».
They’re taught to hate us unwillingly.
That’s why after the victory, Ukraine and the world must bring there education and training of other order.
And they will change, believe me.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 101

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and first morning.
Mood – I’ve got an idea.
Month – and why not?
Amid Sweden’s plans to enter NATO, we need to suggest them creating joint Ukrainian-Swedish company in manufacturing drones.
The drone is to be called «Mazepa» ))))
The plant is to be founded somewhere by Poltava.
The emblem is to be yellow and blue, appropriate for both parties.
And the drone itself is to be 5 cm in diameter, five grams of shaped charge on-board, a GPS sensor, and a thermal imaging sight.
A swarm of such ones is launched by a concentration of occupants, and even better, by a command post.
They fly to still warm pans of the occupants in a trench or blindage, home in on heat or reek of alcohol ))) and …self-destroy.
Gonna establish historic justice for the Swedes by Poltava of 1709 and bring our victory of 2022 closer this way.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 100

Not Kyiv.
The one-hundredth morning.
Mood – a volunteer’s wing of the ANTYTILA band.
Month – when Friends are massive power.
A loooongread.
I almost don’t write about successes and use from our three with Serhii Vusyk and Dmytro Zholud exactly on the frontline.
But that doesn’t mean we don’t do our job here 😉
We don’t post photos and videos from our direct everyday military work on the web. Some time, our commanders and sworn brothers will tell for us.
But even with such schedule, somebody dares imposing us «PR at war».
It was once, still in Kyiv being really important to show «one day at war» for German media; they addressed us and, I think, you understand why we didn’t refuse the Germans.
Most likely, there will be one more «day at war» for BBC World.
We do not get ready for such «days». We just do our job as usual only turning on cameras on our phones from time to time and a GoPro usually recording just for a personal archive and further watching of the material and working on mistakes.
And today I’d like to boast! 🙂
I’d like to write exactly about our friends-volunteers, our team, namely, the team of ANTYTILA’s honey-bees continuously volunteering and delivering the necessary directly to the «zero point» and often risking their lives.
I’d like to report on the results of their work during 100 days of war and announce that from now they are to work not as separate teams, but together, on the platform of the «Wilni UA» foundation that will give a better result, cause even more saved lives, and accelerate our victory over the occupant!
Kateryna Nechaieva, a friend of ours, the manager of the «Wilni UA» charity foundation together with the volunteers Oleksand Hrinivetskyi, Serhii Horbachenko, Sonia Dabro, Tetiana Morozenko, Iryna Smal, Dmytro Klymenko, Ruslan Horovyi, Olena Nechaieva, and Serhii Koshman has fundraised more than ₴1 300 000.
For these funds, as well as with support from the Ukrainians in Canada and the USA, Ukrainian Crisis Centre Ireland (Michael Baskin), NGO ‘Єдина Громада Полісся’, volunteer initiative Frontline «Pickup», and Ruslan Vdovenko, the following was purchased and handed over:
4 automobiles
10 thermal imaging cameras,
11 NVDs,
2 thermal imaging sights,
45 collimators,
20 binoculars,
130+ pairs of shoes,
2 diesel power units,
40 radio sets,
2 quadcopters MAVIC 3,
100 gas masks and filters for them,
accouterments in great amount (knee pads, tactical gloves, combat vests, tactical belts, etc.),
power-banks, tablets, chargers for batteries to thermal imaging cameras and NVDs,
auto fuel in great amount.
Tons of food, clothes, and assistance have been purchased and handed over; works in partial recovery of dwellings have been conducted.
Therefore, the stated needs of the following units have been covered:
the 53rd, 54th, 58th, 26th, 24th, 25th, 93rd, 95th, 72th Brigades, Separate intelligence battalion of the 58th brigade, 8th special operations regiment of SOF DIU, Battalion «Crimea», Battalion «ОУН», Battalion «Karpaty SICH», Taras Shevchenko Cossack’s Regiment.
Assistance has been given to the ones who suffered in Irpin, Borodianka, Bucha, Dymer, Kukhari, Zahaltsi, Teterivske, Pidhaine, Dytiatky, Nova Buda, Torfiane, Halynka, Radenka, Lypivka, Moshchun, Berestianka, Kalynove, Yakhnivka, Olyva, and Horenka.
A volunteer group made of two musicians of the «ANTYTILA» band Mykhailo Chyrko and Dmytro Vodovozov, a friend of ours and a coordinator of our social projects Denys Fediunin, Dmytro Nuzhnyi, Anastasiia Vlasiuk, Oleksii Pospishnyi, and Mykola Kot also gives a reason to be proud of:
135 tons of metal for producing almost 2000 Czech hedgehogs,
50 tons of sand and 25 000 bags for fortification structures,
10 cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine,
400 4 level body armors,
30 ballistic helmets,
100+ pairs of tactical gloves and kneepads,
150+ radio sets,
20 thermal imaging cameras and NVDs,
14 binoculars,
9 optical sights,
20+ silencers for Kalashnikov rifles and mounts for DShKs,
1000+ Atropine ampules,
2000 torches,
20 000 batteries,
2000+ spades, axes, and household tools,
power units and solar panels,
automobile parts according to the militaries’ requests,
tactical clothes and shoes in great amount.
200+ tons of humanitarian aid from foreign foundations and Ukrainian volunteer centers has been processed by requests and delivered to the military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and civilians of the districts having been under occupation (Kyiv, Sumy, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Kharkiv regions),
30+ humanitarian convoys beyond the borders of Kyiv,
delivery of aid to the hottest spots, often under shelling, with risk for life and a great probability of being captured,
searching for and purchasing the necessary medicines and medical equipment for more than a dozen of hospitals and clinics,
evacuation of more than a dozen families and loners from the zone of combat actions.
A considerable amount of these aids wouldn’t have occurred without support of Oleksandr Solontai, Andrii Strannikov, Kateryna Babich, Viktoriia Miroshnichenko and «Poltava’s Defense», Tetiana Demchenko, Liudmyla Havrysh and «100% of life», Vladyslav Melnychuk and NGO «SAM», Danylo Sorokovyi and «LOK», Daria Novikova, Taras Byk, and Oleh Kindrativ.
Therefore, the stated needs of the following units have been covered:
Solomianskyi, Pecherskyi, Dniprovskyi, Brovary Territorial Defense, National Guard in Kyiv, the 11th Separate company of special communication, Battalions «Aidar» and «Donbas», «Revanche», «Right Sector» Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, special unit «KRAKEN», 198th Separate Battalion of Svatove district Territorial Defense, Lysychansk Territorial Defense, 122nd battalion of the National Guard in Lysychansk, Communication Platoon of the 81st Separate air assault brigade, 3rd separate infantry battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 30th, 24th, and 54th separate mechanized brigades, 65th outreach mobile hospital of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 79th separate air assault brigade, military bases А7107, А7297, А7373, and А7276.
Our PR-manager Anna Dolynska has also undertaken an important mission, even a few of them since the first day of war. She didn’t just communicate and keeps communicating with international and Ukrainian media, which is hyper-significant, she has also given her personal bank card for public fundraising purpose.
The card has received the sum of about ₴2 500 000 during 100 days of war.
It’s been the fourth month since the urgent needs of the 130th battalion of Territorial Defense related to completing combat and medical missions are being covered. Anna searches for, purchases, and finds the options for fast delivery.
Therefore, including the support of Oleksandr Shulzhenko, Oleksandr Sanchenko, Anna Purtova, Oleksandr Matsuka, and Larysa Topolia, the association of the «Red Cross», and group «SH» of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, many needs of the 130th battalion have been covered, namely:
500+ 4 level security body armors,
400 ballistic helmets,
2000 chemical protection hermetic jumpsuits,
2000 chemical protection overboots and gloves,
100 gas masks and additional filters to them,
500+ tourniquets and bandages SICH,
5 dose meters,
3 drones MAVIC 3,
4 monocular thermal imaging cameras,
1 NVD,
2 sniper thermal imaging sights,
5 digital artillery tablets,
4 automobile batteries,
purchase of spare parts and wheels; recovery of evacuation vehicles (they’re not new and, unfortunately, often break down in such conditions),
purchase of car fuel,
renting a warehouse for needs of the Battalion’s medical service.
Thus, the stated needs of the 130th and 5th battalions of Territorial Defense have been mostly covered.
Something like that 🙂
Since today, all volunteer activity of the musicians and friends of the ANTYTILA band is to be conducted synchronized on the platform of the «Wilni UA» charity foundation having been founded by us back in the year 15 and has proved its efficiency and transparency for these 8 years.
If you wish to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our colleagues, friends, and volunteers will eagerly accept such aid and use the funds optimally.
Contact phone numbers:
+380504445285 Kateryna Nechaieva
+380674738366 Denys Fediunin
Bank details for donations:
Name of the bank:
Card account:
4246 0010 0337 0628
IBAN Code:
Beneficiary code:
USA Dollar $
Name of the bank:
IBAN Code:
Bank SWIFT Code:
Company address:
UA 01001 Kyiv, 2A Teremkivska str., app.63.
Correspondent bank:
JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, USA Account in the correspondent bank:
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
Correspondent bank:
The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA
Account in the correspondent bank:
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
IBAN Code:
Name of the bank:
Bank SWIFT Code:
Company address:
UA 01001 Kyiv, 2A Teremkivska str., app.63.
Correspondent bank:
Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Account in the correspondent bank:
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
Correspondent bank:
Account in the correspondent bank: 6231605145
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
For ERC-20, Matic, BNB chain, ETH, BUSD, USDT, USDC, BNB
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 99

