Holding the Eastern Direction!

08.11.2022, 21:32

We go on providing the units on the Eastern direction – Donetsk and Kharkiv oblasts – systematically.
On November 8, the crews of the foundation completed another successful trip to the frontline positions.

We have made deliveries to the following units: the 95th separate air assault brigade of the artillery battalion; the 503rd Separate Battalion of Marine Infantry; the 198th battalion of Territorial Defense; the 68th Separate Foresters Brigade; the Company of special operation police patrol «Sviatoslav»; the 30th separate mechanized brigade, a separate intelligence company:

    • A big amount of medicines having covered the requests of 2 battalions and needs of Kramatorsk military hospital;
    • 1.2 tons of food for militaries: long-term storage and fast cooking food and other necessary products;


A strategic cargo worth ₴650 000 was also delivered:

    • 2 thermal imaging cameras ThermTec Cyclops 335 (₴127 000)
    • 3 charging stations (₴16 000)
    • 1 Starlink (₴15 000)
    • 1 repaired jeep and spare parts for other cars (₴58 800)
    • 5 renewed generators (₴4500)
    • 210 items of tactical medicine (₴208 000)
    • 20 potbelly stoves (₴13 000)
    • One-month vitamin sets for 1000 soldiers – from Helsi
    • 422 items of military uniforms and thermal clothes worth ₴207 900
    • One jeep and 2 generators were evacuated for maintenance.


On behalf of the foundation and servicemen, we would like to thank all the partners and sponsors for common support to the army.

Together we are power! Gonna prevail!