Fundraising for Repairing a Prosthesis for Oleksii Avanesian, a Soldier of the 55th Brigade

14.03.2016, 14:52

Today our Charity Organization «VILNI-UA» Charity Foundation have started a fundraising campaign for a hero-soldier of ATO Oleksii Avanesian to repair a module prosthesis of a shin.
The total cost of repairing accounts for ₴98 750,00! Oleksii was injured in 2014 in Ilovaisk Kettle when being on service in the 55th artillery brigade. Then, having already been injured he managed to put a bandage to his sworn brother’s injury and save his life. Unfortunately, I rarely meet such whole-hearted and shy guys like Oleksii. He doesn’t ask anyone of anything. That’s why he needs help of each of us so much.
Our Charity Organization «VILNI-UA» Charity Foundation have opened bank accounts for fundraising costs to repair the prosthesis.
Hence, we appeal to each and every person to join the assistance for the hero!
Oleksii Avanesian
4149 4978 6096 0709 for ₴
4149 4978 6093 9323 for $
The foot prosthesis maintenance is required worth ₴98 750,00