Not Kyiv.
The ninety-ninth morning.
Mood – neither to laugh nor to weep.
Month – it is what it is.
A Ukrainian warrior will go through thick and thin for Ukraine. He’s gonna shoot down the occupant up to the last bedraggled orc.
A warrior is hardened in battle, intelligence, and… a toilet in a forest planting.
Oh! The one not having sat in the toilet under shelling of mines and artillery haven’t seen the war ))))))
Sorry ))))
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 98

Not Kyiv.
The ninety-eighth morning.
Mood – children of war
Month – what have they got it for?
Today, hundreds of Ukrainian children experience war and cruelty being evil even in peacetime, actually.
«Mum, I see war» is an international project created in Ukraine to assist the children having suffered from the war.
The project has gathered the biggest collection of children’s drawings in the world created during the war – more than 10 thousand drawings.
An NFT-collage will be made up of them, and the funds raised from its sale will be given to the foundation of assisting children having suffered from the war.
These are exactly kids on whom the war, probably, has the greatest impact.
If they manage to survive under shelling, they go through such shock their brains and little hearts aren’t ready for.
That’s why during air raids kids make drawings in the shelters, it helps.
In their drawings, there are their relatives, militaries, the pain having been experienced, hope, victory, and a Ukrainian flag.
Go to the project’s page, in these drawings, you can understand what we’re fighting for with no words, and why we’re sure to prevail!
Search for the link in the first comment.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 97

Not Kyiv.
The ninety-seventh morning.
Mood – I love you as much now as ten years ago.
Month – there’s no place for romanticism, but.
Facebook has reminded a photo with my sweetheart Olena Topolia made six years ago.
In tough times, the feeling you’re loved, being waited for, and being prayed for holds you the best.
A trivial «how are you?» works.
I state this.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 96

Not Kyiv.
The ninety-sixth morning.
Mood – cheerful.
Month – thankfully.
I was asked here, whether I had broken off relations with anyone of friends or relatives of mine because of the war.
And I realized that I’m grateful to my destiny, to God, and to my own intuition for saving me from relatives in russia and friends with ‘russian world’ in their heads.
The fourth month of the war’s coming soon, and there are still the same, proven, mine, those having Ukraine in their hearts by my side.
And that’s good.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 95

Not Kyiv.
The ninety-fifth morning.
Mood – Kyiv’s Day.
Month – the capital city has survived!
The Kyiv 130th Battalion of Territorial Defense says hello to our native capital city from the north of Kharkiv region.
Solo on a harmonica – «Biker» Andrii Bir
How can I not love you, Kyiv of mine? 🙂
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 94

Not Kyiv.
The ninety-fourth morning.
Mood – everything’s fine, you know!
Month – Northern.
The closer you move to the northern borders of Kharkiv region, the better mood you have:)
Especially, when there are our tanks working ahead.
Everything’s gonna be Ukraine!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 93

Not Kyiv.
The ninety-third morning.
Mood – do not postpone until later.
Month – while the Armed Forces of Ukraine keep working.
I love you. Everything’s gonna be Ukraine 🙂
Go right ahead and send this to those you love right now.
Even better, call them.
And you’ll get easier.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 92

Not Kyiv.
The ninety-second morning.
Mood – to find the answer.
Month – the hundredth interview to foreign journalists, for many of which Ukraine hurts.
Yesterday, a journalist Pete, a Ukrainian from Australia raised a controversial question with a quote from Sting’s song.
It happened within the context of claims made by European politicians «peacekeepers» offering to stop defending and give up a part of the territories as a prey to the scums.
To close our eyes at everything having happened and relieve stress so that… Europe could buy oil and gas from a rapist and run a business with no cognitive dissonance, as usual.
‘Cause it has become kinda uncomfortable, for them.
I’ll say right away that Pete himself was stuffed from this question, but he had had to put it, because the rhetoric of some our European «partners» is, unfortunately, no longer surprising, but causing anger more and more.
Of course, we gave the answer.
Now it’s your turn, tell us what you think of it.
So, the question was:
Russians also have children; the soldiers are also someone’s children. Would you stop?

Day 91

Not Kyiv.
The ninety-first morning.
Mood – the script will finish with happy end
Month – life is an interesting thing.
Military operation.
ANTYTILA are on duty in medical clearing.
In the room, there are a Hero of Ukraine, commanders of units, dozens of phones, radio sets, and a plasma screen where there’s «a movie» from drone cameras in real time.
The guys are working in the fields forcing the occupant away meter by meter. Operative situation is changing every minute. We get excited with an accurate reach of a shell at the enemy more than with a goal of the national football team.
Suddenly, I notice a familiar surname of a drone’s operator on the screen. When he starts working, the picture becomes maximally crisp, switching across the enemy’s positions occurs in seconds, maneuvering targets are being got instantly.
Is that the one I’m thinking of? I ask.
Yes, that’s him!
I recall when at the start of our music career the friends of ours, directors Andrew Rozhen and Phillip Rojen were telling what a superb operator he was; they managed to have worked with him, and we didn’t happen to.
But we happened to work together at this war already.
And we came not in frame, but out of it, fortunately 🙂
What I’m getting.
War brings different interesting people together. Those for whom Ukraine hurts find application to their abilities for the victory.
War is also dust, betrayal, death, and blood.
But today we have a positive story.
This military operation has mostly reached its aim.
The unit have completed the mission.
I won’t write the operator’s surname for safety reasons.
I’ll write just that someone’s «Yellow shuttle» is rushing ahead through the roads of fate, and they’re intangible, for sure.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 90

Not Kyiv.
The ninetieth morning.
Mood – hey, fem, are you serious?
Month – the traditions of the ussr.
As amended in the Law of Ukraine, the commander has the right to use weapons to stop desertion but so that it «wouldn’t cause a serviceman’s death».
In the third month of war, a deputy Mariana Bezuhla files the bill where she wants to delete this remark.
And let commanders «cause a serviceman’s death».
Am I the only one, for whom it seems that it’s a… mistake, to put it mildly?
The same as Bezuhla’s being a deputy.
We’ve got our thing to do.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 89

Not Kyiv.
The eighty-ninth morning.
Mood – James Blunt.
Month – Olena Topolia you are beautiful 😗
We’ve spent 24 hours in Kyiv where the shooting for a charity marathon took place.
At the same time, our Anna Dolynska visited James Blunt’s gig in Europe.
James surely knows how to write world hits, and how to wage war…
Read his biography, he’s a very interesting personality.
To cut the story short, he’s for us, for Ukraine!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 88

Biological security and protection against chemical attacks; the situation is under control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
When a person is where he’s supposed to be.
A chance meeting when it’s not.
Serhii, I have the honor!

Day 87

The eighty-seventh morning.
Mood – the fund’s Birthday.
Month – it’s already the seventh year since “WILNI-UA” have been assisting.
Once, in 2014-2015, after the Crimea’s annexation and war in Donbas began by ruzzia while a large part of Ukrainian show business continued to get warmed by the heat of kremlin soffits and was considerably «outta politics», get aroused with statuettes marked RU, fantasize with Gazprom fees, and fly to the occupied Crimea, ANTYTILA… were already «flying» to the east by an old minibus as volunteers.
We didn’t take up arms then.
We just refused from participation in the most massive rock festival «Nashestvie» as those being in the charts of «Nashe radio», closed off our roads to ruzzia, and started to bring everything aimed to save Ukrainian militaries’ lives to the frontline. And sometimes those things making it possible for them to complete the combat missions put more efficiently 😉
There are many interesting stories since then, I’ll probably write a book once upon a time 🙂
We were told, ‘dudes, you’ve almost missed the boat, you’re falling out the context with your volunteering, nooobody needz dis war of yours’.
We kept listening to that and… shooting the video to the song «Завжди моя» (‘Zavzhdy moia’/ ‘Forever mine’).
We understood everything back then, what everything would come to, and were getting ready.
Today our fund “WILNI-UA” turned seven years old.
During this time, the fund has collected more than ₴10 mln. A large part of these funds is personal costs of the ANTYTILA band.
Under the strict supervision of the fund’s manager, our friend Kateryna Nechaieva, many useful things for the militaries and civilians have been purchased and delivered on time.
Thanks to the fund, many Ukrainians from six waves of mobilization in 2014-2016 have come back home alive.
We’re not ashamed for any decisions made or deeds performed.
And when my colleagues on stage whose ruZZian touring has been interrupted by the war are trying to joke on me with their sick publications on social media being in Europe or America, this causes only an ironic smile.
I wish them successful American touring.
I want to believe they’ve got it together.
And the fund continues to work on the victory!
Name of the bank:
IBAN Code:
Bank SWIFT Code:
Company address:
UA 01001 Kiev, 2A Teremkivska str., app. 63.
Correspondent bank:
JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, USA Account in the correspondent bank:
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
Correspondent bank:
The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA
Account in the correspondent bank:
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
IBAN Code:
Name of the bank:
Bank SWIFT Code:
Company address:
UA 01001 Kiev, 2A Teremkivska str., app. 63
Correspondent bank:
Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Account in the correspondent bank:
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
Correspondent bank:
Account in the correspondent bank: 6231605145
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank:
For ERC-20, Matic, BNB chain, ETH, BUSD, USDT, USDC, BNB
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 86

Not Kyiv.
The eighty-sixth morning.
Mood – war won’t write anything off.
Month – there are plenty of stories, but the time hasn’t come.
If someone thinks that we’ll forget about everything committed by ours, namely «ours» on this war, never have a single hope, villains.
That’s me, just having registered.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 85

