April 6-9, 2022, Lysychansk and the First Trips to the Eastern Direction

09.04.2022, 00:32

Since early April 2022, in the course of military aggression of Russia against Ukraine, the volunteers of the «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation have been regularly completing their trips to Donbas a few times a week for months.
Our tasks include providing soldiers with accouterments and protective equipment at all active frontline areas in the eastern direction, kitting out outreach mobile hospitals with up-to-date medical equipment as well as supporting humanitarian centers.
The first trips took place on April 6 and 9 to Lysychansk for Luhansk region (Sievierodonetsk, Popasna, Zolote, etc.).
The aim was to create necessary strategic supplies as well as providing the soldiers of Lysychansk Territorial Defense with everything needed.
The cargos of both trips included military accouterments, power units, chain saws, protective equipment, victuals and means for hygiene.
After the second trip to Lysychansk, the «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation began a long-term cooperation with a volunteer organization «Poltava’s Defense». Like us, Poltava volunteers conduct active support for Kharkiv and the eastern direction, and handing those cargos over was being done by the «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation crews – through those who surely delivers the needed in time and to any point of the combat zone.