Trip to the ATO Zone from 06/02/2016

06.02.2016, 08:10

There we go… another trip ahead, a lot of stuff has been bought with your assistance again, thank you all once more and thanks a million to the KLO gas station network for fuel!!!
And another big thanks to our unchanging crew Serhii Horbachenko and Oleksandr Blahii. I don’t seem to imagine what to do without them…!!!
Hence, let’s go to the 72nd, 56th, the 26th brigades and to the hospital in Volnovakha, fruit from Mykola Slobodian, warm socks and other stuff from Volodymyr Petrenko, batteries for cars and tents from Oleksandr Martyniuk together with «Varta ta zakhyst», gas burner and plenty of other stuff from Sania Blahii; a battery charger and batteries for NVD were also bought for the 26th brigade using part of the costs handed over from the USA as well as medications and detergents to the hospital of Volnovakha.

P.S. Moreover, we bought the spare parts for the 54th intelligence battalion, received a report from medics, and sent a tablet for the 44th brigade, and thanks a bunch for it to Oleksandr Petrenko!!!