Not Kyiv.
The eighty-fifth morning.
Mood – the code of Ukrainian.
Month – Day of Vyshyvanka.
Dear friend, let’s put on vyshyvankas –
Our magic pattern of Ukraine.
Not for someone else, not for a cranky,
But for you, my dear loyal friend.
Let’s just put on vyshyvankas, fellow,
As our ancestors’ primordial charm.
And let none of us remain uncaring
Having one and only Otaman.
Let us put them on on feasts and Sundays,
And on working days when there’s a need,
Feel, our enemies just have no power
To destroy Ukraine-home we live in.
Let’s just put on vyshyvankas, fellow,
So that us, Ukrainians, were seen
By the world – we’re young, and brave, and hefty,
All together here for many years.
Author: Vasyl Derii
Translation: Lara Rusnak
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 84

Not Kyiv.
The eighty-fourth morning.
Mood – to the Crimea first.
Month – nobody’s gonna get away with it.
Crimea is Ukraine.
Crimea’s gonna be free!
Qırım serbest olacaq!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 83

Not Kyiv.
The eighty-third morning.
Mood – exchange.
Month – keep our fingers crossed.
Such things like extraction or exchange of the injured and captives require silence.
Especially, when most of us don’t know even a tenth part of all details and parties involved in the process.
The only thing I’m sure in, we need to take out and exchange all our heroes from Azovstal. Therefore, this story’s not over yet.
As well as the war Ukraine’s gonna prevail in!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 82

Not Kyiv.
The eighty-second morning.
Mood – Family’s Day, it was yesterday…
Month – I wish I hugged.
– you have three, you didn’t have to go.
– and how would I look them in the eye afterwards?
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 81

Nie Kijów.
Dzień osiemdziesiąty pierwszy.
Nastrój – przepraszam, polscy bracia.
Miesiąc – Eurowizja.
Dzisiejsza publikacja będzie w języku polskim.
Radość ze zwycięstwa Kałusza na Eurowizji, a także wybrzmiał na scenie apel o uratowanie wojska z “Azovstal” – jest bezgraniczna. To jest teraz bardzo ważne dla Ukrainy.
Radość jest jednak natychmiastowa, a związek między dwoma narodami długotrwały i od tego zależy nasza wspólna przyszłość. Więc teraz chcę zwrócić się do Polaków.
Drodzy Polacy, nasz sąsiad, przyjaciel, brat w wartościach i duchu. Przede wszystkim pragnę podziękować za wsparcie, jakiego udzielacie Ukrainie w tym niezwykle trudnym czasie. Wkład Polski jest nie do przecenienia, a jeszcze go do końca nie zrozumieliśmy.
Nigdy tego nie zapomnimy, na pewno Ci za to podziękujemy, obiecuję!
Ta irytacja ocenami ukraińskiego jury i 0 punktów dla polskiego wykonawcy to nasz wielki wstyd. Nie znam motywacji tych osób, ale zdecydowanie nie zgadzam się z ich decyzją.
Za co pragnę przeprosić wszystkich Polaków.
Chciałbym zauważyć, że jest to stanowisko TYLKO pięciu członków jury, a nie całego narodu ukraińskiego.
Naród ukraiński ocenił śpiew i występ reprezentanta Polski maksymalnie na 12 punktów!!
Chciałbym również zwrócić Państwa uwagę na to, że my, Ukraińcy, oburzamy się tymi ocenami i proszę, aby nie kojarzyć całego narodu z decyzją jednostek. Proszę nie dostrzegać symboliki w tych ocenach. Nie ma tam symboliki. To tylko głosy jury, które są dokładnym przeciwieństwem opinii całego narodu ukraińskiego.
Przecież ani z twórczego punktu widzenia, ani z uniwersalnego punktu widzenia, przedstawiciel Polski nie zasługiwał na tak niską ocenę, bo przemówienie Ohmana było naprawdę wspaniałe, nie mniej wspaniałe niż polityczne i gospodarcze wsparcie ze strony Polski, które otrzymywaliśmy przez całą wojnę.
Niech ten smutek nie wprowadza niezgody w stosunkach naszych narodów. Jeszcze raz przepraszam!
Chwała Ukrainie!
Chwała Polsce!
Wygrajmy razem!

Day 80

Not Kyiv.
The eightieth morning.
Mood – my sweetheart’s birthday.
Month – miss you, love you.
My honey, congratulations to you!
Thank you for having come into my life 😗
By the way, today Olena Topolia’s having another performance, charity one, of course.
Dallas, to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 79

Not Kyiv.
The seventy-ninth morning.
Mood – it won’t go with little blood.
Month – gritting our teeth.
Sometimes I have a kind of a mood, I read: 200 planes crushed, 25 thousand occupants killed (I daringly multiply the number of the injured by two), and it seems that Kharkiv region is gradually being liberated from scums, and it seems that lend-lease is about to come, and it seems that weaponry’s coming, and it seems that the whole civilized world is for us, but…
Then there are 300th, 200th in the unit, then I find out an approximate number of our real losses, then it thunders all night long, and there’s a red glow on the horizon at the distance of 5 km (but there are already no incoming strikes to you, ‘cause someone gave their life two days before to drive the enemy out of those positions… where it used to income from).
Then there are news from Azovstal..
Then there’s anxious anxiety of the UN.
Then there’s another question from my sweetheart when it will already be possible to come back home
Then the newsfeed appears with some dud, for God’s sake, kinda everyone still cares of him
Then there’s another political ‘zrada’ (treason)
Then Zaluzhnyi’s being smashed up
Then.. then…then…
It hasn’t gone with little blood already, and it won’t do. Lots of our boys and girls have already deceased and, unfortunately, there’ll be more.
Internal political spleen and ‘zrada’ will be flowing.
Europe and the world are not a magic stick.
And we’ll still have to pass a decent number of difficult exams in the course of initiation and transferring from population to Nation and Society.
Everything’s fallen in the heat of war: steel swords, Cossacks’ sabers, and rusty cans of food.
What’s gonna get out of that heat depends only on us. Though the outlines of future are inspiring cautious optimism, yet…
So I close the box with emotions more and more often and do my job having gritted my teeth. Cold mind, patience, self-control, and faith in victory.
I recommend the same to you.
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 78

Not Kyiv.
The seventy-eighth morning.
Mood – International Nurse’s Day.
Month – painful charity.
‘War’ and ‘nurse’ are of feminine gender (in Ukrainian).
They’re walking side by side like two sisters.
But war hurts from hatred, and a nurse – from charity, so that Life would prevail.
Only the head of a military hospital and the head doctor of a civic one are fully aware of nurses’ feat in this war.
It’s hard to be overestimated.
An entire romantic epic has emerged around a nurse at war 🙂
Thank you, nurses! For saving Ukrainian fathers, sons, brothers, sisters, and mothers with your hard routine work, for not running away from under shelling, and for not leaving those who won’t survive without your assistance in the lurch.
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 77

Not Kyiv.
The seventy-seventh morning.
Mood – extract Azov from Azovstal!
Month – extract Azov from Azovstal!
‎קוראים לי ויטלי ברבאש, כינוי ״בניה״. קשה לי לדבר» בעקבות פציעה, זעזוע ומצב בריאותי קשה, לכן אחי לנשק ידבר בשמי ובשם כל היהודים האוקראינים שנמצאים כאן עימי. קודם כל אני רוצה לאחל לכולם שלום ושמיים נקיים – דווקא במילים אלו אני רוצה להתחיל את פנייתי לראש הממשלה נפתלי בנט, לחברה הישראלית, לאנשי תקשורת, לבית הכנסת ״בין שטרן שולמן״ שבעיר קריבי ריה, הרב לירון אדרי, ואני מקווה שהמסר שלי יגיע גם לחברי הכנסת יולי אדלשטיין, יוליה מלינובסקי, יבגני סובה ואלכס קושניר, בתור מי שיש לו קשר קרוב יותר לאוקראינה. כאן לצידי, במריופול האוקראינית, בהריסות של המפעל ״אזובסטאל״ המוחרב, נמצאים עוד יהודים כמוני וכמוכם. כולנו זוכרים איך אבותינו האוקראינים סבלו מרצח העם שבוצע על ידי סטאלין ואבותינו היהודיים נרדפו והושמדו על ידי היטלר. היום אנו עומדים בפני איום חדש שמאחד ומשחזר את מאמציהם של שני הדיקטטורים מן העבר ומתבטא בדמותו ופעולותיו של הנשיא פוטין. אני פונה בשם כל היהודים אשר נמצאים ב״אזובסטאל״ המוחרבת והנצורה. אני פצוע ויש לי את ההזדמנות להקליט את הסרטון הזה. באותו רגע יתר אחיי לנשק נמצאים בחזית ומגנים על כל פיסת אדמה אותה העם האוקראיני חלק עם אבותינו. כבר מעל לחודשיים הרוסים ממשיכים להשמיד את כל הקשור לשורשים המשותפים שלנו וההיסטוריה המשותפת. שני העמים שלנו חוו טרגדיה דומה במהלך ההיסטוריה שלהם, אבל כרגע אנחנו פשוט חייבים להילחם, מכוון שזאת גם אדמה שלנו ומדינה שלנו. אוקראינה מעולם לא התרחקה מהעם היהודי ואנחנו מאמינים שישראל לא תתרחק מהעם האוקראיני,…»
«I am Barabash Vitaliy Oleksandrovych, nicknamed “Benya.” It is difficult for me to speak due to severe injuries, contusions, and serious illnesses, so my brother in arms will speak for me on behalf of all Ukrainian Jews who are here with me in the Azovstal factory.
Everyone needs a peaceful sky. With these words, I will begin my appeal to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, the Knesset, the Israeli public, journalists, the Bain Stern Shulman Synagogue in Kryvyi Rih, and Rabbi Leron Ederi. I hope that Julius Edelstein, Julia Malinowska, Eugene Sova, and Alex Kushnir will hear our appeal as those closer to Ukraine. As well as I am here, in Mariupol, Ukraine, in the rubbles leftover from Azovstal, there are Jews like me, like you. We remember how our Ukrainian ancestors suffered from the genocide of Stalin and how our Jewish ancestors suffered from Hitler.
Today, our common souls have faced a new tragedy that unites and restores the efforts of two past dictators in the face of Putin.
I address on behalf of all the Jews who are surrounded today by the ruins of Azovstal. I’m injured, and I can record this video. Others are currently on the battlefield, defending every piece of land that the Ukrainian people have shared with our ancestors.
For the third month in a row, the Russians have been destroying everything concerning our common (Jewish and Ukrainian) roots and shared history. We have always been united by two terrible historical tragedies, but now we are simply obliged to fight because it is our land and country. Ukraine has never turned away from the Jews, so we believe that Israel may not turn away from the Ukrainian people but stand side by side against the Russian invaders, who brought a new tragedy.
Now that we are here, we need Israel’s help in withdrawing the entire Mariupol military garrison, and we call for rescue.
You, like no one else, have the power to do that. We, like no one else, have hope in you. We are already waiting for you. We are already writing history»

