Aero-development is a scientific and technical direction of the “ANTYTILA” Charity Foundation aimed at supporting innovational technical developments in the area of robot engineering and aircraft building for military aids.










1. A UAV quadcopter with an option of charging from land. The main task of this UAV is rising to a height of 50-80 meters with a payload for a considerable amount of time: transponder of communication lines, security cam, EW module or module for detecting enemy UAVs. Stage of readiness: final – completion of tests.

2. A long-range UAV high-flyer aimed to complete various tasks: as a scout, a light strike aircraft, a suicide pilot, or a false target for AA covers. Wing span is 3 m, flying range – up to 200 km, flying height – up to 6 km, flight duration – up to 2.5 hours. Stage of readiness: middle, getting ready to flight tests.

3. The “Krampus” UAV project is a surprise project, the details of which we will be able to disclose just after the initial battle tests. Let the Russians be the first to evaluate the work of this surprise 😉

As the experience of battle actions has shown, in today’s war, the number and quality of robotized UAV means for intelligence and fire damage that fly, ride or swim play an important role.

In this war, every person makes their contribution in the victory: someone does that with guns in their hands; someone takes the crops, cures in hospitals or repairs the roads. All the links matter and a group of Ukrainian scientists do the thing they can do the best – creating the new.

Their aim and objective are developing, building and producing of such UAVs in such number and quality so that to give our defenders a considerable technical privilege on the battlefield. To reach this aim, Ukrainian engineers, instrument makers, programmers, and transport building engineers have united. Minimal cost and efficient technical decisions will make it possible to make our contribution in defeating Russia in this war that will bring peace to Ukraine and our homes.