February 24, 2022, Full-Scale Invasion. Kyiv Story

24.02.2022, 23:34

Since the first day of full-scale invasion, the ANTYTILA band took active part directly in defending and supporting Kyiv, outfitting soldiers and organizing humanitarian support both for militaries and for civilians. The members of the band consisting of Taras Topolia, Serhii Vusyk and Dmytro Zholud having joined the 130th battalion of the Territorial Defense of Kyiv were on service on the capital’s outskirts, and from April to mid-July 2022 – in the north of Kharkiv region. The 130th battalion was bravely keeping and fighting off everyday enemy’s attacks by the Russian border, namely in the villages Dementiivka, Prudianka, Ruska and Cherkaska Lozova of Kharkiv oblast.
Dmytro Vodovozov, Mykhailo Chyrko, Dmytro Nuzhnyi and Denys Fediunin joined a humanitarian direction of a volunteer wing of the ANTYTILA band founded by Taras and Serhii at the beginning of the year 2014. During the last 8 years, this team was expanding, friends and partners were joining, geography and amounts were constantly growing, and today, since the first day of war the renewed the «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation has determined its main task to provide all military units at the front of primarily Kyiv oblast, and after liberating also of all the other territories of Ukraine, building provision of the necessary things with direct delivery to receiver.
The results of the foundation’s work in the first months of the war in providing the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kyiv and oblast are:

  • 135 tons of metal for manufacturing almost 2000 defense constructions,
  • 2 000 lamps,
  • 20 000 batteries,
  • 1 000+ spades, axes and household tools,
  • 50 tons of sand and 25 000 bags for fortifying microdistrics,
  • 450 protective helmets,
  • 380 level 4 body armors,
  • 2 000 level 6 chemical protection suits and gas masks,
  • 100+ pairs of tactical gloves and knee pads,
  • 150+ means for communication,
  • 10+ tons of medications for supporting hospitals of Kyiv and Kyiv oblast,
  • 20+ tons of food for providing those in need,
  • dozens of power units and solar panels,
  • protective clothes and shoes in large amounts.