Day 76

Not Kyiv.
The seventy-sixth morning.
Mood – extract Azov from Azovstal
Month – extract Azov from Azovstal.
There’s nothing more important than that right now. Especially, in light of the fact that occupants are preparing a chemical attack at the plant.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 75

Not Kyiv.
The seventy-fifth morning.
Mood – extract Azov from Azovstal!
Month – extract Azov from Azovstal!
When Bono called me and invited to a performance, he also suggested telling whatever I consider right and address whoever when performing a song together.
Bono is unbelievably tough Irishman, the Legend, he knows what to do, and what for.
Where there’s Bono, there’s Light!
Of course, I’ve taken this opportunity. My appeal was quite long.
But its main part was about Azov.
«Thank you, Bono and The Edge for coming, thank the people of Ireland, United Kingdom for such a great support of Ukraine.
Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Reijep Erdogan, Olaf Sholts, Emanuel Makron, Ursula von der Layen, I’m asking you to help our president, diplomacy, to extract Ukrainian soldiers from Mariupol, Azovstal, where the Russians are literally arranging a hell, just right now».
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 74

The seventy-fourth morning.
Mood – what if?
Month – extract Azov from Azovstal!
Imagine there’s Bono from U2 in front of you or Paul McCartney from the Beatles, what would you tell them, ask them for?
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 72

Not Kyiv.
The seventy-second morning.
Mood – infantry!
Every soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a bit an infantry one.
With our legs, arms, sweat, and blood, each of us is a bit an infantry soldier gaining our victory on land.
On our native land!
If there’s anyone aware of all drama and depth of the war, it’s an infantry soldier.
It’s only the Azov regiment in the tunnels of Azovstal being deeper than their trenches are. But they are gods of war made of steel, they’re to be addressed not for awareness, but for legends.
So Happy infantry day, friends!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 71

Not Kyiv.
The seventy-first morning.
Mood – pleasant expectation.
Month – the Crimean bridge.
When we knock down the bridge, gonna get clean-clean-shaven for such an occasion. And maybe I’ll even cut off my ‘antenna’ ))))
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.

Day 70

Мила, обіцяю коли все мине…
Я танцюватиму з тобою so slow,
І цілуватиму туди де любов, знов і знов. Чекай мене, коли все це мине.
Я впаду із тобою цей flow,
Зацілую туди де любов, знов і знов. Чекай мене, коли все це мине.
Сильно кохаю і дуже сумую Olena Topolia😗
Honey, I promise when it’s all over…
I will dance with you so slow,
And I will kiss directly in the place where love is, again and again.
Wait for me till it’s all over.
I will fall with you into this flow,
Will cover you with kisses there where love is, again and again.
Wait for me till it’s all over.
Love you and miss you so much 😘

Day 69

Not Kyiv.
The sixty-ninth morning.
Mood – ruZZian diplovomicy.
Month – of hard-core lavrovery.
I’m sorry, I was about to comment yesterday, but we had a premiere, it wasn’t relevant.
A *sad horse* has kicked out his hind legs from ‘zaporebrik’, aka the main ruZZian ‘vomimat’ or ‘diplovomit’ lavrov.
In the interview given to Italians, he gave a hint that ‘story’s not entirely clear’, that hitler was of Jewish descent meanwhile being a fascist and perpetrating the Holocaust.
All this was with a hint of our President.
They say, at that moment lavrov began to nosebleed with sh*t, but that was cut when editing the video.
What total scums they are. If this pattypan squash-headed one has got such rubbish in it, what about those smaller fries having crawled to destroy us on our land?
It’s trash. This abscess should be demolished.
Phew…. Said my say.
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 68

Not Kyiv.
The sixty-eighth morning.
Mood – lyrical.
Month – international premiere.
Here are a few interesting things about our today’s joint premiere with Ed Sheeran.
Ukrainian lyrics to the song 2Step are my personal story of the first day of war. The sirens have interrupted not only sleep of Olena and I, but also sleep of millions of Ukrainians on that day. The war broke into peaceful life and is lasting for months, we’re heroes in it, and we’re a show runner…
Dior is my beloved Olena Topolia‘s perfume, my most favorite one.
Both ANTYTILA and a director Dmytro Shmurak, we devote this video to Dmytro Manifest, our creative friend, operator, endlessly bright and talented professional of the camera… unfortunately, in the past.
Manifest passed away too early.
Dimon, you remain in our memory, we love and appreciate everything we created together with you! We know, if you were alive now, you’d have burst into this story together with us.
Dmytro Shmurak is a director and producer of the video, a person thanks to whom this video has appeared, actually. The idea of it belongs to ANTYTILA, and he’s done all the rest. He’s done it unreal!
The thing is we couldn’t either take a serious part in organizing, or in shooting like we usually do. I’m sure, there’s no need to explain, why.
I can’t fail to mention the shooting team, actors or friends of the ANTYTILA band. I’m lost for words to describe how tough you are. You all together have created a very beautiful and deep thing!
All the funds from monetization as well as royalties from ‘2Step – Ed Sheeran feat. ANTYTILA’ are to be transferred to the project MUSIC SAVES UA from Ukrainian Association of Music Events – UAME
The ANTYTILA band’s permanent partners, the AIR Company, have made a promo campaign of the video on YouTube for free and covered all advertising budget of the video on their own! Yep!
The main character of the video Oleksii Sokolov flew all the way from Neapol together with his parents specifically to take part in shooting. Some men leave the country, and the others come back and give their talent 😉
Yaroslava Nefedova, you’re a clever girl and a sophisticated beauty 😗
Fatima Horbenko, thank you, that’s strong, moving to tears.
My syncs for the video have been shot by Serhii Vusyk and Dmytro Zholud in 10 minutes after we have completed the mission from our commander Dmytro Bilokonskyi between the positions of our two companies in Kharkiv region.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 67

Not Kyiv.
The sixty-seventh morning.
Mood – with small steps towards the victory.
Month – mopping-up around Kharkiv.
During the last week, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated about ten settlements around Kharkiv.
With minimal losses and with great coordination between different units.
Everything so far points to the fact that for ruZZnia there’s gonna be total ‘tsyrkuny’ with ‘izium’, if you know what I mean )))
And not just here.
Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this regard!
And glory to Ukraine!

Day 66

Not Kyiv.
The sixty-sixth morning.
Mood – unpleasant truth.
Month – to stand in front of the mirror.
Your life will never be the same it was before.
It will either worse or better.
Everything depends on your decisions and intentions this very moment.
They are your black swan and your joker at the same time.
If you live, breathe and think – make deeds.
For dozens of thousands of Ukrainians this option’s already unavailable. Blessed memory of every male and female!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 65

Not Kyiv
The sixty-fifth morning.
Mood – «we’re losing him»!
Month – in the wake of UEFA Nations League.
It’s obvious, that the UN has already been brought into reanimation, on their chest there’s a defibrillator, the voltage is maximal.
Following the response.
Will they survive or not?
The closest weeks are going to be interesting.
To take the patient to the hospice is not an option.
There’s a ward still messy after the UEFA Nations League.
And we’ve got our thing to do.
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 64

Not Kyiv.
The sixty-forCE morning 🙂
Mood – does it make sense?
Month – are you serious?
The say, a bus-sized military target has personally dragged their butt to a place by Izium in order to personally take the Armed Forces of Ukraine into a personal blockade.
A bigwig, a bio-organism hung with orders and medals surnamed Gerasimov, the second after Shoygu.
Well-well…. go ahead )))
I think his arrival will draw at least two ruZZian BTGs off, just to defend the biggie, and will surely challenge our gunners.
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 63

Not Kyiv.
The sixty-third morning.
Mood – was it possible to do like that?
Month – I’m not surprised with anything.
I’m not an expert in military science.
I’m also not very bright in geopolicy.
But I can’t ignore this matter.
Butusov calls Ukraine to attack Moldova. He means, to step onto the sovereign territory of Moldova, to Prydnistrovia, marching.
With no official invitation of the president Sandu, just plainly, preventively, ‘cause we NEED it.
Am I the only one, for whom it seems that at that moment when ruZZians commit armed provocations on the territory of Moldova to open one more front in the south of our country, it’s just a tough stuff to write such things?
And to like that, and to share that.
Even in case if the biggest weapon depots in Europe explode, that will definitely not be us, it’s so obvious.
Explain me, please, maybe I’m mistaken, maybe Butusov is a secret agent, and it’s some kind of our information and psychological special operation, a three-mmmover or a kind of I haven’t managed to grokk?
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 62
Not Kyiv.
The sixty-second morning.
Mood – Chornobyl, comparison.
Month – ruZZians haven’t learnt the lesson.
Today, after ruZZian trenches in the Red forest, after firing at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant from tanks, on Chornobyl disaster’s anniversary, radioactive level from the bodies of those stupid organisms is shining especially brightly somewhere in hospitals of Belarus.
And behind that gamma-light, there’s pitch-dark, empty, mediocre, doomed inside.
A black hole that’s swallowing washing machines, toilets, tablets, and plasma TVs.
These all can be acquired.
But for mutilated fates and deaths of tortured women and kids, scums gonna pay the ultimate price.
They say, right now the name’s being chosen for «Ukrainian Mossad». And not just the name.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 61

Not Kyiv.
The sixty-first morning.
Mood – flaming.
Month – sweet it is to look.
Bryansk tank farm’s burning and flaming,
And not just one, but two already.
Burning and flaming, throwing out flashes,
Russian warship,…. Well, you know what’s next.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.

