Assistance for School-aged Children of the Deceased Heroes of the 130th Battalion of Territorial Defense

02.09.2022, 19:37
Thanks for donations. We see your support «For the children of the deceased militaries of the 130th Battalion of Territorial Defense»!
After opening the accounts and announcing on launching the project of «Assistance for the families of the deceased soldiers of the 130th Battalion of Territorial Defense», ₴60 000 will be transferred on this direction.


Most of these funds have already been distributed as one-time financial assistance for school-aged children for September 1, and on accounts of the wives of the deceased soldiers and the ones missed in action.


We hope that these funds will assist mums in filling their schoolchildren’s rucksacks with new things.
This won’t soothe the pain, but we hope that would be some kind of assistance.


Moreover, in August, together with Lviv Handmade Chocolate we’ve sent sweet sets for the Independence Day of Ukraine to all the children of the Foundation. We believe that such nice sets have brought a bit of joy to the families in such tough times.


You’re not alone. We’re gonna be by your sides remembering your brave husbands, our sworn brothers.
We go on searching for the ways how to be helpful to the kids our Foundation has taken custody of.