May 13, 2022, Ambulance Car for Kharkiv and Assistance for the Battalion 128 of Territorial Defense of Kyiv

13.05.2022, 01:59

The «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation have delivered an ambulance car for the clearing unit of the 130th Battalion of Territorial Defense of Kyiv being on service at the north of Kharkiv. Further, this car was actively involved in evacuating injured soldiers. It is also became a tradition to bring 2 tons of humanitarian cargos to a civic humanitarian center.

In the course of this trip, we met the battalion 128 of Territorial Defense of Kyiv having been just sent to reinforce Kharkiv. Together with our partners, Poltava’s Defense, we’ve provided them with accouterments, sleeping bags, roll mats, food, spades, and pioneer grappling-hooks – everything needed to start working at new positions.