New Year Trip to the Soldiers in the ATO Zone

29.12.2015, 12:35

It is for the sake of these smiles and happy eyes of our boys and real men that we always ask you to assist soldiers at the frontline.
Dear friends, everything was delivered, the guys are pleased, smiling and grateful. You know what, after this I understand that we have what to live for!!!!
Reporting on the funds:
This trip was special and festive, thanks to you, we’d managed to collect necessary things and buy presents for 13 units. We send a part via Nova poshta, because it’s very hard to reach some soldiers (the 93rd brigade, the 19th SMB, the 8th regiment of special operation, National Guard, the 501st air assault company, Border guards of Mariupol). We’ve managed to visit personally the guys from 56th brigade, the 26th brigade (medics), the 26th brigade (artillery), the 72nd brigade, the 43rd brigade, the 81st brigade).
• I’d like to start with a MILLION’S thank to the KLO gas station network for provided fuel, you help us out as usual.
Special thanks to Olena Bondarenko and her team for sweet sets, Dmytro Hurkovskyi for funds received, Olena and Volodymyr Shepel for funds, a part of which went to uniforms, and another part – to chocolate and gifts.
Thanks to Oleksandr Hrynivetskyi for wet wipes, shavers, shaving gels and lots of other things.
Thanks to Olha Tkachenko for the funds, I’ve partly spent on uniforms, and partly on kids and gifts for them.
Many thanks to Kyrylo Nikitchenko for funds!!!
• And many thanks to Nataliia Seliuk for a discount of ₴1 500 she’s made for us on uniforms, and for the given balaclavas as gifts for soldiers.
Thanks to Nastia Osachenko and her mum Yuliia for warm socks as presents for soldiers, and many thanks to Lieda Ivanova and her friend for candies and various things for guys.
• In addition, thanks a million to my sister Liena Nechaieva for sleepless nights when she was baking and cooking «yummies» for our bunnies from the 56th brigade, and preparing presents for them that we were further wrapping in a beautiful packaging together and making bows.
Thanks to Natasha Hembii for sweets and help with packing.
• We also thank for the zephyr and some presents from Ruslan Horovyi and his FELLOWS.
We’ve purchased:

  • 10 uniforms – ₴6 000.
  • 1 Gorka suit – ₴1 200 (bought a bit beforehand for the soldier of the 26th brigade).
  • Candies, sweets, soap, toothpastes, laundry soap, disposable tableware, crona batteries, wet wipes, waffles, seeds, books, cigarettes, coffee, and some other small stuff as well as a little costs for the guys for the road there and back, and a power unit maintenance – total ₴6 628.
  • The 26th brigade (artillery) have received a very important «STUFF» – antenna and additional equipment for it from Oleksandr; the soldiers have also received «necessary buttons» from Oleksandr Martyniuk together with «Varta ta Zakhyst» as well as cookies from Oleksandr Blahii, sweet gifts and different things in the form of individual presents as well as the power unit that we’ve repaired for the guys and handed over in this trip.
  • The 56th brigade – these BUNNIES have received yummies from Lienchik, individual presents, books, cookies and warm trousers from Oleksandr Blahii.
  • The 26th brigade (medics) – a personal cargo from Maryna Komarova has been handed over (radio sets and batteries), the guys have also received yummies, cookies and presents from us.
  • The 43rd brigade – have received pans and tableware from Kyrylo Nikitchenko, individual presents from all of you and our team, candies, cookies etc.
  • The 72nd brigade – have received 10 warm uniforms, individual presents, candies, cookies, etc., and some products that were then brought by Volodymyr Petrenko’s crew.
  • The 81st brigadeVolodymyr Petrenko’s crew went to them and brought them individual presents, products and different things having been collected.
  • The 93rd brigade, the 8th regiment, the 501st air assault company, the 19th separate armored infantry battalion, the 28th brigade, National Guard and Border guards of Mariupol – will receive candies, vitamins, and presents from all of you and our team via Nova poshta.