Trip to the ATO zone from 19/02/2016

25.03.2016, 15:07

Well, our trip turned out a hard one… More than a thousand kilometers of roads or it’s better to say of no roads at all… night car damage, maintenance… an unexpected sleepover in Kostiantynivka, and an unexpected meeting with the soldiers of the 81st brigade Oleksandr Petrenko having quickly assisted us with spare parts and their delivery from Druzhkivka. We’re grateful for paying for the spare parts to Dmytro Hurkovskyi and Oleh Kalinichenko!!!
We’ve visited the 72nd brigade, the guys were looking forward to us. These are both the brigade itself and the unit our volunteer work had begun from. They’ve cooked a delicious dinner for us and asked not to tell their wives they can cook, because the very moment they come back home their wives will make them heads of the kitchens at once :))
In our turn, we brought the guys everything they’ve been waiting and asking for. These are 4 sights from our friends from Chicago and GPS navigators handed over to us by Ruslan Horovyi. We’ve also brought detergents, candies, fruit, and plenty of everything needed.
We’ve also handed over packages and clothes to the guys from Yuliia Smirnova. They serve in another unit of the 72nd brigade, so guys sent thanks to Yuliia.
We’ve delivered medications from Italy having been brought to us by Oleksandr Martyniuk, and handed them over medications for reanimation and surgeries with the approximate value of under $2 000 to an assistant of the director of medical and sanitary services in the hospital in Volnovakha, because the director wasn’t there, so we’re also grateful to Sania and his Italian friends!!!
We’ve visited our bunnies Roman Lashchenko and Serhii Yavor. I’ve promised to definitely come to you, bring some fruit and vitamins, and hand over the packages from your parents to you.
Now we move on to a maintenance in Kostiantynivka, it took us almost one day, the schedule was shifted, but we set off ahead… the 26th brigade, 25th battalion, and a sniper of the 28th brigade are waiting for us, all of them are going to receive the things we’ve gathered together with you, and the sniper’s going to get a rucksack and binoculars from Chicago from our friends, and water purification pills from Iryna Krykun, so we’re being awaited for somewhere on far fields of Debaltsevo and some other places I’m not gonna write about.
Our final stop is Stanytsia Luhanska at Sveta Svetikova’s place, the friends of ours and kids are waiting for us there, we bring things, clothes, toys, and plenty of other stuff for them.
Hence, we’ve visited many units and covered a large number of kilometers… our trio Serhii, Anatolii and I, looking a bit like those soldiers having sat in trenches for a couple of weeks, as dirty and tired, but the guys are also driving, but this fatigue is very pleasant, because we all understand that we’re doing a big and right thing that gives the soldiers strengths and doesn’t let them lose their trust in people!!!
While we are on our way, military medics record the hemostatic tourniquets as received from us which were bought thanks to the costs fundraised by Roksolana Vaskul and the community of the Whippany city ($2 000).
Our dearest American patriots of Ukraine, we send you thanks from the units: the battalion of operational designation n.a. General Kulchytskyi, medical service, a paramedic from the medical service from the Ihor Kholodylo clearing group, the 169th medical training company, the training center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the training center of Vsevolod Cherniakhovskyi, the NGO «Vartovi Zhyttia», the «Seal» and Tetiana Rozhkova’s centers of surviving and special training.
A significant amount of the costs fundraised in Whippany have also been given to a «cyborg» Oleksii Avanesian to buy a prosthesis of a limb.
P.S. I had not to tell my relatives where I’d gone, so daddy, don’t be angry as you read it, I didn’t mean to get you nervous, I did have to go this time, because I went to those everything had started with… and I managed to see the whole frontline in this one trip.