Autumn Trip 2017

We’ve visited the 72nd brigade (pioneers and artillery) and brought many clothes for kids to Luhansk oblast.

Reports from the Latest Trips to the ATO Zone

In a number of our latest trips in early December, 2017, and in late February, 2018, we were bringing clothes for kids and visited our guys as usual. Thanks to the concerned Ukrainians in Chicago, we managed to assist for kids with toys and clothes as well as to bring our soldiers many useful things […]

Holding Patriotic Training for Kids in the Holosiivskyi District

Together with the NGOs «Kryivka Vilnykh» and «Varta ta Zakhyst», our foundation joins patriotic education for kids and provides them with necessary knowledge so that each of them could learn the basics for their protection. We’re trying to hold such events for kids a few times a year, kids aged 6 to 17 can take […]

Buying a Thermal Imaging Camera for the Battalion Aidar

Buying a thermal imaging camera to the frontline for the soldiers of Aidar. The cost accounts for ₴85 000. Thanks to the concerned people having managed to join, the thermal imaging camera is now assisting the soldiers.  

Hemostatic Tourniquets’ Testing

In the late 2017, the «Vilni-UA» Charity Foundation initiated and organized a profound testing of hemostatic tourniquets produced in Ukraine and America.   Based on internationally certified state-owned enterprise «UKRMETRTESTSTANDART», qualified workers have conducted a large testing of functionality, strength, and reliability of up-to-date models of hemostatic tourniquets.   Without any exaggeration, we can claim […]

Trip to the ATO zone from 19/02/2016

Well, our trip turned out a hard one… More than a thousand kilometers of roads or it’s better to say of no roads at all… night car damage, maintenance… an unexpected sleepover in Kostiantynivka, and an unexpected meeting with the soldiers of the 81st brigade Oleksandr Petrenko having quickly assisted us with spare parts and […]

Presents for the Frontline from Friends from Chicago

Our friends from Chicago never cease to amaze, so we’ve already had 7 sights from the patron «KOZAK» and they’ll go to guys to the frontline soon.   Tetiana Morozenko and Oleksandr Kushnir, thank you for your permanent assistance!!!   GLORY TO UKRAINE!!!  

Fundraising for Repairing a Prosthesis for Oleksii Avanesian, a Soldier of the 55th Brigade

Today our Charity Organization «VILNI-UA» Charity Foundation have started a fundraising campaign for a hero-soldier of ATO Oleksii Avanesian to repair a module prosthesis of a shin.   The total cost of repairing accounts for ₴98 750,00! Oleksii was injured in 2014 in Ilovaisk Kettle when being on service in the 55th artillery brigade. Then, […]

Trip to the ATO Zone from 06/02/2016

There we go… another trip ahead, a lot of stuff has been bought with your assistance again, thank you all once more and thanks a million to the KLO gas station network for fuel!!!   And another big thanks to our unchanging crew Serhii Horbachenko and Oleksandr Blahii. I don’t seem to imagine what to […]

Receiving Charity Support from the Company «NUTRICIA UKRAINE»

Charity support from «NUTRICIA UKRAINE» – 596 boxes of baby food!   Thanks a million to Myshko, Slavyk, Volodia, Kyrylo and Olena for help with unloading the car!!!  

Receiving Medications and Support for Kids

Thanks a bunch to Rostyslav Hotsa and his brother Ihor Hreider for various dressing materials for medikits handed over from England.   Another big thanks to Kyrylo Shtamburh for warm blankets to the frontline in large amounts and diapers for kids staying at the ATO zone now in Stanytsia Luhanska and other towns.   Thanks […]

Assistance from the USA

Ruslan Horovyi, Serhii Vusyk, Roksolana Vaskul. Thanks to Ukrainian and American Culture Center in Whippany, state New Jersy, we transfer a part of money ($100) fundraised during pre-opening period for the «Ukraine EXISTS» exhibition for the army.   Thanks to the «VILNI-UA» Charity Foundation and Kateryna Nechaieva-Skoruk, these costs will get directly to the frontline. […]