Maintenance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Bringing armored vehicles back in line! Engines. Running gear. Liner.

More and more captured vehicles are being gained by our Armed Forces of Ukraine. Tanks, APCs, IFVs, towing units, SPGs.

A logical need in maintenance and technical service of all the vehicles captured in severe battles is emerging, of those vehicles requiring fast recovery and bringing them back in line.



We recover:

Cars: passenger cars, lorries, ambulances, armored ones

Armored vehicles: tanks, APCs, IFVs, etc.

Heavy equipment




During half a year, the ANTYTILA Charity Foundation has recovered more than 100 vehicles and together with their dexterous associates organized maintenance of heavy equipment in large amounts.

It’s a permanent project. The more funds we collect – the more tanks and other equipment will be brought back in line. In this case, all your donations mean shells launched at the occupant from the recovered armor.

Together we’re gonna turn the enemy’s weapon against themselves!