Assistance for the ATO Soldier Serhii Kushnir

20.12.2015, 08:44

You have a heavy heart when you see someone’s pain and cannot help any way.
Today it was a very good, light day bringing people goodness, love and understanding the fact you’re not alone in this state, that around us, there are sincere and very decent people. Despite all their troubles, they’re eager to come to aid.
Today we have brought a wonderful means for moving for a badly injured ATO soldier Serhii Kushnir from Ksiusha Kyivska. This is a small-sized wheelchair and it freely goes through doorways.
Now it will be possible to move Serhii at least across the flat and not to leave him alone in the room. Serhii’s condition is extremely severe, and it’s financially hard for his parents to deal with their son’s treatment. For those, who’d like to assist Serhii’s parents I post a photo with his mum’s details.
We’ve also came to visit the soldier of the OUN battalion Vitalii Artemchuk in the institute of orthopedics. He came under shelling by Pisky on 13/04/2015. Due to an injury, he lost consciousness and was captured. After having been liberated, he got to Dnipro, then to Odesa, and now he has been transferred to Kyiv. Vitalii has injured his eye and leg. Doctors are awaiting for test results, and then there’ll be treatment. Meanwhile, Olena and I have brought some vitamins for strengthening bones. Healthy Spirit can be only in a healthy body.
Get better soon, our dear guys!
Good shall prevail.