Assistance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Quality, speed and professionalism are the main principles of Antytila volunteer team providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with all the necessary exactly at the frontline. Having direct communication with commanders as well as soldiers and personally visiting combat zone we have been forming the requests and delivering cargos into the hands of a receiver to the hottest points at the frontline since 2014. We conduct a direct analysis of situations and needs on the ground. We advise and teach soldiers to use present-day means for intelligence and surveillance. We personally check the quality of protective and medical means controlling every step from receiving the need to searching, purchasing and delivering in the shortest time possible.


  • Up-to-date electronic night vision and driving aids
  • Aircrafts for airborne prospecting and fire adjustment
  • Cars and maintenance of vehicles damaged in battle
  • Strong communication facilities and SAT phones
  • Tactical medicine
  • Accouterments, protective means

You can help by delivering accouterments or medicines to our warehouse. Call us and our managers will coordinate you, and if you have no such opportunity but you are still eager to help, we have SUPPORT section.

You can join us one-time clicking the button «Support», or assist regularly clicking «Regular Donation».

Donate to Ukraine Army

The army is our power. We are proud of our soldiers and believe that they will protect us and our territory. Strictly guided by defensive concepts, soldiers are moving forward and protecting civil habitants.

However, the army needs support. Success in battles greatly depends on the number and quality of ammunition. Thus, our army needs modern ammunition to withstand the enemy. When foreign citizens donate to Ukraine military, people from all corners of the world can empathize with our grief and encourage the army to move forward.

We know that people from all over the world want to support us. If you make a donation to help Ukraine army, your contribution will:

  • assist in Russian aggression suppression;
  • show your empathy to our defenders;
  • help buy more ammunition and medicines;
  • save one’s life.

After all, you’ll know that you made a contribution to this conflict and supported our nation.

If you have a question about how to donate to Ukraine army, you’re in the right place. You can make your contribution to our army right here. Find a clickable button at the header of the website and click on it. Foreign donators can use bank cards to transfer money.

Our charity foundation stays in close contact with soldiers, which allows us to redirect donated funds to the most vital needs. We urgently react to defenders’ requests and try to supply all the needed thing.