12/10/2022 Trip to Boost the Units on the Active Directions of Donetsk Oblast

12.10.2022, 21:52

On 12/10/2022, the foundation organized a trip for boosting the units on the active directions of Donetsk oblast.
The following units were supported of over ₴450 000:

  • the 503rd Separate Battalion of Marine Infantry
  • the 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade, the 48th battalion
  • the 198th battalion of Territorial Defense
  • the 68th Separate Foresters Brigade


The following was purchased and delivered:

  • 2 pickups repaired and painted;
  • 6 potbelly stoves for blindages and trenches;
  • 3 gas tanks and plates for them;
  • Chain saws;
  • Food for soldiers;
  • Military uniforms for autumn, combat boots, knee pads, thermal underwear, fleeces, balaclavas and gaiters worth ₴160 000;
  • One-month vitamin sets for 750 soldiers – from the Helsi medical service.

2 jeeps and 5 generators were also evacuated for further maintenance, which we are going to bring back to positions in good repair soon.