18/05. Support for Clinics and Hospitals of the Joint Forces Operation Zone

18.05.2022, 14:19

18/05 – The volunteers ANTYTILA set off to Donbas carrying the cargos not only for the militaries, but also for the hospitals and the «Hospitallers» medical unit. Further, in the course of regular trips to the militaries, the provision of clinics and hospitals across the whole Joint Forces Operation Zone was being accomplished actively. Deficient medicines and medications, consumables, equipment, and tactical medicine were provided for the Outreach Mobile Hospital 65 (Druzhkivka), the Sloviansk hospital, and the humanitarian center in Chasiv Yar.

The «ANTYTILA» Charity Foundation’s efforts assisted in maintenance and delivery of an armored vehicle for the separate battalion 198 of Territorial Defense of Svatove.

Except tactical medicine, victuals, dozens of solar batteries with power banks, and protective accouterments, our team has produced a special mounting – a tripod to a car roof for PKT machine gun – for the SMB 24.