ANTYTILA Charity Foundation

Meet «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation.
Since 2014, our volunteer team has collected, purchased, delivered, and handed over to the frontline military and humanitarian means worth over ₴30 million thanks to our friends, concerned citizens, and Ukrainians from all across the world having thus saved hundreds of lives.
In 2015, we realized a massive project «Ukraine Exists» in the UN headquarters.
Since February 24, 2022 up to now, 150 tons of humanitarian loads have been delivered to de-occupied and frontline territories. Dozens of vehicles have been handed over to the frontline for the Armed Forces of Ukraine; a lot of them were previously repaired.
Numerous units have been provided with necessary accouterments, electronics, and medications.
All this became possible primarily thanks to people’s trust, and also to a friends’, celebrities’, and patriots’ community having formed and become an integral part of our volunteer movement.
Serhii Vusyk, Kateryna Nechaieva, Mykhailo Chyrko, Dmytro Vodovozov, Denys Fediunin, Dmytro Nuzhnyi, Ruslan Horovyi, Yaroslav Kuts – some of these surnames are already familiar to you, some of them are about to become such, but all of them are co-authors of the ANTYTILA band’s volunteer work history, the history having had pages of inspiration and discouragement, victories and failures.
Today, our volunteer initiative as well as all long-standing work of ours is being transformed, and from now on, it will take place on a single platform of the «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation.
We have created and named our foundation exactly «ANTYTILA», because the things we have that matter the most are our name and our reputation.
We have launched a convenient website where you can review our work, choose a volunteer area interesting for you, and join us; be at a distance, but be close in an important moment.
We are going to keep you informed and report on the funds spent.
We will disclose the most interesting and important areas in details.
We invite you to become our partners and projects’ contributors.

We are grateful for your trust and we move on.
We’ll prevail this way!
Sincerely, Taras Topolia.