June 8, Bakhmut Providing the Joint Forces Operation Zone with Medicine

06.06.2022, 15:43

On June 8, the volunteers of the «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation completed a trip to the west of Ukraine delivering medical means to the hospitals of Bakhmut and outskirts of this JFO sector. Thanks to communication with Major General of medical service A. Verba, a relevant list of needs for the whole JFO zone had been received: request for medications and medical supplies (sterile gowns, gloves, syringes, saline, bandages, change of clothing for patients, etc.). In general, the volunteers and partners of the «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation have collected and delivered necessary for Bakhmut medical cargos totaling more than 3 tons, which was further distributed across the JFO zone by the command of medical service according to the needs.

Hygiene products and long-term storage food were given to the Bakhmut Humanitarian Center as well for further support of military.