Day 60

Not Kyiv.
The sixtieth morning.
Mood – Jesus has Risen!
Month – He has Risen Indeed!
Here should have been the text about ‘sold-outs’ having been organized by Ukrainians for moscow popes.
About how this kiril’s scums should be forced out of our home.
But I’ve decided not to do it today.
Have a nice Easter Sunday, everyone!
And remember, painted eggs are good, but no one has repealed the steel nuts of the Armed Forces.
It’s a unique case when the footing of the new future nation state is being constructed from rounded material 🙂
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 59

Not Kyiv.
The fifty-ninth morning.
Mood – to do the job.
Month – ‘I wouldn’t speak about all Odesa’, but…
Our unit in the east, which somebody calls a battalion, and somebody keeps saying we’re almost a company 😉, is provided with munitions in sufficient quantity.
American fun-funs are in place, and there’s also enough English humor 🙂
Everything was delivered from the warehouses in the west, and not by hustlers.
We want more, but believe me, at war desires are always like this.
The same thing’s with medicine.
American assistance IFAK was handed over from the warehouse in the west long ago, it was handed out, and there’s even a small stock. There’s plenty of dressing materials; occlusals, bandages, litters, hemostatic are in stock.
All these arrived via the Armed Forces’ line and thanks to volunteers 50/50.
Clearing routes have been adjusted, the problems we had – solved by those being responsible locally, first of all, – sometimes after unpleasant talks, but.
Vehicles get broken down, we recover them.
The personnel’s training’s going on.
I’d like to remark, that I haven’t used my phone or personal contacts in the Armed Forces of Ukraine EVEN A SINGLE TIME to provide my unit.
There was a problem with chemical protection, but, supported by Ukrainians and the Red Cross, we’ve collected funds, found, bought, and handed out the sets, and this was also solved.
THANKS to everyone who cared for that!
I wouldn’t speak of how it is in other units.
I don’t know it for sure.
I believe the fact that many have problems, that it doesn’t reach many what’s from the warehouses.
And that should be punished!
Assistance must be at the frontline where it’s required the most. Period.
But when I see an American instructor telling in the interview that fellows of his fellows, special forces!!! have allegedly bled dry in the course of completing their missions, I feel shocked. Honestly speaking, I’ve never met a single special forces soldier not having two tourniquets with him. It’s more important than ammunition. Maybe I could believe in such a «fighter» like me having come from civil life and can be not aware of what is important, and what’s not, they can be without a medikits or not be able to use it.
Still… I can also be wrong with my conclusions.
There’s one thing I’m sure: you should do your job reliably at all levels, correct your mistakes, and then correct them again.
It’s life, it’s war.
There’s fighting spirit in our unit. If after having beaten ruZZnia out from Kyiv my sworn brothers kept tempting for a few weeks, they’re not tempting but working here.
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 58

Not Kyiv.
The fifty-eighth morning.
Mood – enthusiFLYstic.
Month – it seems, ruZZnia’s flown themselves.
Have you noticed, during the previous 24 hours the Armed Forces of Ukraine have up to twenty airborne targets shot down to their credit.
Three planes, two helicopters, UAVs, ballistic missiles…
Captured the trend? 🙂
Something’s gonna arrive, those will hack enemy’s artillery to pieces with entire companies, everything will be very soon (Ukr. ‘nezabarom’).
And a ruZZian occupant will definitely die not by the bar counter (Ukr. ‘ne za barom’).
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 57

The fifty-seventh morning.
Mood – a miserable sight.
Month – it’s time for him to join kobzon, it’s time to.
I saw putin and shoygu’s stand-up.
One is rumpled like an old yellow newspaper, round-shouldered, holding a creasy sheet of paper and mumbling his report underneath the table.
Another one clung to the table with his hand; it seems he had aimed to reach his colleague’s nuts, but…
Grip’s not the same, and the table is two meters long, and it (the table), unfortunately, is not to be beaten.
Jumping on the carpet with his feet, pale-faced, groaning something, sliding across the chair, his mouth’s open, he’s breathing hard and speaking quietly.
A miserable misery, to cut it short.
This despicable performance has been made for the sole purpose – to justify his sickness and to give a «heroic» order to stop assaulting Mariupol. The horde of orcs was never able to take the city or break the Ukrainian Heroes’ resistance!
Stated that.
These two old pale-faced portable crematoriums at the table are the face of entire russia as well as undoubtedly of its future.
And we are about to prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 56

Not Kyiv.
The fifty-sixth morning.
Mood – our friends-volunteers came and brought mmmmm….
Month – what would we do without you?
Horizontal communication is our everything.
The Ukrainian sitting and waiting for a command from the host is a fake.
The thing ruZZian scums haven’t still grokked, that a Ukrainian’s heart is half of an anarchist and half of a farmer, and a Cossack’s sabre in the middle.
The trident was painted for them on purpose, for ‘undeerstandin’, but nope – they’re dumb like a valenok.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 55

The fifty-fifth morning.
Mood – the irony of fate.
Month – the horde’s agony.
About 10 years ago, I saw a video where a ruZZian campaigner against putin’s mansion, Navalnyi, was heading the column of neo-fascists in Moscow during another demonstration or sub-protest.
I don’t want to pick his biography, political positions, or claims. There’s nothing good for Ukraine to be found there.
Like among all liberal Imperials, there are «sandwiches» in the head and «story’s not entirely clear».
There’s not a single good ruZZian for me anymore.
The irony of fate.
Illia Navalnyi – that Navalnyi’s relative (they say so) was killed by ruZZians during occupation shot in the head in Zalissia.
Rest in peace, Illia Ivanovych.
For every death, we are to offer thanks to the entire biological subtype of your nephew.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 54

Not Kyiv.
The fifty-fourth morning.
Mood – musical.
Month – Ukraine’s gonna prevail!
Before setting off to the east, I swung by Maksym Syvolap, stood by the microphone, and remembered what I used to live for before the war 🙂
As a result, today we have a cheerful, strong, motivational premiere with humor!
Spoiler: there some more surprises awaiting 😉
And everything began with the fact that Oleksandr Ponomarov called and said
that people need a march of victory, and he, Sashko, has just had a dream with it.
The dream was good, and the song is no less cool.
Search for the link to «Україна переможе» (‘Ukraine’s gonna prevail’) in the first comment. Welcome.

Day 53

Not Kyiv.
The fifty-third morning.
Mood – observations from war.
Month – the most pleasant rain and mud, to wage an offensive on it is a traditional ruZZian suicide.
Took note of:
Two Kalashnikov rifles get into a guitar case.
It’s possible to eat once a day.
Paranoia is useful.
A body armor is heavy until the first severe incoming strike 🙂
An unattended charging device disappears forever at rate of one mscvt destroyed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which means in three minutes.
No matter how long you teach to apply a tourniquet, they will apply it on the wrist anyway.
There is tasty borsch in the east.
Surgeons’ jokes aren’t funny only for the first 5 minutes. Then you get used to 🙂
Carelessness around isn’t funny only for the first 5 days. Then you get used to.
Under incoming strikes, it’s better to keep dreaming, it turns out there are so many things you haven’t yet managed to do.
Wet wipes are our everything.
Humor boosts combat capability double.
The Armed Forces of Ukraine are Gods of war.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 52

Not Kyiv.
The fifty-second morning.
Mood – aes non olet.
Month – Pope has got broken.
There used to be war.
Rome as well as the Bishop of Rome (Pius IX) was under the French (Napoleon III).
In 1870, the Italian army has taken the capital and Vatican.
Having been left without Napoleon’s patronage, in actual blockade in the Vatican Palace, Pius IX had announced himself a captive and kept sitting there for eight years until he died. After him, the same trick was repeated by four more Popes. Until…
In 1929, the fascist Mussolini gave Vatican a unique status – international sovereignty for the territory of City State Vatican where the Pope’s authority became supreme and sole, and in the international arena – independent and autonomous.
In the course of the Second World War, Vatican took a strange position, to put it mildly.
Take an interest.
What I’m getting.
I’ve never needed a mediator for internal communication with the Universe, God, Creator… whatever.
For me every church and religion is no more than a ceremonial tradition, a ritual of ancestors, or a cultural background in gold plating.
Religion has done an outline-consolidated connection of ancestors and existential superior power the cognition of which was impossible for them fully.
That’s why ancestors created leading lights, symbols, a framework understandable for themselves. Of course, using those symbols it became possible to destroy and implant their own model of God on Earth.
People are kind of people.
Yesterday, Vatican insulted me personally, Ukrainians, it insulted all victims of this ongoing war with its irrelevant performance, the war where ruZZian scums destroy and rape our women and kids.
And, what is absolutely sure, they are NOT carrying «their cross» together with us.
Contrariwise, they are crucifying!
On their Z-structure turned upside down and on a satanic chapel burnt out with GRADs.
Pope’s yesterday performance is not about Love.
It’s a refined policy at double rate.
Life and power of Ukrainian people will put everything in place. You’ll see.
We believe in Light! We keep struggling.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 51

