To Be Worthy Means To Be Ukrainian!

Dignity means to stand against a stronger enemy with no fear. It means to give the last with trust in Victory of light and truth. It means not to give up from helplessness and volunteer, because whom if not you? Dignity means the choice to change the stage or microphone to a machine gun on […]

Holding the Eastern Direction!

We go on providing the units on the Eastern direction – Donetsk and Kharkiv oblasts – systematically. On November 8, the crews of the foundation completed another successful trip to the frontline positions.   We have made deliveries to the following units: the 95th separate air assault brigade of the artillery battalion; the 503rd Separate […]

Fundraising for Anti-Drone Riffles SKY WIPER WDM4S

About one month ago, the «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation initiated the fundraising for anti-drone riffles. During this period, we have profoundly investigated the matter of resisting drones, technical characteristics, efficiency, and pricing of all manufacturers. Now we share this information with everyone it could be useful for. Therefore, here are a Lithuanian anti-drone riffle Sky Wiper […]

12/10/2022 Trip to Boost the Units on the Active Directions of Donetsk Oblast.

On 12/10/2022, the foundation organized a trip for boosting the units on the active directions of Donetsk oblast. The following units were supported of over ₴450 000: the 503rd Separate Battalion of Marine Infantry the 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade, the 48th battalion the 198th battalion of Territorial Defense the 68th Separate Foresters Brigade   The […]

26/09/2022 Trip with Humanitarian Aids for Liberated Territories of Kharkiv Oblast.

On September 26, 2022, the fund’s volunteers set off into a trip with humanitarian aids for liberated territories of Kharkiv oblast. Together with our friends –Kyiv Style Kittens (‘Котики по-київськи’) and Yurii Zinkovskyi – we reached the remotest and hard-to-reach villages: Buhaivka, Bereznyky, Zarichne, Vyshneve, and Hontarivka. All the bridges and central roads to these […]

Assistance for School-aged Children of the Deceased Heroes of the 130th Battalion of Territorial Defense

Thanks for donations. We see your support «For the children of the deceased militaries of the 130th Battalion of Territorial Defense»! After opening the accounts and announcing on launching the project of «Assistance for the families of the deceased soldiers of the 130th Battalion of Territorial Defense», ₴60 000 will be transferred on this direction. […]

6/07/2022 – the East

Kurakhovo – Kostiantynivka – Chasiv Yar – Bakhmut – Druzhkivka – Kramatorsk – Sloviansk – Pokrovsk.   Considering the regularity and efficiency of the «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation to Donbas, we have been accredited by volunteers, charity foundations, and militaries’ relatives to conduct address delivery of their cargos to the east. Thus, in the course of […]

June 8, Bakhmut Providing the Joint Forces Operation Zone with Medicine

On June 8, the volunteers of the «ANTYTILA» Charitable Foundation completed a trip to the west of Ukraine delivering medical means to the hospitals of Bakhmut and outskirts of this JFO sector. Thanks to communication with Major General of medical service A. Verba, a relevant list of needs for the whole JFO zone had been […]

June, 1, Pokrovsk, Kostiantynivka, Bakhmut, Druzhkivka, Kramatorsk, Sloviansk

June, 1, Donbas. Delivered: – Blood plasma freezer for Sloviansk hospital; – Medications for 65th Maneuver Force of the Army; – Protective accouterments, tactical and tourist equipment, victuals and medications for the soldiers of the 24th SMB n.a. King Danylo, tank company – 54th SMB n.a. hetman Ivan Mazepa – Assault company «ODIN» of the […]

26.05. Three Cars and 200 Plate Carriers for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On May 26, the volunteers of the «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation set off to Donbas by five vehicles. In total, the following was collected / bought and delivered: – Three vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine; – 200 complete plate carriers produced in Ukraine for a number of brigades (24th SMB, 54th SMB, 198th separate […]

18.05. Support for Clinics and Hospitals of the Joint Forces Operation Zone

18/05 – The volunteers ANTYTILA set off to Donbas carrying the cargos not only for the militaries, but also for the hospitals and the «Hospitallers» medical unit. Further, in the course of regular trips to the militaries, the provision of clinics and hospitals across the whole Joint Forces Operation Zone was being accomplished actively. Deficient […]

May 13, 2022, Ambulance Car for Kharkiv and Assistance for the Battalion 128 of Territorial Defense of Kyiv

The «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation have delivered an ambulance car for the clearing unit of the 130th Battalion of Territorial Defense of Kyiv being on service at the north of Kharkiv. Further, this car was actively involved in evacuating injured soldiers. It is also became a tradition to bring 2 tons of humanitarian cargos to a […]