New Year Greeting of the Deceased ATO Soldiers’ Children in the Holosiivskyi District of Kyiv

29.12.2015, 16:08

Today the day was busy and special… special with the fact that Oleksandr Hrynivetskyi and I tried ourselves in the roles of Did Moroz and Snihuronka. Sania has got into character at once, and I was like… wandering nearby dressed in a blue coat and trying to do something.
Today, the team of our Charity Organization «VILNI-UA» Charity Foundation was driving around Holosiivskyi district and greeting the children whose fathers had been killed in the war with the New YearOlha Tkachenko, we’ve continued Your campaign «Did Moroz from Dad», and decided to greet the kids in our district personally.
We’ve greeted 12 kids of different ages from 1 to 14, the parents’ and children’s reaction was different; when we entered every home, everyone was glad, mums’, grandmums’ and children’s moods raised, some mums were shocked and asked who we were…? And we modestly replied that we had come to greet the kids.
I want to give many thanks to Sashko as most presents, meaning almost all he had bought for his own funds. Sania, I’ve told you already and I’ll repeat it once again: you’re an amazing person, thank you!!! From our team, we’ve also bought up sweet sets for all kids and 4 sets for boys aged 10–12.
Sashko has made a wonderful holiday for kids and raised everyone’s moods!!! You ought to have seen how they were watching Sania dressed in a costume at the wheel and wearing sunglasses.😂 It was superb! And when he decided to make an urgent stop by the Dolphinarium, I couldn’t even understand what he was up to…??? And he ran to the entrance where there had been a fir-tree and started to entertain the kids walking around it;) Sanka, you’re amazing!!! Thank you for a wonderful day.
There are 4 present left we haven’t managed to hand in, because mums took their kids on vacation and are about to come back only after the Christmas!!!
So… to be continued, we’ve had some experience already;)