Not Kyiv.
The fifty-first morning.
Mood – keep thinking…
Month – what is russia meant for?
Imagine there’s no russia.
What is the world going to lose from that? Nothing.
This ugly Frankenstein is able to do nothing but murders, atrocities, and stealing from someone else.
It’s a parasite of enslaved nations.
Oil and gas? Perhaps except those.
But there is a civilized substitution, it’s a matter of time.
I’m trying to find the answer, what is this tumor parasitizing on the world’s body for?
I can find nothing, except the only thing: it’s a contrasting marker, standard of evil, of insidious, disgusting, total evil.
This abscess exists so that amid it we could understand and feel what the real good is.
‘Cause in the world of things, everything’s respective to something.
When we prevail, we must preserve, not to lose our pure Soul, our charity and nobility.
Or we’ll turn into Frankenstein ourselves.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 50

Not Kyiv ))))
The fiftieth morning.
Mood – moscow on fire for the scums, not Ukraine!
Month – to burn out the horde from east.
The presidents of really brotherly nations have visited Ukraine.
Yesterday, I looked at the map of Europe.
Look, how symbolically they’ve hugged us. Intentionally made a screenshot.
Ukraine’s forming a strong axis (upcoming union) of countries already resisting the embodiment of evil in this world.
The spine of this union is our militaries’ temper!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 49

The forty-ninth morning.
Mood – it’s getting green 🙂
Month – nature’s exploding with blossom.
Today I’ll cut it short.
In the photo in the first comment there is an ordinary green bud.
How much sense there is in this photo.
So you also write what you’re waiting for, what are your plans for spring, and why this bud’s foretelling an inevitable ruSSnia’ defeat.

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 48
The forty-eighth morning.
Mood – a taxi driver
Month – we’ve heard you and done it just the same.
Sorry for being late.
To set off as a unit for reinforcing the Armed Forces of Ukraine you need to stop, drive around and outdrive thirty-forty-nine longest traffic jams in Kyiv.
And you, meanwhile, are telling they should have warned everyone about war. ‘If only you had, then….’
There you go. They did. They asked.
And so what?
Kinda meh.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 47

The forty-seventh morning.
Mood – getting dived in.
Month – «leave».
I’ve written Ukrainian lyrics to the song, there’ll be a collab, about what hurts.
D’you have a clue how you can sometimes get dive din and how you’re drawn towards your kids and darling… tough stuff.
And if it’s not topolia, but bereza has the same feelings making him rush away to Truskavets monastery to his dearest and beloved… I can understand him.
Though… who am I kidding.
Where are that duffer’s feelings? It’s politics and hypocrisy. Is there anything left froma human, hey?
And while another russian-‘macaroner’ is begging for funds on macaroni for kids and keeps teaching us, Ukrainians, how to live from abroad with his ravings of madman, my battalion and I are about to set off to a new station, for a «leave», to do our job.
You also do; you’ll be dived in, but do!
My dearest honey-bees.
And read as little ruZZian jackasses as possible, especially those having been already killed once, no matter how honey their tongue were.
And don’t mind when wood writes about politics, including topolia 🙂
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 46

The forty-sixth morning.
Mood – cooking.
Month – borsch is ours (‘borschnash’)!
I keep forgetting to write of borsch.
That’s already a well-known fact in little-known circles: it’s been a long time since ANTYTILA have a song about borsch being almost finished.
Gonna knock it down when we completely reach the studio.
I believe, this will happen soon; well, how soon, everything’s respective to something. But after Volodymyr’s and Boris’s walk across Maidan and our Armed Forces’ mood, space and time start contracting 🙂
For now, see the photo on the topic of borsch in the first comment.
Yevhen Klopotenko, hi to you, no change for our plans!
One last point: Ukrainians abroad, don’t be shy, cook and treat good people with our borsch, give thanks for their kindness with taste!
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 45

The forty-fifth morning.
Mood – I remember how hard it was to master the grammar of iterating numbers at the lessons of Ukrainian 🙂 sweating in expectation of the day 56.
Month – getting ready for…
Once, in 2016, we made a massive exhibition UKRAINE EXISTS in the UN headquarters in NY devoted to the war in Donbas. We had combined military and art contexts.
Showing that despite active combat actions Ukraine keeps living and creating.
The person having played an unbelievably important role in realization of the project was Oleksandr Matsuka.
While we were sincerely indignant and burning inside from justice, cruelty, falsity, and cynicism of ruZZians and because of the anxious anxiety of the UN, he was guiding us across the corridors of diplomacy and explaining how this organism was working, and why everything was like that. Even then, a clear understanding came that the world was cruel and pragmatic, that UN was not a panacea, but there was nothing better having been created by post-war world.
But this post is not about the UN.
After the headquarters, the exhibition went to Chicago, NJ, Toronto.
We were planning to bring it to Slovakia, but it didn’t work out.
Today I can see how this small brave country is helping us and understand that after the victory we should go there on a visit.
To hug, to thank!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 44

The forty-fourth morning.
Mood – you think I can’t see that?
Month – my personal conclusions have been made long ago.
Of our fellow nationals, Ukrainians.
There are deep lines in one of the songs of Depeche Mode: “try walking in my shoes”.
By the way, how’s it going with Depeche Mode?)))
These words are about the fact that it’s hard to judge a person if you hadn’t put on their shoes and hadn’t covered their path.
It’s a philosophical approach, I’ve always been trying to do so before the war. Now, it’s lost its relevance, almost.
I’m constantly being asked: what’s your attitude towards this man, towards that woman, what’s your mind of this…?
I never say trivial «God will judge them», because it seems like I have doubts he judges anyone in this world personally.
And since I’m also not D’Artagnan, it’s not comme il faut for me to judge anyone.
So I often say in my mind: nu і hyi z nymy.
But I notice everything and bear in mind, of course.
Like one guy has hidden in the church and become a real deacon of the ROC of Moscow Patriarchate so that not to mobilize; like another one has arranged moving abroad to all his accomplices with hundreds of millions while he himself has almost stirred up «Zakarpattia people’s republic» to the war’s rattling; like one has sung to «Chervona kalyna» while his Instagram has disclosed his location – Russia; like some kept silent for a week awaiting who will win, and then resuscitated as a patriot…..
this list can be continued for a very long time, unfortunately.
My answer’s always the same: we’ve got our thing to do!
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 43

The forty-third morning.
Mood – lend-lease.
Month – lend-lease.
The Senate has just decreed the law!
Oh, you can’t even imagine what is American lend-lease….
Okay, you can, I know, I’m kidding 🙂
Lend-lease is like you get the house you’ve been dreaming of half of your life; it’s like you open the garage with Hyundai and see a Lamborghini there; it’s like you’ve bought tourist class ticket, but you fly on a charter; it’s like when you’re eating up your soup and suddenly find out your child has won world Olympiad in Maths; it’s like you go out all alone against a gang of thugs and suddenly feel your hood dudes’ breaths behind your back; or like you did four times during one night…
…got carried away, It’s been a long time I haven’t kissed my sweetheart.
So you got it, yep?
And when it comes into our ‘eagles’, there’ll definitely be damndeathtoenemies!!!!
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 42

The forty-second morning.
Mood – by Holokhvastov: yes, but no.
Month – to quote one music band 🙂
Divide into three what you’ve heard
What was said is not yet conquered.
You’re one-on-one with just an abyss before you
Where one out of two wouldn’t mind to get on you,
Throw you out away on the road,
Hack what you have gained number one.
To stand for what you’ve got’s not shame, bro, you know it,
It’s shame when you press and stop not having done it.
Yesterday for Daily Express:
…such times, actors and freaks have turned out to be outstanding leaders and politicains of today (the British woman smiled and probably imagined Johnson’s haircut; and I didn’t smile and imagined a guy from Kryvyi Rih having become older by about ten years for one month).
And then I added: and outstanding politicians of today have turned into comics and actors. And said in my mind: nous les perdons….
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 41

The forty-first morning.
Mood – fury!
Month – «are you sure those were russian soldiers having done that»?
The ‘manual’ started working.
So go right ahead and pile Internet with those photos!!!
If you can, describe that in details, shout all around what ruZZian scums have done to innocent people!
Send photos in private messages; post them, many times however hard it would be.
For every ruZZian bot ten Ukrainians should come.
Those who want to join the battle from your computers or cellphones – you’re up.
They won’t ban everyone!!!
Make their ugly voices drown in the waterfall of truth about the crimes those savages have committed.
And let the fury feed you.
It’s the right time for this energy.
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 40

The fortieth morning.
Mood – biblical motifs.
Month – to overcome everything and prevail.
For forty years, Moses was dragging Israel people through the desert so that the sun burnt all the memories of Egyptian «slavery» from the new generation, irreversibly.
We’ve got our first real forty days which are to grow into forty years.
To clear out, to burn a ruZZian abscess from ourselves!!!
Otherwise we’re gonna lose.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 39

The thirty-ninth morning.
Mood – I hate them.
Month – to have a definite understanding that we stand against refined evil.
What has burst upon our view has no mercy. In any corner of the world, every degenerate with a tricolor will find revenge for that. Rub these photos in mugs of everyone who says only putin’s guilty.
Save them so that when we win the war you wouldn’t make a mistake and wouldn’t forget.
These innocent people were raped, riddled with bullets, and tortured exactly by a russian soldier. And 80% of ruZZians together with him supporting this soldier in their victory fanaticism. They’re not nation, they’re biological subspecies of degenerates, an abscess on Europe’s body.
But we’re prevailing.
The time will come; there’ll be retribution for everything.
It’s already coming.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 38

The thirty-eighth morning.
Mood – cautious optimism.
Month – of numerous tactical victories.
You can see big lists of liberated towns and villages across the country.
It’s uplifting, and it’s giving hope to millions.
Gonna have more today.
For the sake of such news, for the sake of liberating Ukraine from rotten ruZZians, our soldiers lay down their lives.
Although Ukraine’s sons and daughters are cyborgs, they’re not immortal, unfortunately.
Our common task is not to get into euphoria and to prepare for the worst while acting the best.
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 37

The thirty-seventh morning.
Mood – women are our strength, tenacity, and gentle but unbreakable mainstay!
Month – February-March-like April.
I’d like to write about Ukrainian women. How many of them there are here, at war…. In various roles.
When we talk about equal rights, of course we mean also equal duties.
Now, Ukrainian women have made commitments on the country on par with men sometimes even grabbing a bigger piece of the pie.
Thank you, our dearest!
For everything!
For defending Ukraine with weapons, volunteering, saving lives, raising children and holding everyday life at home and in exile while men are doing their job at the frontline.
You contribution is priceless!
Olena Topolia, I love you 😗
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 36

The thirty-sixth morning.
Mood – have you heard of an alabai? HAVE YOU HEARD??? Have you heard that recording about an alabai???
Month – ruZZian dogs gobble up dogs.
Long story short, listen to a video where one ruZZian bio-organism is telling his father by phone how they had gobbled up all the geese and hens in the village and yesterday… ate an alabai (I won’t be surprised if they found it already dead and then gobbled it up).
Himbo-father is «sliehka udivlion» (a bit surprised), but the bio-organism persuades him everything’s okay.
Together with numerous talks of the captured with their mamas and looters with their wives, I’ve listened to, together with testimonies of raped women and children… aversion, contempt and hatred are the only ones I feel for them. The same is for all their accomplices and allies in this war.
At the word «ruZZian» it begins to stink with sulfur and rot. Scums!!!
We are warriors of light, they are stinky immoral biomass.
Our victory is already quite observable, its contours are being outlined.
We are to unite and struggle!
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.

Day 35

The thirty-fifth morning.
Mood – I used to like «Virmenskyi Dvoryk»!
Month – sport is outta politics and is now a bit outta Armenia.
We are given:
1.Armenians have handed over 3 planes to fascists for bombing Ukraine.
2.Armenians have lost to Norway with a score 9-0.
Figure out: how fast will the score become 3-0 for Ukraine?
UPD: official Yerevan has proved that wrong. Details are here.

Conclude on your own. I did it long ago.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 34

The thirty-fourth morning.
Mood – contra spem spero.
Month – negotiating.
For now, Cossacks and orcs have gathered at the sultan’s place.
History’s laughing at us and spiraling.
We’ll see what’s gonna be negotiated, but… protection against chemical weapons has been prepared in Kyiv.
Kinda meh…..
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 33

The thirty-third morning.
Mood – thoughts.
Month – of new life for millions.
I’ll probably say unpopular thing, but we already need to think of it. It’s obvious that one-third of Ukrainian refugees will never come back to Ukraine. During the war, they’ll establish new social and emotional contacts in the states of Europe, America, Canada…
Having adapted fast (and Ukrainians are champions in that), arranged their own business, enrolled their children to schools, cooked borsch in exile for the thousandth time, and felt that «foreign» land is becoming «theirs», they’re gonna make a decision not to come back.
Those will mostly be young active people.
It’s time to think over the consequences of this just now.
Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians already need and are going to need psychological and even psychiatric assistance massively.
Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious thing. And the war having been experienced leaves its mark for the whole life.
That will also have to be dealt with somehow.
There are lots of tasks and challenges awaiting us after the victory.
But the mentioned problems require special attention.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 32

The thirty-second morning.
Mood – any luck, scums, thinking you could prevail over these people?
Month – it won’t end until we prevail.
We came on some errands to the former location and after chaos and first days, there’s an apple-pie order.
Girls and boys have arranged comfort and facilities no worse than they have at home.
Believe me, it happens in every wet trench, everywhere a Ukrainian host appears, everything comes to order.
The rube-headed will never understand this.
And an occupant’s head not able to comprehend a Ukrainian’s soul should be… shot.
That’s finally understood for everyone. I hope.
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 31

The thirty-first morning.
Mood – tied my tongue in knots with English.
Month – convey the truth to the world.
I’ve given a few dozens of interviews to world media during one single day. It came to the ridiculous.
Before the interview, I asked to hide the journalist’s car as far as possible from the positions for their own safety.
Their reaction wasn’t enthusiastic. But they did it.
While I was answering the questions, there was an incoming strike very close, it banged hard.
They ran into the shelter and thanked for the car))))
The main message I give all foreigners – it’s impossible to prevail over Ukraine!
We’re strong, united, motivated; we don’t say «if we prevail», we say «when we prevail» and counterattack with peace of mind.
And what a pleasure it is – to say these words and realize it’s absolutely true!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 30

The thirtieth morning.
Month – NATO has made another claim 🙂
Mood – ruZZian army beads made of rings and half-rings.
These days, the turning point of war towards Ukraine is already becoming outlined pointedly and tangibly. All those tactical victories, operational blockades of fascists, liberating villages and towns are soon going to grow into a massive counterattack. For no doubt.
We hold the line!
Everyone in their place we do maximum for the victory.
It will come, it’s just a matter of time.
The marathon’s going on, and someone’s already getting tired, but they keep running by inertia, with brown ruZZian world – both in their pants and heads.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 29

The twenty-ninth morning.
Mood – gratitude.
Month – alright, fascists, how do you like a blitzkrieg?
I’d like to thank all Ukrainians for their support and big endless hearts!
For this period, people have been filled with millions of big and small stories of nobleness, love of neighbor, dedication, sacrifice, and mutual assistance.
People save people!
They’ll be making films, writing prose, and studying that at schools.
PS: there is another side of the coin, but for now, it’s off the point of writing. Sometime later.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 28

The twenty-eighth morning.
Mood – to think.
Month – as long as a year.
Every formula of success has its elements.
The one of ours has People’s will, spirit and power + political authorities personifying them, fearless Armed Forces of Ukraine, weapons, and our allies; Bible evil is against us.
We lack China.
China. There’s the key there.
I have great hopes for a positive result of the President’s and Xi’s negotiations. God willing.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 27

The twenty-seventh morning.
Mood – to remember forever!
Month – being the last one for somebody.
Dozens of thousands of Ukrainian Heroes have deceased since the beginning of the war having been waged by ruZZian fascists in March 2014.
After the victory, we’re gonna find out the final numbers of losses in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Before the victory, it’s not okay to publish that.
Today the UN organization has claimed that since the moment of fullscale horde’s invasion, one thousand of civilians have deceased, adults and kids.
The Memory Alley on the walls of St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, unfortunately, will be very long.
The school program should have a separate section about this war.
The obligatory trip to the walls of the Golden-Domed Monastery where a guide will make an important emphasis on all russian population’s collective guilt and responsibility as well as on most Belarusans’ tacit consent for killing Ukrainians.
All this is necessary so that further generations remembered forever engraved on their hearts – ruZZians are enemies, scums, savages, and killers.
And beginning from the studying years 3-4, math questions in subtractions should start like this: thirty helicopters have landed in Chornobaivka…
While the ones in addition should start like this: the Chernihiv oblast territorial defense had three machine guns, soon they captured one fighter, three SPAs and 15 GRADs. Thus, how many tractors did Chernihiv farmers use? 🙂
Gonna prevail, guaranteed!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 26

The twenty-sixth morning.
Mood – to give support.
Month – the one having changed our lives.
10 million of forced migrants have been officially caused by the war. Now, somebody’s abroad, and somebody’s in the west of the state.
Most are mentally at their homes though being far. I know how difficult it is to let your pre-war life go by your brains and heart.
I’m not much of a psychologist, but I know what is longing after your dearest home and beloved people having left there.
When it hurts, my advice is to keep busy. Even simple mechanical task will plunge you into the process and cross the path of your sorrow.
What’s even better – find a paid job in the new place even if you’re sure it’s temporary, find it.
And never stop believing in victory or do anything for it. With small drops, we’re going to bring us the Black Sea back right up to the Crimean bridge.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 25

The twenty-fifth morning.
Mood – inventive.
Month – it’s impossible to prevail over Ukraine!
Perhaps you’re not aware of: one hospitable Ukrainian old woman has treated ruZZian occupants with patties.
It turned into 8 well-fed, but a bit dead males.
We, Ukrainians, will undoubtedly prevail in this war with inventiveness!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 24

The twenty-fourth morning.
Mood – Vasyl Stus.
Month – patience and will.
I’ve seen my favorite poem in a dream.
I’m sharing it with you.
Be patient, ’cause the patience makes you smoother,
It steels your spirit – so be patient, be.
To save you from misfortune there is no one,
And no one’s gonna break the course of thee.
So stay on it until your dying day comes,
Until the light and sun would fade away.
To heaven, hell or captivity cell room
But follow, overcome your struggling way.
Go tread your way – the one that have embraced you,
Which you’ve been chosen for eternity.
From childhood you’ve been having it in your view
You have been destined to it by God personally.
And today’s also a Birthday of a living classic of Ukrainian literature Lina Kostenko!
A solid troop of obelisks.
The swifts are chattering above.
The so high gates of cemetery
Watch over silence high likewise.
The titles, surnames, dates of life
Were casted here in bronze from grief.
Reposing soldiers being tired
Not having lived a half of it!
Someone before them may feel guilt
Or could forget something somehow.
Perhaps in their youthful dreams,
They didn’t act as wistful stars.
Perhaps there’s still some news for them
Or maybe words remained unsaid…
One obelisk that’s over there
Even contains field post address.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Poems translated by Lara Rusnak

Day 23

The twenty-third morning.
Mood – thanks God.
Month – to drive the orcs out over the fields.
We’re extremely lucky with the Commander in Chief Zaluzhnyi.
There is a limited number of people aware of how the «personnel special operation» was going on half a year before the war. That won’t ring a bell for most of my readers but believe me, a flash-like, almost single-step change of the administrative vertical to Zaluzhnyi, Shaptala, Moisiuk, and further… required profound preparing, consulting, and interviews in a mode of silence. Because someone wearing uniform has severely metastasized along the system of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and hasn’t been about to relinquish their authority.
Finally, the President has made a volitional decision.
It’s worth noting that for the first time in history all the three generals are not the graduates of Soviet military universities, but the Ukrainian ones. All of them are energetic, young, and motivated.
Now we have the result.
As for Zaluzhnyi, I don’t know a single military talking bad of him. He does everything in a human way.
Valerii Fedorovych has the only ‘minus’ – the competitive brand’s staff is ‘burning out’ at work.
Well, how to say ‘minus’,.. I mean, minus 15000 of their staff already 🙂
Gonna prevail this way.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 22

The twenty-second morning.
Mood – Mariupol!
Month – Mariupol’s still standing!!!
For Drama theater, Sumy, Kharkiv, Okhtyrka, Chernihiv… for every Ukrainian child killed by ruZZians two fascists should be executed demonstrably.
That should take place on Maidan Nezalezhnosti, live, with a small meter. It’s already a horror film we’ve been organized.
The terrorist state has bombed abyssal layers of hatred and fury inside.
But we’re not Taliban, we’re European nation, Geneva Convention, things like that…
Fury brings the victory closer, vengeance will come for everything.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 21

The twenty-first morning.
Mood – venturous 😉
Month – counterattacker.
That means the time has come for the Cossacks to raise the stakes.
What a mincemeat of «schweine du hund» near Kyiv, you can’t even imagine))))
Marik (note: Mariupol), hold on, our dearest! Soon!
The ruZZians are having the ‘ochkO’ situation right now.
But not the 21 –
the one they’ve got used to think with (note: jackass).
Victory is closer and closer.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 20

The twentieth morning.
Mood – Belarusan Constitution’s Day.
Month – to tell the truth.
The Belarusan volunteer fighter battalion and the Hero Zhyznievskyi (whose monument is situated at Hrushevskyi street) are rare exceptions to the rules. These are just seedlings of the future Political nation!
But today, in their total mass, our neighbors are a rabble of vics.
It’s become clear from their exiled opposition «leaders’» behavior, and from their people’s reaction to the riot policemen’s atrocious humiliations.
If the empire is a monster, the republic of Belarus is its tailbone. Ballistic missiles and Belarusan liberals’ (they exist) opinions keep flying out from under it.
The Belarusan Constitution is a paper for wiping this Frankenstein’s wastes.
When, but more likely «if» Belarusan heroes of Ukrainian-Russian war do not stop and crush their cockroach, I’ll delete this post.
Although not, there are reparations left, at least to the families of the deceased from ballistic missiles and aviation.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 19

The nineteenth morning.
Mood – A Volunteer Fighter’s Day!
Month – victorious.
When you’ll be getting ready to go to Maidan Nezalezhnosti to celebrate the Victory and commemorate the deceased Heroes, don’t forget to take sandwiches and thermos flasks. Book the places for your relatives and kids with mats the evening before.
‘Cause all the country, almost all will be walking along Khreshchatyk. I guess, gonna deal with it before the sunset.
The ‘ОПЗЖ’ deputies, sticky-fingered penpushers, judges, fixers-for-hire and their Instagram hens are not gonna walk along Khreshchatyk. At this time, they’re gonna be coming back from Europes, Balis, Spains, and UAEs; they’re gonna be driving their Mercedes and Lexus cars along bombed roads on their way home, cursing on shell holes and checkpoints, and sweating in their bellies and fat folds on their necks. Despite all, their mood’s gonna be excited – a grand carve-up of billions of dollars of west assistance and russian reparations will be waving ahead.
That’s it.
God forbid that those sleazebags steal our future!
God forbid!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 18

The eighteenth morning.
Month – christened with the flame of majority.
Mood – sarcasm.
In the first week of the war, after dozens of children’s deaths from airstrikes and ballistic missiles it became absolutely clear that NATO is not about morality. It’s cynical, but the alliance’s interests do not apply to Ukraine. ‘Cause we’re not the members.
At night, 25 km from the NATO borders 7 ruSSian missiles (UPD: 30 missiles) bombed.
Guess, when putin gives a blow at the Baltics, it will become clear that the NATO’s interests do not apply there as well.
The response will be formal, worried, a violent anxiety’s gonna stir up the world.
All this things for me resemble a brave beauty trying to boost an old, rich and staid impotent’s erection. She’s already understood that’s useless, and the impotent pretends he’s fine, the thing is sex… not at the time.
So, brothers and sisters, gonna do our thing!
We have friends assisting us both on the ground and in the sky, believe me. After the victory, there’s gonna be new global security architecture, it’s obvious already.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 17

The seventeenth morning.
Month – plane-fall.
Mood – thoughts. The ‘deruny’ army’s not gonna poke to us, ’cause 4 out of 5 hours putin and a cockroach were discussing Belarusan economic hub to circumvent the sanctions, I’m sure. If the deruny enter Ukraine, the cockroach will be declassed in much the same manner. And all that will remain for putin is to address Kazakhstan or Georgia, and though the elites there are hired feet, they are even more compromised.
I know, everything’s gonna be Ukraine!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 16

The sixteenth morning.
Mood – no irony.
While the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding the front, the state needs to breathe out, breathe in, and restart the economy in times of war. Dear friends, don’t scold yourselves if you’re not at the frontline. Just work, treat, teach, sow, produce, freelance, startup, spend, order services, invest, pay taxes and utilities.
It’s blood through the veins of the state, it’s also a mission, not of a less importance!
Month – spring.
Gonna prevail this way!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 15

The fifteenth morning.
Mood: even.
Month: frostie, snowie. Let them be frozen to their pieces of junk on our fields.
Still standing!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 14

The fourteenth morning.
Month – Taras Shevchenko’s Birthday.
Battle on – and win your battle! God Himself will aid you; At your side fight truth and glory, right and holy freedom!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 13

The thirteenth morning.
Thirteen million tons of seeds were exported by Ukraine last year.
Month – spring, sowing campaign is coming, we keep working. The farmers from the Territorial Defense will additionally have to save the world from hunger.
Mood – Bayraktars are laughing.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 12

Day 12. Still standing.
Mood – cheerful!
RuZZnia’s totally losing their offensive potential. Look forward to more good news!
There’s the first court session in the Hague today!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 11

The eleventh morning. Still standing.
Mood – ironic.
During 10 days the Ukrs have captured more than over the past year 🙂
The capital city’s getting ready for ruZZian «OTR-21 Tochka».
But everything’s gonna be okay.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 10

The tenth day.
Ten thousands of ruZZian biofertilizers left in Ukrainian soil.
The Ukrs go on the offensive.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 9

The ninth morning.
Mood is nuclear alarming.
The Kremlin monkey has definitely gone off the rails.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 8

Day eighth.
Year – eighth, gonna liberate Donbas and Crimea during this one.
Mood is cheerful.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 7

The seventh morning.
A surprisingly calm night.
Mood is suspicious, month – spring.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 6

Day – sixth.
Month – spring.
Condition – revenge to the assholes for everything!

Day 5

The Fifth Morning!
Like a thumb being the fifth to make a fist a fist.
Condition is cheerful.
Month – it’s spring tomorrow!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 4

Morning 4. Condition – cheerful! Month – February.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 3

Your barges are sinking, we keep moving on.
«Russian warship, go f*ck yourself!»
Glory to Heroes!

Day 2

Today we’ve got our expected presentation of the new album MLNL, by the way🙂
Search for the link in the first comment.

Day 1

Victory will come!
Our people will withstand and prevail!
We’re all beside the President, the Armed Forces and the Parliament.
United, calmly, on our land.

Day 194
The one hundred and ninety-fourth morning.
Mood – I’m stating.
Month – that’s how it will be.
In the dry residue, that will be the nation cursed for generations, a dark and plague-ridden mass.
And we’re gonna cop it!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine.
Day 205
The two hundred and fifth morning.
Mood – politics is a cynical thing.
Month – each one toys with their own.
I won’t turn on a geopolitics expert, because there’s no such button.
But look at the uncut chmonia on the couch.
Wrapped up in work an old man seemingly lacks time, a moth’s smirking in order to «be well-connected».
Do you remember me having written he’s politically dead?
In this protocol photo, the angle, seating, and all emphases are in their proper places.
And the chmonia is in his proper place.
And we’re gonna prevail!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!
Day 239

The two hundred and thirty-ninth morning.
Mood – check for principles.
Month – to call things by their proper names.
The Parliament of Europe has convicted russia a terrorist state.
Estonia has convicted russia a terrorist state.
Ukrainian people also declare: russia is a terrorist state.
Let’s check if the Facebook management has another point of view.
If the publication is deleted, that means the FB moderators do not think so.
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!

Day 145

Not Kyiv.
The one hundred and forty-fifth morning.
Mood – to get everything done.
Month – Ukr-Pol.
While I was in Kyiv, we worked at the studio.
This photo symbolizes Ukrainian-Polish friendship and cooperation at the ordinary human level.
Distances don’t matter when there is Zoom, creative people, and desire to make something good.
Music is vibration of the Universe, it’s eternal.
To rób swoje, swoje, ty rób swoje
Bądź jak w rzece kamień,
Prądy omijają Cię!
Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!
Glory to Ukraine!